Own Your Light Affirmation Oracle Cards Printing Silver Edge

Natalia and Kelley created these artworks and WJPC has finished affirmation oracle cards printing. You will love these beautiful cards because they use a matte UV finish and metallic silver edge finish. This beautiful deck of 44 inspiring affirmation oracle cards is to remind you that all the answers you need are in your own light. Their guidance can help you create some flow, illuminate the world, and inspire yourself and others to live a life full of adjustment.


– 44 cards per deck
– 350gsm art paper
– large tarot oracle size, 88x126mm, 3.5″x5″
– 4C/4C, with your custom design
– Matte UV on both sides + metallic silver edge

– Custom lid&bottom box
– 1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
– 4C/4C, custom printed with your design
– Glossy lamination + embossing
– Tie 45 cards with transparent stripes and then packed into a top-bottom box with plastic wrap

affirmation oracle cards printing custom design

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“An intuitive healer raising the vibration of the planet one beautiful deck at a time.”

These cards will guide you one step closer to your light. Designed to keep you standing in your truth, revealing the glow inside your soul and igniting the spark within.

So you can dream as big, as the sky and be brave in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

When things get a little dark, when you lose sight of your goal, and when you are facing some mountains, know that you can choose a card that will guide you back home to your heart.

Feel each affirmation, with your heart, your soul, and your body. They are there to support and guide you. Each image and quote has been carefully chosen as a message of love, a reminder to own your story, to breathe life into your hustle, and radiate joy and serenity so you are a magnet for your dreams.

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