Learn and Play: 7 learning flashcards for kids

What Are Flashcards?

Flashcards for kids are cards that have information on both the front and back and can be used for learning, entertainment, trading, collecting, etc., depending on the content.

We are talking here mainly about learning flashcards for kids, which usually have a prompting question or image on the front and the corresponding answer on the back.

When learning, you can choose different flashcards according to different subjects or themes, including alphabet flash cards, math flashcards, letter flashcards, color flashcards, etc.

Why Do Flashcards Work?

Through observation and learning, flashcards can boost the brain’s metacognitive abilities, thus enhancing our kids’ long-term memory. What do we mean by metacognition? Specifically, when you observe, perceive and evaluate your own behavior, cognition and thought processes, you are engaging in metacognition.

For example, when you read a question, you try to recall the answer and then flip the card to check whether and how much of your answer is correct. This apparent act of self-assessment and introspection is metacognition.

How To Select Flashcards For Kids?

Since children’s cognitive ability is poor, it is best to meet these points when choosing the flashcards for kids:

  1. Colorful and vivid: brightly colored, vividly illustrated animated characters or animals can attract children’s attention to a greater extent and improve the enjoyment of learning.
  2. Easy to understand: The cards should not be too complicated or have too much content. It is best to have a question within one sentence on one side and a few words of the answer on the other side, which is easy to understand. In addition, all text should be printed in large font so that children can easily read them.
  3. Easy to organize: If there are a lot of cards, it is best to choose a card set with small sleevesor metal ringsso as to reduce the need to organize them afterwards and prevent loss.

Here are the recommended 7 best flashcards for kids:

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication Flash Cards

Think Tank Scholar Multiplication Flash Cards, including a complete 0-12 multiplication table, 6 fun multiplication games, 6 different ways to teach and more. Suitable for students in K-3 and up.


  • Cards come with graphic illustrations on the back to make multiplication concepts easier to understand.
  • The cards are color coded and have small boxes with dividers to sort out which facts have been mastered and which still need to be practiced.
  • The cards are large, clearly printed and very sturdy.


  • Not suitable for younger children.
  • No metal rings for organization.
  • Relatively expensive.

ABC Flash Cards

ABC Flash Cards

For literacy, the first step is to recognize the letters ABC. This Scholastic Early Learners: ABC Flashcards contains 26 flashcards for kids, each with a letter on one side and a related word on the other, for children ages 1-3.


  • Useful for identifying lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Large size (5 x 0.5 x 7 inches) cards that are easy to read.
  • Card set comes with a parent guide and tips.


  • Pattern style is not very consistent, with half being real pictures of objects/animals and half being cartoon pictures.
  • Some of the letters chosen to represent words and patterns are too complex for younger children.
  • Inexpensive and therefore relatively poor quality.

Alphabet Flash Cards

Custom Alphabet Flash Cards Printed for Kids

Looking for something a little more special with flash cards? This set of cards with a southern flair is definitely for you. Not Your Momma’s Alphabet Cards feature a retro, tongue-in-cheek style in the drawing, along with words that fit the trend, such as yoga and selfie.


  • Perfectly sized for a toddler’s tiny hands, but also large enough to be easy to spot and find.
  • High quality and thick cardstock + matte finish aredurable and scratch resistant.
  • Beautiful patterns and colors for kids to look at.


  • May be a bit difficult for younger children to understand.
  • The design of the words is not obvious enough.

Spanish Flashcards

Printing Spanish Flash Cards

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and is spoken by more than 400 million people. Having an additional language to master can give your child an edge in learning. This set of Memjoy Spanish Flash Cards contains 50 flash cards for kids and teens ages 12 and up.


  • All cards have English text on the front and Spanish translation and pronunciation on the back.
  • Scenario-based instruction to help kids learn the most useful Spanish.
  • Associates words and their translations with colors to help with comprehension.


  • Has an age threshold.

Math Flashcards For Kids

custom math flash cards printed 2

Many kids always get a headache when it comes to math. But learning math can be fun! This set of SMART SUMS math flashcards allows children to learn through a fun format and even inspires them to think actively about math.


  • The game is set up so kids do thousands of math problems without even realizing it.
  • Visual images make learning fun and intuitive, while clever rhymes provide clues and strategies.
  • Fully understands students’ ability to move beyond memorization visually and develop understanding conceptually.


  • More cards and no easy-to-organize attachments.

Number Flashcards

number flashcards

Learning the numbers 1-100 will give your child a good start in learning math. Use this set of Flash Cards: Numbers 0-100 to make this process more enjoyable. Suitable for grades Pre-K to 3.


  • Large font numbers make it easier for children to read.
  • Each card has a variety of elements, including numbers, shapes, colors, and visual words.
  • In addition to numbers, comes with plus, minus, greater than, less than, and equal signs that help learn numbers.


  • Each side of the card has numbers and cannot display 100 numbers at the same time.
  • Numbers 50-100 are not as well designed on the card side as 1-50.

Sight Words Flash Cards

sight words flash cards

Half of this colorful flash card set is made up of visual words and the other half contains the corresponding monsters. Each brightly colored monster performs actions that children can imitate, promoting learning and enhancing long-term memory through movement. Suitable for children ages 4-7.


  • Great for memory games, matching exercises and visual word activities.
  • Cards are smooth and gloss laminated.
  • Angled edges make it easy to stack the cards in the right order.


  • Can be a bit challenging for younger children.
  • Placement of a trailer/spoiler in the corner of each card can distract kids/students and parents/teachers and force finger placement to cover words.

Other than studying, flashcards can also be given as gifts to your children, nephews, students, neighbors, etc. Want to print your own flashcards for kids? Contact us!