10 Tips On How To Make Kickstarter A Success


Any card creator or designer with an innovative idea can create a Kickstarter tarot, Kickstarter card games, or Kickstarter playing cards campaign, to articulate their idea and project and encourage potential backers to pledge funds.

Once your project is approved by Kickstarter, you are on the threshold of success. However, that’s just the beginning. 

After launching your Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, you need to do a lot of work to stay in communication with your backers and reach out to new ones, only then you can raise more amount.

These tasks take a considerable amount of time and effort. But with the right tips and operational ideas, it won’t be so difficult. 

The next part of this article will tell you 10 tips to help you reach a successful Kickstarter project and raise more money. Let’s take Kickstarter tarot as an example.

kickstarter oracle deck

Tip 1 Know if your project complies with the rules

Kickstarter only allows certain types of campaigns. So the first thing you need to do is make sure your tarot project is within the scope of Kickstarter’s support. 

For example, you are not able to run a charity or general business campaign on the platform. Kickstarter only allows your project to have measurable goals, clear start and end dates.

Then, another thing you need to know is how long or complex your project is. If it is very long and complex, consider dividing it into phases and funding each of these phases separately.

Each phase should have its own funding goals and delivery targets. If you set specific and measurable project goals, Kickstarter will likely approve your project.

Also, your potential backers will have the confidence and motivation to support your campaign because they can easily understand what they are funding. 

These are Kickstarter prohibited items and should definitely be circumvented below:

Kickstarter prohibited items

Tip 2 Set the timeline of your project

Establishing a timeline for your project is a must, as this will determine several things:

  • How long your campaign should run;
  • How long it will take to deliver the finished product;
  • The delivery date for backer rewards.

Projects like Kickstarter tarot, kickstarter card games, kickstarter oracle decks, etc. tend to get better growth at the beginning and end, but lag in the middle. 

So if you run a long-term series of ads, this is the only way to keep a steady slow growth in the medium term.

While you can run your ads for anywhere from one to any day, the most successful projects on Kickstarter last 30 days or less. 

Thus you need to strike a balance between the duration of your ad series and the attention span of your backers.

After the event, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your project, so you don’t disappoint your backers by rushing or being late with their rewards. 

The following is a timeline reference:

Kickstarter timeline

For the timeline of project preparation before going live, please refer to: A Check List To Ensure You Go Live Without Fail

Tip 3 Define your Kickstarter tarot project goals

Kickstarter uses an “all-or-nothing” funding model. This means that you will only receive the money if the project meets its financial goal within a specified period; otherwise, you will not receive any money.

Therefore, you should avoid setting funding targets too high. Set the goal to the minimum amount needed to be able to produce the product. This will help you attract more backers and achieve your goals faster.

When setting capital goals, be sure to consider production and manufacturing costs, employee wages, company overheads (such as rent), and packaging and shipping costs. 

WJPC can provide you with a free KS budget calculator and an accurate manufacturing cost quote, please contact us.

You can use tools like Kicktraq to see other successful Kickstarter tops with products similar to yours and see the number of backers they have received and the total amount raised. 

Also, analogy to your peers can help you better go about determining your goals and setting your amounts.


Tip 4 “Speak clearly” about your product!

The way you line up content on your Kickstarter story page is critical – it’s your one chance!

Show your backers coming in to your program to convince them to place a support order. If you don’t get their attention at this time, you’ll lose mostly.

Your page needs to provide a clear project name and description of your Kickstarter tarot cards, so that any potential backers who visit the page can understand it at a glance.

Then, let your backers know your idea for the product, how and why your product will benefit them, and how you intend to use the money they pledge to print your tarot cards a reality.

Tell the story behind what you are doing and create a sense of urgency by telling your backers why they need to support your project now. For example:

  1. Avoid using too much technical jargon in the description;
  2. Use clearand concise language that appeals to everyone;
  3. Use headings and bullets to break down complex paragraphs into easily digestible chunks, directing the visitor’s eye to the most critical points;
  4. Don’t forget to use a variety of media such as photos, videos, design drawings and infographics to convey your unusual or complex ideas.

Here are two of the most successful card projects with WJPC, they both exceeded their target amount, even several times more. 

