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Green printing is a new era model, mainly refers to printing enterprises using environmentally friendly paper, specific inks and special processes, so that the printing process can produce less pollution, protect natural resources and save industrial energy, while the printed products can be recycled after disposal.

WJPC, as a pioneer and socially responsible body in the printing industry, has long been adhering to the concept of green printing. We are committed to create a sustainable world by implementing green printing in as many aspects as possible, including paper, ink, design, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

We use eco-friendly ink and soy ink

All of our offset inks, electronic inks, UV inks, etc. are sourced from suppliers with environmental certifications. These inks not only have superior printing results but are also very friendly to the environment.

In general, the following tests must be met if the ink is to meet environmental standards:

1. Heavy metal detection

The heavy metals mentioned here are generally the six substances controlled under the EU RoHS Directive, namely Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr6+, PBBs and PBDEs. Among them, four of the heavy metals (i.e. Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr6+) have the following limit values:

  • (Cd) ≤ 100 mg/kg (mg/kg=ppm)
  • (Pb) ≤ 1000 mg/kg
  • (Hg) ≤ 1000 mg/kg
  • (Cr6+) ≤ 1000 mg/kg

If you need, we can provide the RoHs test report of the ink to see the content of several heavy metals above.


2. Aromatic hydrocarbon detection

Aromatic hydrocarbon is a kind of substance with strong harm to human body. For ink, if some ink containing aromatic hydrocarbon is used, although there will be no residue after printing and drying, it will volatilize a lot of irritating odor in the printing process to bring great damage to our operation workers.

So, there are strict requirements for the content of various aromatic hydrocarbons in ink. RoHs and Reach SvHC all contain tests for aromatic hydrocarbon substances.

3. VOCs detection

VOCs refer to a variety of organic compounds at room temperature, with the boiling points of 50 degrees to 260 degrees. VOCs will not only cause harm to the human body but also cause pollution to the atmosphere, such as urban haze.

The limits on VOCs vary from country to country and even city to city. As an example, the Chinese GB38507-2020 standard states that VOCs content of inkjet printing ink must be ≤ 30%.

In addition, for social, environmental, and employee health reasons, we source American Soybean Association (ASA) certified soy inks for our highest volume offset printing.

Soybean oil is an edible oil that can be recycled into the natural environment after decomposition. At the same time, soybeans are abundant and inexpensive, and the inks made from them not only print well but also meet all the standards for printing.

What’s more, soybean ink has characteristics such as friction and heat resistance, bright color, and good inking.

soy ink

We choose eco-friendly & renewable paper

Environmentally friendly paper is paper that meets the following three criteria:

  • The raw material for the paper must be wood, as wood can be grown continuously.
  • Paper can be recovered and recycled to reduce waste generation.
  • The paper can be biodegraded and does not cause environmental pollution.

Forest Stewardship Council is the world’s most trusted organization in this field. FSC certification ensures that the wood materials used in products do not come from deforestation, but from forests certified by FSC, thus promoting environmental protection, creating social benefits and realizing economic systems.

We support FSC certified eco-paper, whose raw materials are highly regulated by FSC and are superior to ordinary paper, both from the perspective of environmental protection and printing quality. Among them, FSC certified papers can be divided into three categories:

  • FSC 100%: means that the wood used in this product is sourced entirely from FSC certified forests.
  • FSC Recycled: means that the product is made from recycled materials, but not necessarily from FSC certified forests.
  • FSC Mix: The product is a mix of different sources, including FSC wood, recycled material or other regulated wood.
FSC mark

We can improve graphic design

The importance of graphic design in green printing cannot be overstated. We are able to provide professional and environmentally friendly design solutions in our interactions with our clients. For example:

  • Put the environmental icon in a prominent place;
  • Use Soft Print Proof instead of Hard Print Proof;
  • Control ink coverage to avoid large color blocks;
  • Use FSC certified paper and soy ink;
  • Control the number of paper printing waste;
  • Do not use processes that are not conducive to recycling, such as lamination.

We've obtained certificate for green printing

In the mileage towards green printing, there are the following certificates that we insist on using or intend to use:

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

The certification of forest management, also known as FSC forest certification, is for forest management units, which are audited by an independent third-party for forest management performance. This certification can demonstrate that the unit meets the requirements for sustainable management.

FSC certifited
  • Print With Soy Ink

This logo indicates that the print was printed using soybean ink. Use of this logo is subject to approval by the American Soybean Association (ASA).

print with soy ink
  • Recycled Sustainable

We print the recycling sustainability logo on our packaging, which serves two purposes:

  1. Having the recycling symbol printed on the packaging requests the recipient to reuse it instead of throwing it away as garbage.
  2. The packaging of the goods is made of renewable materials and is therefore good for the environment and for the planet.
Recycled Sustainable

We're reducing the use of plastic

We also insist on emphasizing the concept of green printing in the field of packaging and logistics. We offer paper sleeve, kraft paper bag, etc. instead of traditional plastic shrink packaging, in order to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging as much as possible. 

It may be a small change, but put in front of our thousands of production volume, it is a very macro contribution.

paper outer packaging

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