Our WJPC team has collected the most frequently asked questions and has answered them on our FAQ page. You can solve your problems with design, sample, production, or others here. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help!

About Production

We do not have strict MOQ restrictions. Because we are a custom offset printing company, we recommend ordering at least 500 sets, considering the material cost is the same but the print setup cost is higher.

However, if your order quantity is less than 300 sets, our sales team will usually work with customers to help customers find the most competitive option.

Our turnaround time includes all aspects of pre-press, production, and shipping. The exact production time will depend on the quantity of each card and the specific components selected.

Shipping time depends on your shipment delivery way. Standard sea shipping usually takes five weeks. Air freight takes only 3-5 days. After you confirm the electronic proof we provide, it will take us approximately 3 weeks to complete the production of your order.

Send us a quote inquiry to share all the details related to your project to get a more accurate turnaround time.

Yes! We are a professional manufacturer and printer of custom playing cards and custom tarot cards, working with several publishing companies, gaming companies, and top 3 best sellers in the Amazon gaming category.

Our total warehouse area is 5000 square meters and our paper stock has exceeded 600 tons. We have long-term cooperation with many logistics companies. All these advantages allow us to offer these services to our customers and integrate them seamlessly into the production process.

Yes, we produce high quality casino playing cards, magic playing cards and card tricks playing cards.

As a common cardboard material for casino playing cards, we have both glossy and linen finish. The raw material inventory comes from the world’s premium cardboard producers, with import sources from Germany, France, Italy and Japan. Black core cardboard weight options are: 290gsm, 300gsm, 305gsm, 310gsm, 330gsm.

Choosing playing cards made from black core material helps to help your playing cards have excellent “bounce”, “shuffle ability” and durability. Read our playing card material page to learn more.

Yes, we have white and black plastic cards available in three thicknesses: 0.3mm, 0.32mm, and 0.35mm. For custom PVC plastic playing cards, we have a minimum order limit of 1,000 decks. Please contact us to check the quality of our plastic playing cards samples.

About Design

We do not provide design services. We also do not provide proofreading services for the content of Design Works. You are responsible for submitting your design work. We will provide a manufacturing design review service upon receipt of your order.

If you haven’t finished your design, our design team will provide you with the correct art template. In most cases, we recommend that you set up the file yourself after reading our artwork setup guide, the design needs to be done within the parameters of the art template.

If you have prepared design files and intend to have them produced by WJPC, you can send us an order. Our company will assign a prepress design expert to review your files in order to detect any issues that may lead to production errors.

We will do a layout set up on the file, and some printer marks will be added to your files, such as bleed area, safe area, and cutting area. When your design files pass our inspection, we will print out your artwork and generate digital proofing for your confirmation and approval.

We accept AI, PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMPs.

If the design was done in Photoshop, the file should be sent in .psd format. If the art was done in Adobe Illustrator, the file should be sent in .ai format. Also, the minimum resolution of any flat image (JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.) must be 300 DPI.

You can fill out the form on our site and upload your file. Then our team will assign an experienced salesperson to serve you, or send you an email to handle any of your inquiries or needs.

If you have a large file, alternatives to uploading are: sending it to us via email attachment; using an external service such as Google Docs or Dropbox, and sending the download link to us.

We recommend that you convert your file to CMYK format and confirm the colour results before submitting it to us. Otherwise, you may find that the colors or images printed are not the same as what you see on screen. For more details on why, please see Design Creation.

We will sign a confidentiality agreement with you. From your design work to the printing of the finished product, our factory will follow strict rules. We will not take pictures of our customers’ products without the company’s permission. We will not display our customers’ products on our website without their permission.

About Sample

Yes, we can provide free samples to meet your needs and you only need to pay no more than $35 for shipping. We support both Soft Print Proof and Hard Print Proof, with Hard Proof available in 4 different print types. For a detailed description, please see Custom Samples Types.

A prototype is a copy of your game. To ensure your game card gets the best possible presentation on Kickstarter, we recommend making a prototype with high-quality images. You can visit our process page to learn more. If you would prefer WJPC to print your KS campaign, we suggest you visit our KS Promotions page.


We accept Paypal, Western Union, and bank transfer. If you would like to place an order with our Alibaba International Store, you can get more flexible payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, T/T, and L/C. For information about wire transfer or bank transfer, please contact us.

WJPC is a professional custom playing card printing company and almost every order is custom-made. We can produce custom cards of any size and shape and handle special print finishes and processes.

You can create anything you want on playing cards because all printing is based on your design. We have over 300 art templates to help you with your design files.

Our manufacturing prices are calculated based on all the details of your order. We will also provide expert advice on manufacturing materials, finishes and printing, and delivery costs based on your limited budget. You can clearly understand the custom offset printing process and get accurate pricing information.

There are only a few custom playing cards, custom tarot cards and custom game cards manufacturers in China that can provide you with personalized printing services, and WJPC is the top3 printers among its peers.

At WJPC, we give the same attention to all personalized playing card orders. We offer highly competitive manufacturer prices, the highest quality playing card materials, and completely satisfied customer service. And we guarantee on-time delivery.

For over 15 years, we have been supporting green printing and operating in a socially responsible manner while doing a good job of producing our own products. Please check the About Us page for more details.

Any other questions? Contact us