You can click on the images to jump to the corresponding KS pages and carefully refer to their page layouts and presentation tips below.

kickstarter poker
kickstarter tarot cards

Tip 5 Create a super cool project video

It takes time and money to create a good project video, but it is essential to include one on the campaign page. A Kickstarter project with a video is 50% more likely to succeed, while a project without a video has only a 30% success rate.

Besides, the video thumbnail is the first thing visitors see when they visit your page. Therefore, make sure it is sufficiently attractive and stimulates the their curiosity.

In your video, be sure to introduce yourself, tell the story behind the project, and then stand up and ask people to support you. It needs to talk about how great your product is and explain why it’s important to you to meet your project goals.

Tip 6 Make good use of your rewards

Rewards are incentives designed to encourage backers to support your project. Your rewards should be relevant to your project, vary depending on the amount offered by backers, and with more exclusive bonuses.

What’s more, make sure the reward is not unavailable to your backers. $25 is the most popular reward, while the average reward is about $70.

Kickstarter reward

Tip 7 Get ready to preheat

Before your project goes live, you should do a warm-up. Call on your friends, family and even some of your previous customers to be your first backers. This will ensure that your project gets off to a successful start.

You can also use Facebook or Instagram ads to collect customers interested in your Kickstarter tarot deck, so they can track your project in advance and support your project at the first moment it goes live!

Tip 8 Make good use of social media

Social media is a great way to promote your Kickstarter tarot project and ensure its success. Your Facebook fans, email subscribers, etc. are your potential and powerful supporters.

Create a dedicated social media page where you can share updates on your progress and keep the project visible. 

Don’t forget to contact your previous backers and ask them to help spread the word about the project by sharing it in their networks.

Tip 9 Keep your project up to date

Continue to share updates on your Kickstarter page and on the web as soon as you reach a major milestone. 

Also, updates such as 25% funding, 50% funding or 75% funding will give potential backers the confidence to be part of the success.

If you reach a significant fundraising dollar goal, it’s a good idea to update with videos, progress photos and necessary team activities, and to express your appreciation to your backers. 

This will keep them enthusiastic about the project and feel the same sense of accomplishment.

Kickstarter update

Tip 10 Don’t stop updates even after reaching the goal

If your Kickstarter tarot program reaches its funding goal before the end, don’t sit back and relax. Now is a good time to keep promoting and growing your dollar amount so you can exceed your goal!

Thus, even after the campaign is over, keep your backers informed about the progress and the possible dates you can start shipping any outstanding rewards.

Do not leave your backers in the dark if there are any changes to the program or any potential delays in production. 

If you remain transparent and share these updates with them, they will appreciate it and will most likely continue to support your future projects.

These are the 10 effective Kickstarter success tips. For more operational knowledge and tips on KS, please stay tuned to WJPC Kickstarter Courses!

Kickstarter Courses 1: A Check List To Ensure You Go Live Without Fail

Check List of Kickstarter

Welcome to WJPC‘s Kickstarter courses, and here is the first lesson. As you know, it takes thorough preparation to launch a successful Kickstarter playing cards and another project. Inadequate preparation may lead to slow progress or even failure in fundraising for a project. 

In order to be able to complete the project and raise more money, you need to stay informed about the progress of your project and also what needs to be done at each stage.

To help better control the progress of your project, a Kickstarter checklist has been prepared here for you.

Timeline of Kickstarter Checklist

√ Six Weeks Before Project Launch

6 weeks before your Kickstarter project launches, you need to set up all your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can try to place ads on these platforms and make an ad budget sheet to plan out how much you need to spend per day for marketing.

Also, You can plan some free sweepstakes, such as giving away gifts to a few users who retweet and comment, to increase the conversion rate and retweet rate of customers on your ads.

Kickstarter social media

Some popular communities and forums are also very popular with promotion like kickstarter oracle decks or kickstarter card game. You can search for “keyword” + forum to find discussion platforms with active users.

At the same time, you should start to organize and collect the materials you need for the launch of the project, such as pictures, videos, design manuscripts, etc. of the cards.

