Pisces Tarot Card: Spiritual Messenger from Higher Realms

What Is Pisces Tarot Card?

Pisces tarot card is the final sign in the zodiac, and it represents spiritual awareness, unity, fulfillment, and mastering the lessons of life. It rules the 12th house in astrology which is the house of hidden realms, the subconscious mind, and secrets.

In classical astrology, it is considered that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. However, modern astrologers argue that Pisces fits better into the mystic and dreamy context of Neptune.

Since Pisces is a very adaptable sign, it can be concluded that both planets equally influence Pisces people.

According to modern astrology, Pisces is related to self-sacrifice and unconditional love. Pisces is an intuitive water sign which makes it intertwined with occult sciences and the psychic world.

For centuries, Pisces is illustrated as two fishes swimming in different directions. These two fishes are thought to be Aphrodite and her lover Adonis escaping from their enemies. They tried to swim in the same direction, but the Nile River didn’t allow them.

In Ancient Greece, Aphrodite was idealized as the goddess of beauty and fertility. Due to her creation story in the Mediterranean Sea, local women worshiped her to conceive.

Aphrodite was a Pisces figure that welcomed everyone in her temples. She was very gentle and generous with her gifts and blessed many with wonderful children.

What Tarot Card Represents Pisces?

Now that we have covered the background, let’s dive into the tarot card that represents Pisces:

The High Priestess is a Pisces tarot card in Major Arcana. It is the card of spiritual openings and psychic messages. This card tells you that you are in a position where you’ll be using your intuition to make decisions.

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The High Priestess tarot card informs you that this is a good time to go within and meditate. Moreover, you should pay more attention to the synchronicities and symbols, especially the repeating number 2.

In business, The High Priestess wants you to navigate your career using intuition. Perhaps you should start taking psychic development courses or ask the spirits/deities or your angel guides to help you.

The High Priestess card can also suggest a career where you heal people, either in medicinal or spiritual ways.

If love is the discussion matter, then The High Priestess might be pointing out that you should listen to your hunch when deciding if he/she is the right person for you.

The High Priestess is a Pisces Major Arcana tarot card that represents secrets as well. If it is accompanied by The Devil card or Three of Swords, it can indicate the presence of a third-party situation (possibly a woman’s presence) in your relationship.

The Two of Cups is a profound tarot card for Pisces. It symbolizes a strong and sacred union both in business and romance. This is a very positive card for relationships because it indicates equal give and take.

In your career sector, Two of Cups is about working in a partnership where everybody feels appreciated and benefits equally. In this job, you will no longer feel worn out or taken advantage of.

In love, Two of Cups signifies deep spiritual connections that is leading to marriage. If you are single, get in the mood for celebration because your luck has just turned! You are likely to meet your soulmate and enjoy a harmonious unity!

Seven of Cups is also a Pisces card in tarot. It represents a situation where you have several choices and feel confused. You might be considering whether to switch jobs, move somewhere new or would it just be better to prioritize your love life.

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These questions can pull you in different directions but seriously, you can’t dance at two weddings. Ignore the pressure from others and know that only the choices coming from your heart will fulfill themselves.

You may have multiple career paths ahead, but you shouldn’t be choosing based on other people’s expectations. To avoid deception, you should turn within just like a Pisces would do.

Seven of Cups might be confusing you in the love department as well. It would be wise for you to withdraw and ask yourself what you really want. The right answer will come through your dreams.

Nine of Swords is another intuitive tarot card of Pisces. In general, it symbolizes the anxiety that is stemming from overthinking. In your work sector, your thoughts are hunting your mind and causing you great distress.

You might think you are not doing or achieving enough. But beware that you might be blowing things out of proportion.

Nine of Swords may indicate nightmares or insomnia as well. This is a time that you need extra psychic protection, so don’t forget to sage your house and pray.

Nine of Swords may point out excess fears about a romantic relationship too. You might fear that your partner doing a number behind your back or feel that no one loves you.

You could be worrying unnecessarily. Turn to your dreams to figure out what the source of fear is. Please realize that you’ve been through the worst, and things are actually about to improve for you.

Just like other Pisces tarot cards, Ten of Cups is also very emotional. This card suggests a strong sense of joy and belonging.

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For your career, Ten of Cups indicates a joyous work environment where people act from their heart. You have a sense of community and respect in your workplace and feel that your colleagues treat you like family.

Ten of Cups will bring you either a raise, bonus or a title promotion. This will make you feel appreciated and emotionally fulfilled in your career path.

When it comes to love, Ten of Cups is one of the best tarot cards in Minor Arcana. Because it makes you feel safe and honored, and there’s a lot of joy in your current relationship.

It symbolizes a relationship that will lead to marriage or an addition to your family as in the case of pregnancy. In either case, Ten of Cups will give you a lot of reasons to celebrate.