Libra Tarot Card: Lifelong Journey for Justice and Balance

What Is Libra Tarot Card?

Libra is the most graceful, diplomatic, and compromising sign in astrology, and it is ruled by charming Venus. Libra rules the 7th house which is associated with mutual companionship, marriage, and open enemies. Libra tarot card‘s element is air and Libra cards in tarot are mostly depicted in the swords suit.

From time to time, Libra can be a bit self-absorbed and insincere, and numerous famous politicians have significant Libra placements. They utilize their potential best when they use their sweet tongue to persuade masses.

What Tarot Card Represents Libra?

Libra is symbolized by a scale, and always tries being as just as possible. In addition, Libra tactfully encourages reconciliation both in romantic relationships and political deadlocks. It would be fair to say that The Justice tarot card is the most akin tarot card associated with Libra.

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This card tells you that whatever seeds you sow is now coming back to you. If you put hard work, then you’ll be rewarded. However, if you made unjust decisions, then you will be facing some legal consequences.

The Justice tarot card tells you that only way to get that promotion is to have integrity. If you are constantly complaining, you can’t expect your job to improve. Be honest and truthful, and then universe will bless you.

Furthermore, The Justice card may signify some contracts being signed so definitely keep your hopes up! If you are already dealing with the court over disputes, the final decision will be in your favor.

In love, The Justice usually signifies a period where you sign contracts and get married. If this card appears reversed, then it may point out some commitment issues in your relationship.

If you are single, The Justice card wants you to evaluate yourself before getting into a new relationship. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation with a knowingly toxic person, otherwise you may get your share from their karmic debts.

Another Libra tarot card is The Empress tarot card. This is the card of fertility, beauty, and prosperity. It represents the balance of material abundance and the creative world. If other pregnancy cards also present in your reading, then The Empress may augur a child.

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The Empress can also indicate that a female in your life has been very nurturing lately. It can suggest working in a very nurturing/ feminine business, and highlight that now is the ideal time to find your confidence and discover your divine feminine.

In love, The Empress means that both you and your partner are going to be creating a new project together. Your relationship is blooming and moving into the next chapter. For singles, this card indicates that you are becoming more physically attractive and about to start a new relationship. Woo-hoo!

Queen of Swords is also a tarot card of Libra. This truthful witty Queen tells you that you are about a make a life-altering decision. You are a powerful person, and logic and reason are your allies.

You have a great mind and you can solve any problem. You will succeed over your enemies as long as you organize your thoughts & plan your future, and abstain from mulling over past. Your ability to assess situations quickly will help you ascend in your career.

If you are interested in building a family, you may have to revise your behaviors. You have been independent for some time, and you may experience complications adjusting to another person’s presence. If accompanied by The Tower or The Devil card, Queen of Swords can indicate single parenthood or divorce as well.

For singles, Queen of Swords is warning you to let go of your past and have faith in your potential future partner. They may actually exceed your expectations & offer you a lovely environment.

Another powerful tarot card for Libra is Two of Swords. If you picked this card, you’re probably sitting on the fence. Due to the emotional density of the situation you are in, you might be suffering from mental confusion and conflict. However, it would be better to make a decision rather than worrying and remaining at the crossroads.

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You may not know the right answer and feel trapped. Retreating from present moment may help with anxiety and can bring new insight. Know that once you made the decision, you will feel relieved at your new purpose.

In love, Two of Swords wants you to withdraw temporarily to sort out your feelings. If you are wondering whether you should leave this relationship, this card would advise you to give it a bit more time, face the fears that hold you in this relationship, and make your decision when the clarity comes.

If you are single, then Two of Swords can beckon your fears of losing a potential partner. Remember, if that person is not meant for you, he/she can’t stay anyways. Release your fears and manifest a person who brings you genuine happiness.

Lastly, Four or Swords is another tarot card representing Libra. Four or Swords suggests a time for rest and the need to retreat from your current situation. You are exhausted and need to pull back to discover the answers.

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This card usually pops up to people who are giving too much that they are becoming worn out. Go to mountains, have some “me time”, and clear your min so that you can recuperate.

In career, you might be worrying too much but this is not a good time to actively work. Stress can cause huge blockages in your mind which might be the main reason hindering your progress at work. You need some solitude and rest, and without following these steps, you can’t end your mental anguish.

When it comes to love, Four or Swords may indicate a phase of withdrawal or even breakup. Both you and your partner are aware that something is off about this relationship. If you feel battered, spend some alone time, and let the new insight in. Remember, Four or Swords offers you healing, not emotional loss.