Press Run

Congrats! You have come to the most critical part of the WJPC printing process – the Press Run, where your design is translated into data that the printer can record and finally transfer to the paper.

The performance of most printers is similar, whether they are offset printers or digital printers. What really determines the quality of the product, and what is most important, is often the experience and skill of the printer operators and quality controllers.

Also, that’s one of the reasons we have this Process section – to show you the standardized, professional and guaranteed steps we take throughout our production process.

Printer Press Run

We have several high-performance sheet-fed offset printers of Heidelberg – one of the industry’s top press manufacturers. These presses use pre-cut parent sheets and feed only one sheet at a time.

They can offer very high print quality and low unit costs, but have higher setup costs. Therefore, we always recommend offset printing for orders of 250 ~ 10,000 deck.

It is a very complex process and requires a high level of experience and skill for the operators. Click the buttom bolow to explore!

▶ Digital Press

Digital press is another type of printing we support, also called Print on Demand (POD). It is similar to a large home laser or inkjet printer that can print computer files directly onto paper.

The digital printer has many advantages than offset printing, such as no minimum quantity limit, no plate making, immediately ready to print and take, instant error correction, and so on.

However, it has a higher unit cost, less control over color and registration than offset printing, and cannot meet more professional and complex printing needs. So we will recommend digital printing for orders of 1 ~ 150 decks, or orders with very short turnaround times. 

digital printer

Prinect Color Control System

For a higher level of print quality, we introduced Heidelberg’s Prinect color control system – which has become synonymous with industry standard color quality and reproducible print results.

With this system, we can quickly and automatically print, position or identify the print control strip on printed sheets. Therefor, if a customer changes details in the middle of a run or repeats an order, the print error between batches is no more than 2%. This will save the processing and rework costs for you to a great extent.

In addition, it performs powerful operations such as precise color control, color comparison & calibration, auto-focus, and control strip tracking to achieve near-perfect color.

Color Control System

After the steps above, the printing of your project is basically done! Except for the initial debugging part, the entire press process will happen very quickly to meet the turnaround time for mass production.

But you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for speed – because throughout the duration of the press, we have dedicated quality inspectors to full check or sample check all printed sheets to identify and correct problems in a timely manner. If you want to learn more about our quality control, please click on “Full Inspection & Testing“.

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