For 16 years, we have only been deeply involved in the custom card printing industry, which means we only focus on custom card manufacturing and production. Each step of the process allows us to accumulate invaluable experience and every process is tailor-made for you.

01 Artwork

You can forward your artwork to us to get a quote. Or you can share your design concept or ideas with us.

02 Pre-press

Our professional designer team can provide help with your graphic layout and check for design and print accuracy.

03 Proofs

Our pre-press department will create final print-ready files of the artwork and forward the PDF proof files your way for a proof check.

04 Production Stage

Approved files go into offset printing production, including finishing, die cutting, gathering, cutting, card components, and assembly packing units.

05 Production Feedback

Your dedicated service representative will regularly share pictures or videos of production with you, so you can see how your project is progressing.

06 Quality Checks

Full production shall go through final QC and QA. We have a Quality Assurance department responsible for inspecting all printed products.

07 Safety Testing

It is an optional additional fee-based service. If your product needs to be tested by CPC, CE-EN71, etc., we can submit a laboratory test report.

08 Shipping and Delivery

We have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with logistics companies. So we can handle all the logistics for you from the factory to your front door.

Offset Printing Resources Chapters

Offset printing, also called lithography, uses a large printing press with a series of printing plates that transfer ink onto paper, which is then cut, folded, and bound to form a final product.

When you think of offset printing, think of the word transfer. Each step in this printing technique involves the transfer of images (text and art) from one material to the next. First, your images are digitally transferred onto a set of plates, which collect ink to transfer your images onto a rubber blanket that transfers images onto paper.

There are two primary types of offset printing: sheet-fed and web. The most common alternative to offset printing is known as digital or print-on-demand.

You will be able to fully understand how your project starts from scratch and eventually becomes a beautiful finished product. Let WJPC print your project, and with our expertise and a full range of services, you can get high-quality custom offset printing services at an affordable price. 

Pre-production (Pre-press)

Press and Production


Cutting and matching

Cutting and Matching

Box and Booklet Cluing

Card Box Gluing

All-round Full Customization

Any questions about our process? Contact us and tell us more about your project. We will answer professionally and help determine whether WJPC is a suitable printing partner for you.