5 Practical FAQ On How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

Improving the accuracy of tarot divination is actually a very complex process that requires the involvement of many parties and conditions to cooperate. As tarot readers and tarot seekers, we need to be fully committed to all aspects of divination in order to get the most desirable results. Among them, how to shuffle tarot cards is a more important issue.

However, for shuffling tarot cards, there is actually no standard process worldwide. Most of the tarot deck operations were established by popular usage. In this process, there are numerous sayings and choices, and many tarot card beginners just don’t know which one to choose. This article will share some common shuffling methods, you can refer to it and then adjust it according to your personal situation.

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Why Should We Shuffle Tarot Cards? Purpose Of The Tarot Shuffle

Tarot deck needs to be shuffled. Firstly, this is to purify the energy and information left over from the last card draw. If you are using a new tarot deck that is opened for the first time, it is also necessary to shuffle tarot for the second reason described next, allowing the tarot cards to be sufficiently disordered and reverted to a disorderly and random state. This will enable the tarot divination results to work properly, rather than making the seeker predict which cards can be drawn in which location.

In addition, the way the tarot cards are shuffled is different from the way the poker cards are shuffled for entertainment. This is because the size of tarot cards is generally larger than poker cards (the common size of tarot is 70*120mm, and poker size is 63*88mm), heavier, and has more surface craftsmanship. If you shuffle the cards like poker, it is easy to break or age the tarot cards.

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How To Shuffle Tarot Cards?

After emphasizing the importance of shuffling, you may be confused by the dazzling tarot card shuffling methods available on the internet. You may be torn between shuffling clockwise or counterclockwise, shuffling manually, or by tarot card shuffler…

Ensuring the randomness of the draw results is the fundamental purpose of tarot shuffling. Then, with this premise intact, any form and method of shuffling, cutting, and drawing is feasible. If you want a professional, standard, and ritualistic process, then you first have to develop a fixed habit. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and when you can perform a whole set of shuffling actions in a flowing manner, you will naturally show your professionalism.

For those tarot card beginners, here is a better or the best way to shuffle tarot cards:

Key points extracted:

  • Shuffle direction: right-handed with clockwise, left-handed with counterclockwise
  • Shuffling skills: focused and calm
  • Number of shuffling turns: more than 3 turns
  • Shuffling tools: hands and a piece of velvet
  1. Prepare beforehand

First of all, you need to wash your hands clean. This is for the sake of personal hygiene, but also to prevent the cards from getting dirty. Second, you can put a piece of velvet under the deck. This is because the surface of some tables or supports is too smooth and the deck may spin and be uneven when you shuffle it.

The velvet can increase the abrasion and also prevent the deck from wearing out or getting dirty. If you often take your cards to various places, it is important to find a favorite and commonly used cloth to protect your cards and to look at the familiar base color every time you divine, you will not be easily distracted.

Tarot Cloth
  1. Start shuffling

There are a total of two different shuffling actions. These two actions should be repeated for each divination.

First, place the back of the cards face up and stack them flush in your hand. Concentrate on your mind and don’t think about anything. Then, begin to obey your will by pulling out a portion of the cards from the middle and placing them at the top of the original deck. Repeat the same action several times, as many times as you wish.

Second, place the cards on a flat surface, spread them out in a circle, and then begin shuffling them in circles with both hands in the same direction. As you shuffle the cards, keep silently stating in your mind the question you are about to divine, as well as thinking about the card formation you are about to employ.

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After shuffling more than 3 rounds, listen to your inner voice and you will feel out when you can stop. Or, you can let the seeker decide when to stop shuffling. At this point, gather the cards slowly (don’t forget to still do it in the same direction) and finally restore it to a stack and place the cards horizontally.

What Are The Taboos To Tarot Shuffle?

Learn how to shuffle cards properly and the taboos of tarot shuffle. Do not flip or drop cards during the shuffle. Besides, no one can see any card information until the cards are drawn. The explanation is as follows:

Reading tarot is actually reading pictures. If the seeker sees the card before drawing, it will leave a preconceived impression, which is equivalent to a psychological implication, thus affecting his or her state of mind. For example, if a seeker sees a tarot card like the death tarot card or the devil tarot card in advance, he or she may feel that “it’s not going to have a good outcome”.

If the reader sees the cards in advance, the impact will be even greater. You may feel whether this is a hint given to you by the Tarot, and then the thought of interpreting the cards cannot help but lean in the direction of that card, thus leading to inaccurate divination results.

However, if you do accidentally flop or drop a card, there is no need to be overly nervous. Just take a deep breath and reshuffle your cards.

Tarot Shuffle Taboos

What’s The Difference Between Online And Offline Tarot Shuffle?

Though online divination is not face-to-face communication with the seeker, its process of shuffling is best consistent with offline divination. This will help you to develop a habit and form a sense of ritual, whenever you start shuffling, you can immediately enter the divination state.

Related Supplement: How To Cut Tarot Cards?

Cutting is not a necessary process, but it helps to mix the cards more evenly and prolongs the time to connect with the cards. Once you have shuffled the cards and placed them face down in a stack, ask the seeker to do the card cutting. Of course, if the seeker is yourself, you will have to do it by yourself.

Again, there is no fixed standard for cutting, as long as it does not violate the taboo of flipping and dropping cards, it is all right. Here is also a recommended method:

Firstly, place the shuffled cards horizontally in front of you. Next, let the seeker pick up about one-half of the cards in the first deck with the commonly used hand and place them underneath it to form the second stack, taking care not to change direction.

Secondly, use the same hand to pick up about one-half of the second stack and place it on top of the first stack to become the third stack, again taking care not to change direction.

Lastly, pick up the first stack of cards with the same hand and place it on top of the second stack, then pick up the combined stack of cards and place it on top of the third stack. This time the cards form a neat stack again, and the set of cutting actions is completed.

From a ritual perspective, the tarot shuffling represents the order and wisdom that emerges when chaos and opportunity mix. When you shuffle or cut the cards several times, the deck becomes a pile of cards with a completely new order.

Apart from the ritual, the shuffle is for practical purposes, and what we need to do is to hold them gently and carefully. On the one hand, it shows the reader’s respect for the tarot cards, and on the other hand, it helps to prolong the life of the tarot cards.

Regardless of the way you shuffle the cards, saying a prayer, a blessing, or an indication of intent while shuffling may be beneficial to your tarot reading and create a sense of solemnity for you and the seeker.