Points Policy Benefits

WJPC values every customer and aims to cultivate and expand our customer base through attention to every detail of our cooperation. We strive to deepen and strengthen the partnership between our customers and WJPC.

To achieve this, we have implemented a membership points system for all our existing customers. Every order you place will be converted into points, which can be redeemed for various benefits. All customers can check their points balance online.

Please continue reading to learn about our points system and the benefits awaiting you!

Check your points information

Channels for Earning Points

We provide five channels to obtain the points system.

♦ Sales Order Amount

Points are equivalent to 10% of the EXW order amount. For example, if the EXW order amount is $1,000, you can get 100 points.

♣ Participation in Surveys

Customers who diligently complete surveys initiated by the company will receive a reward of 100 points.

♥ Points subsidy (after-sales)

In case of any after-sales problems with your order, we will discuss solutions with you and give you points for order compensation after evaluation.

♠ Referral Customers by Existing Customers

This exclusive channel is available to existing customers who have established order relationships with WJPC.

If an existing customer successfully refers a new customer to WJPC’s custom printing services, and the referred customer places an order with WJPC, the existing customer will receive a reward of 1000 points. The number of referrals can be accumulated. This means that if you refer 10 new customers to us, you can earn 10,000 points.


How do we establish the relationship between the referrer and the referred customer?


  • Step 1: The existing customer (referrer) informs us via email about the name of the person they are referring (referred customer).
  • Step 2: The referred customer informs us via email about who referred them.
  • Step 3: After verification by WJPC, the existing customer will receive a reward of 1,000 points.

♦ Repeat Purchases by New Customers

New customers refer to any customer who places their first or initial order with WJPC.

We attach great importance to the retention rate of new customers and aim to increase their repurchase frequency. If a new customer places an order with WJPC for the first time (based on the date on the contract PI) and makes a repeat purchase within one year, they will receive a reward of 300 points for each repeat order. There is no limit to the number of repeat orders. If you make 3 repeat orders within a year, you will receive a reward of 900 points.


How can I know my points statistics?


We will accumulate your points based on the sales order amount and repeat orders. Our points system has stored your email address when placing orders with WJPC. You can enter your email address in the form below for query, and the points information and related benefits will be automatically sent to your email address.

Redemption of Points for Benefits

Points Redemption for Order Discounts

According to the rule of 100 points = $10, you can participate in the redemption, and each points redemption must be a multiple of 100.

If your points are below 100, you need to accumulate more points through your printing orders. Once your points exceed 100, you can participate in the points redemption activity.

If you redeem 100 points, you will receive a $10 discount on your order. If you redeem 1,000 points, you will receive a $100 discount on your order.

Please note:
The benefits of points redemption for order discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the KS promotional order policy.

Points Terms and Conditions

WJPC reserves the right to interpret and adjust the rules and benefits of this points policy according to necessary conditions.

If you have any suggestions regarding this policy, we are open to discussing them with you at any time.

We look forward to an enjoyable journey of cooperative printing with WJPC.