Leo Tarot Card: Forceful & Almighty Sovereign of the Zodiac

What Is Leo Tarot Card?

Leo is a powerful zodiac sign that embodies the strength and sparkle of the Sun. Just like Sun rules our solar system, Leo tarot card is the natural ruler of the zodiac. For thousands of years, natives associated Sun with light, health, and power.

Similarly, Leo zodiac sign incarnates the powers of the Sun, and rules the 5th house in astrology. This is the house of joy, celebrations, dating, children, and financial investments.

Leo is symbolized by Lion, the omnipotent king of the forest, and it seeks luxury and praise. Leos want everybody to know that they are specifically “precious” if they feel disrespected, they may force you to surrender & uphold them, which is a part of their shadow. Funny enough, they are always incredibly generous and loving to their small circle.

Leo’s element is a fixed fire, which can give some Leo people tunnel vision, and changing a Leo’s mind may become mission impossible.

This leads many to think of Leo as childish sign, however, there is much more than that. Health, wealth, children, power, and war are some of the themes explored in the tarot cards for Leo.

What Tarot Card Represents Leo?

Now let’s discover Leo in tarot cards:

The Sun is a Leo tarot card that heralds great joy! You are now free to be more creative and experience joy and celebrations. This is your time to shine and feel really confident.

Don’t be afraid to stand above the pack! The Sun is an indication that dark times are over and now you can confidently move forward.

leo tarot card reading

Any question which results in The Sun card is a solid YES! No matter what it is, it will have a positive effect on you. In career, The Sun implies that your business is taking off with fantastic results and you are flourishing! Maintain your self-confidence and self-value, and you’ll acquire even more!

In love, The Sun tarot card indicates a beautiful relationship where there is joy and no restriction on expressing who you are. You’re safe, loved, and nurtured.

Leo represents children so there might be a child joining your family in near future. If you are single, then this is a great time for going out and socializing! Potential partners will be drawn to your radiance!

The Strength is a tarot Leo card that indicates balance, willpower, and courage. Lately, you might have had intense fears that are holding you back. On the other hand, now you have the strength to get through.

The Strength tarot card reminds you that you are more resourceful and stronger than you think! Just tap into Leo’s strength & there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

In career, you are no longer a victim because you stepped into your power. Your relationship with your boss will improve & you may even get a promotion. The Strength is also a positive card for your love life, pointing out that you will progress in this relationship feeling empowered& generously loved.

In Minor Arcana, there are numerous tarot cards that represent Leo. To exemplify, Ace of Wands is a tarot card associated with Leo that embodies the Leo’s vigorous initiator spirit. In this card, the manifestation of desires comes pretty quick!

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Ace of Wands signifies new energy, new physical action, and new forward movement. It shows you that now you have the physical strength to begin new projects. This is not a time to stand still & ponder. Get moving!

You may experience a sudden download of information and acquire a new sense of purpose for your career. Moreover, you may pivot what you are studying in college or switch jobs. You are now filled with creativity, passion, and high energy to be channeled into your career path!

For relationships, Ace of Wands indicates a new relationship or renewal of an existing relationship. There might be a possibility of pregnancy (just like other Leo cards). Overall, your love life will improve thanks to passionate encounters and generous gifts.

Six of Wands is another tarot card for Leo. It suggests a lot of positive movement and victory. You could be fulfilling goals and moving toward your purpose. This card tells you to congratulate yourself because you are nearly at the finish line. Consider Six of Wands as a very good omen since it radiates big success and victory around anything.

With this card, what you’ve put into action is cruising along nicely. You feel rejoiced because just defeated your enemies & they submitted to your power. In a relationship, Six of Wands may suggest a like-minded partner who shares similar goals & business opportunities that bring you even closer.

Nine of Wands is also a Leo sign tarot card that demonstrates exhaustion after a long battle. You may be in a situation where you feel utterly uncomfortable & feel the need to be defensive. This is a good time to dig deep into your spiritual reserves & keep persevering.

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You may feel like many people are coming up behind you. Try to solve this situation with solitude. You have the spiritual and emotional strength to fulfill your goals. Let go of past battles and burdens!

There might be some challenges present around your business, but with courage, you can fix them. It’s an ideal time to reflect on the past and acknowledge the strategies and plans that have worked for you/ or haven’t. Make sure to maintain your discipline and not get caught up in past strategies that didn’t work for your career.

If Nine of Wands appears in your love reading, then it may indicate some wounds from your past relationship that are preventing you to move forward. Similar to other Leo cards in tarot, Nine of Wands is about power struggle, but on steroids.

According to this card, you may be subjugating to your partner to avoid conflict. With courage and reflection, this relationship can be successful, but you will have to work on it. Release your past traumas and know that it is crucial to heal yourself before moving on to the next stage in your relationship.