√ Five Weeks Before Project Initiation

1) Google tracking

Google is currently the world’s largest search engine, so it is vital to do a good job of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google. Among them, we recommend you to use Google Analytics, which is a free web analytics service from Google that provides rich and detailed graphical reports, to better track traffic for your website. 

Here are the simple steps for its operation:

  • Register Google Analytics with your Gmail account.
  • Click “Add Website Profile”, add your website information in it.
  • Click “Add ANew Domain”, fill in the URL box with your website address, and select the time zone according to your website language.
  • Confirm the website information again and copy the tracking code. Besides, select the new tracking code if you have a new website.
  • Copy the code to all the pages that need to use Google Analytics, and it must be placed before the tag,and generally be installed in the website’s header template. Then wait for the verification to pass, Google Analytics will work properly.
Kickstarter google analytics

2) Shoot the project

At this point you should start shooting pictures and videos of your project. During the filming, please take care to shoot all components such as cards, boxes, brochures, etc. in HD and focus on your design highlights.

Some relevant elements can be placed in the background of the shoot, for example, kickstarter playing cards can be surrounded by dice, chips and other small accessories, while candles, crystals, etc. can be placed around the kickstarter tarot cards (be careful not to overwhelm).

Kickstarter tarot

3) Design thelanding page

A good landing page design is as important as the design of your project. Take time to make relevant graphic design for your social media and personal blog and website. Typically, good-looking landing pages use the following three main design ideas:

  • Diagonal layout

The diagonal layout is significantly more visually appealing than the left-right layout or the top-down layout.

Kickstarter diagonal layout
  • Wavy layout

The use of wavy lines can often enliven the picture. You can use wavy lines in large area to make your landing page dynamic and convey the visual sense for your kickstarter card game and so on.

Kickstarter wavy layout
  • Less block-separation layout

This method is the most commonly used in web design! Simply put, landing pages often have a lot of content, so the viewer has to flip through several screens to finish reading. 

If you can design the landing page as a whole block, without the feeling of partitioning, the experience will be very comfortable and great!

Kickstarter less block-separation layout

√ Four Weeks Before Project Start

With a month to go until your KS project is released, you should have your various accounts and website content set up by this point. Then, prepare the text, images and videos for the KS launch posts and start doing some daily content sharing and posting on social media. 

If you plan to do advertising and marketing, you can start pitching ads at this point as well.

√ Three Weeks Before Project Creation

Start thinking with and determine the ladder and price of Rewards in your Kickstarter. To enhance the appeal of Rewards, you should make them exclusive versions, which means backers won’t find it anywhere else but on Kickstarter. 

Then, in the project description page, put your rewards list as well, and accompany each item with a vivid picture.

Kickstarter Rewards - kickstarter playing cards

Next, you can collect some lists of media and netizens and start sending emails to reach out, seeing if they would like to promote your project together.

√ Two Weeks Before Project Set-up

At this point you are running out of time, and can start editing the page of your KS project. For a better viewing experience, it is recommended that you “visualize” as much of the “Story” section as possible. 

For example, bold the key text, make the list or table into an image, insert a GIF, etc. Also, don’t forget to keep updating your social media and contacting netizens.

Kickstarter story

√ One Weeks Before Project Activation

Your project launch is imminent! After a month of promotion, you should have received a few emails from potential backers. Edit a moving and call-to-action email, send it to them, and make the previously promised raffle happen.

Then, take the project you’ve already written and submit it to Kickstarter for review. Next, follow up with all the media and online celebrities you have previously contacted again.

√ Day Of Kickstarter Playing Cards Launch

Finally, the day has come! At this point, your project has been vetted and is live, and you can send emails to potential backers and tell them that the project is live. Link from your social media accounts directly to your Kickstarter project.

Then, continue to drive traffic through Facebook/Instagram and other ads to help your project raise more money; keep the pace of updates so that your backers are always aware of the project’s progress.

When the project reaches 50%, you can launch a Referral program to help bring in traffic and increase the amount of funding. At the end of the day, send thank you notes to all your backers and relevant media.

If you want more tips on how to operate KS, please stay tuned to our Kickstarter Courses series of articles. Let’s make playing cards for Kickstarter with WJPC!

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