Printing Black Holiday Trivia Game Cards with WJPC Printer

The Black holiday trivia game cards are an interesting family-friendly game to celebrate and test your favorites for the black holidays.

We believe that when you play this game at your next holiday party, you are bound to create laughter and memories.

It includes 75 question cards and is safe for all ages, perfect for ugly sweater parties, kickbacks, large family gatherings, and all holiday functions.


Printing Black Holiday Trivia Game Cards

About cards

  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper
  • Card size: based on customers design
  • Print: CYMK printing on both sides
  • Finish: matte lamination

About box

  • Box type: custom tuck box
  • Paper material: 300gsm white cardboard
  • Print: CYMK printing on a single side
  • Finish: matte lamination
custom black holiday trivia game cards printed

Why We Use Black Holiday Trivia Game Cards?

Black holiday trivia game cards is a novel and unique trivia card game, which celebrates festivals and black culture at the same time.

Your deck will contain questions that will make you laugh, debate, recall, sing, and frantically learn about the facts of black culture because it is related to recognized and celebrated holidays. The theme issues highlight festivals such as black love day, Martin Luther King Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, mother’s day, father’s day, independence day, Easter, June day, and so on.

Have fun with friends and family suitable for all ages, and attract your game night with a black holiday deck during any holiday.