Playing Card Printing Arena, Why Did They Switch From USPCC To WJPC?

In the intricate world of playing card printing, giants like the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) stand tall. But times are evolving, and some new players like Guangdong Wangjing Card Game Tech Co., Ltd (WJPC) also captivate players and collectors alike.

It’s not by chance that an increasing number of prominent creators are opting for Chinese producers like WJPC to economically print their projects without significant compromises in quality. Find out why playing card designers and small businesses are shifting from USPCC to WJPC by listening to the community’s insights below.

WJPC: Rising from the East

Established in 1998, WJPC initially positioned itself as a cost-effective alternative to established rivals. However, their commitment to quality quickly turned heads.

Until now, WJPC has grown to become one of the leading playing card manufacturers in China. We introduced a diverse range of card stocks, including the highly celebrated 300gsm German paper, renowned for its exceptional snap and handling. Furthermore, we embraced cutting-edge printing technologies, offering intricate foil stamping and embossing, pushing the boundaries of visual aesthetics.

Recently, WJPC also invested 20 million RMB in the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 104 offset press, bringing production capacity and efficiency to a higher level.

Heidelberg Speedmaster Press

The Shift Begins: Why Switch Playing Card Printing Manufacturers?

According to some playing card designers or companies, there are several factors that influenced their decision, such as:

1. Comparable Quality in Playing Card Printing

WJPC has been praised for its high-quality playing cards, some of which are comparable or even superior to USPCC’s products.

We use high-quality black core like German 300gsm paper stock, which is durable, flexible, and smooth. We also apply a special coating that enhances the handling and feel of the cards, as well as the vividness and sharpness of the colors.

Many playing card enthusiasts have expressed their satisfaction with WJPC’s cards, noting that they handle very well, have a nice snap, and retain their shape and condition after moderate use.


2. More Innovation

WJPC is constantly innovating and improving its products and services, offering new features and solutions that USPCC does not.

For example, we can print cards with holographic foil, spot UV, metallic ink, embossing, and die-cutting. We can also produce cards with different shapes, sizes, and materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, and leather.

What’s more, we can create custom tuck boxes, seals, stickers, and accessories, such as coins, dice, and tokens.

WJPC will try its best to accommodate the creative vision and needs of the playing card designers or companies, and provide them with professional advice and support.


3. Better Affordability

WJPC offers competitive and reasonable prices for its playing cards, which are lower than USPCC’s rates. We also has a flexible payment policy, requiring only a 30% deposit upfront, and the rest upon completion of the order.

This eases the financial burden and risk for the playing card designers or companies, especially for those who are launching crowdfunding campaigns or have limited budgets. WJPC also provides free samples and shipping for orders over a certain quantity, as well as discounts and coupons for loyal customers.


4. Added Reliability

Starting in January 2024, the USPCC and Cartamundi will move all European playing card production to the Fournier factory in Spain. As a result, most of its production was suspended. Many people are uncertain and worried about this transition.

Other side, WJPC has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, delivering high-quality playing cards on time and as expected. We have a strict quality control system, ensuring that every card meets the standards and specifications of the playing card designers or companies.

We also has a responsive and friendly customer service team, which communicates effectively and promptly with the playing card designers or companies, and resolves any issues or concerns that may arise.

WJPC respects the intellectual property and privacy of the playing card designers or companies, and does not disclose or sell their designs or information to third parties.

5. Production Speed and Flexibility

WJPC’s location in China generally means faster turnaround times and greater order fulfillment flexibility. Compared with many “old” large companies, we are more efficient in working hours, team response and order process. This is critical for companies with time-sensitive projects or companies looking for smaller, more frequent prints.


6. Beyond the Numbers

The decision to switch isn’t solely driven by economic factors. Some brands seek a fresh perspective, partnering with WJPC to tap into new printing techniques and unique card stocks.

For example, the collaboration between Stockholm17 and WJPC exemplifies this, resulting in critically acclaimed decks like the 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards and Notorious Gambling Frogs Playing Cards, praised for their affordable price, distinctive aesthetic and exceptional handling.

17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards
Notorious Gambling Frogs Playing Cards

These are some of the main reasons why some playing card designers or companies switched from USPCC to WJPC. Of course, this does not mean that USPCC is inferior or obsolete, as it still has its own strengths and advantages, such as its long history, reputation, and brand recognition.

Ultimately, the choice of playing card manufacturer depends on the preferences, goals, and expectations of the playing card designers or companies, as well as the feedback and demand of the playing card market and community. WJPC is just one of the many options available, and it may not suit everyone’s taste or needs.

However, for those who are looking for a high-quality, innovative, affordable, and reliable alternative to USPCC, WJPC will be a good choice to consider.

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