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Custom Trading Cards Game Printing and TCG Maker

Trading card games (TCGs) also called Collectable card games (CCGs) or custom card games(CCGs) are played using specially designed sets of cards. 

The TCG originated in 1993 with the launch of Magic: The Gathering physical cards, and has since grown and evolved with the introduction of new games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, Dragon Ball Super, Flesh and Blood, and more.

As you may already know, custom TCG games combine the appeal of collecting with strategic gameplay. Players purchase supplementary packs containing randomly assorted cards, and the combination of cards in each player’s deck creates endless variations in gameplay. These cards hold value, and players can trade and exchange them with each other. Specific game cards are most often produced in various degrees of scarcity, generally denoted as common (C), uncommon (U), rare (R), and ultra rare cards.

For 17 years, we have had rich cognition and experience in printing trading cards game strategy, and set. As a TCG card printer and manufacturer, WJPC has become a top game card printing company in China and also prints game cards for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium game card agents, and independent creators.

To better serve custom TCG customers, we have created a specialized team and execution process for TCGs, including Analysis of game requirements, inspection, and layout of the design, development of materials and processes, HD printing, automatic card matching, corner cutting, inspection, packing, etc. Thus, compared with other card printers, we can provide more professional, meticulous, patient, and long-lasting game card services.

We offer a variety of cardstock, deck size, and packaging options to fit your needs. Our standard and holo cards share the same size and are printed using offset printing. Booster packs typically contain 8-15 cards, including 1-2 holo cards. We offer special finishes like spot UV or gold stamping for holo cards upon request. The randomized nature of booster packs adds an element of surprise to the game, as players collect cards to build their decks. Booster boxes contain 12, 24, or 36 packs.

What’s more, we’ve helped creators with many Kickstarter trading cards game projects. With affordable printing, you can significantly increase your profitability and obtain products of outstanding quality.

We are a professional playing cards manufacturer and trading card company, so we have our own trading card factory for printing your TCGS projects. Make your own trading cards and print them with WJPC.

Contact us today to bring your custom TCG card ideas to life!  

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We not only help many small and medium-sized creators realize their dreams, but also have the strength to serve large TCG publishers and promote high-quality, gorgeous, and exquisite trading cards to the world at an affordable price.

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Trading Cards Printing & Production Options


Normal TCG

  • Poker size: 63 x 88mm, 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • 300g art paper
  • Gloss varnish
  • Plain holographic film

Rare TCG


Super Rare TCG

  • Matte varnish
  • Geometric sequin holographic film
  • Reverse UV

Ultra Rare TCG

  • UV stamping
  • Geometric sequin holographic film
  • Reverse UV
  • Matte edging

Titan Rare TCG

  • Geometric sequin holographic film
  • UV stamping
  • Reverse UV

Legend Gold TCG

  • Golden stroking
  • Geometric sequin holographic film
  • Scodix Sense™



  • PET Cardstock
  • 3D grating
  • UV & 3D stamping
football trading cards

Parallel Sports Cards

  • 14PT cardstock
  • Strip holographic film
nba trading cards

Relic Sport Cards

  • 32PT cardstock
  • Geometric sequin holographic film
  • Golden stroking
  • Clear plastic window


  • Use multiple standard-thickness paper to mount
  • Varying thickness tailored to your needs
Number Stamping

Serial Number Stamping

  • Continuous, unique and non-repetitive sequence
  • Different stamped colors
  • Only a single font is available at present
UV Inkjet Coding

UV Inkjet Coding

  • Customize the number of printing lines and the font height as needed
  • For QR codes, DataMatrix, random codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc.
UV fluorescent

UV Fluorescent



  • Thin stamping layers to rub off
  • Highly interesting and secretive

Infrared Inkjet Coding

  • Invisible QR code in the inner layer
  • For gaming cards like gundam tryage TCG

♠ Trading Card Packaging

printing trading cards

Booster Packs

De Flinkie Trading Card Game 5

Starter Decks

Printing Trading Cards Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Box Sets

Magnetic One Touch Cardholder

Magnetic Card Holders

Flap Card Pack

Envelope Style Packs

plain tin box package for poker cards

Tin Boxes

What We Can Do For Your Trading Cards?

  • Independent TCG Team

Composed of sales, designers, purchasers, skilled workers and quality inspectors who have rich experience in trading card production.

  • Heidelberg Press + Color Management System

2 Heidelberg Speedmaster presses and the latest smart system, give you more stable, accurate and vivid printing quality.

  • Auto Laminating + Stamping

Can be matched to achieve a variety of gorgeous effects, such as Foil stamping, UV stamping, Scodix Sense™ and 3D.

  • Auto Card Mounting

Can produce thickened and hardened sports trading cards, animation cards, collecting cards, etc.

  • Auto Slitting + Matching

Can realize custom matching methods like sequential, equal ratio, and random matching.

  • Auto Full Inspection + Manual Sampling Inspection

Strictly control quality to ensure correct design and quantity.

  • Auto Packing + Manual Packing

Can realize custom packing methods such as by order, equal ratio, random, etc.

TCG machines
TCG machines 2

Trading Cards Game Application

  • Promotional trading cards
  • Entertainment trading cards
  • Custom sports trading cards
  • Custom baseball cards
  • Custom football cards
  • Collectible trading cards for retails
  • More

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Custom Trading Cards FAQ

Trading cards are usually printed on a heavy cardstock, which can range in thickness from around 300 to 400 GSM. The cardstock should be sturdy enough to withstand handling, but not so thick that it becomes difficult to shuffle or play with.

Trading cards can be finished with a range of coatings, including gloss, matte, and UV. A gloss finish will provide a shiny, reflective surface, while a matte finish will be more subdued and less reflective. A UV coating can provide extra protection and durability.

Trading cards can feature a wide range of artwork, including illustrations, photographs, and graphic designs. It’s important to ensure that the artwork is high-quality and meets the printing company’s requirements for resolution and file format.

The number of cards included in a booster pack can vary depending on the game and the manufacturer, but it’s usually around 8-15 cards per pack. In some cases, booster packs may include a guaranteed number of rare or holofoil cards.

The process for printing trading cards typically involves designing the cards, selecting the cardstock and finish, and then working with a printing company to produce the cards. The cards are usually printed using offset printing, which is a high-quality printing method that allows for good color accuracy and detail.

The turnaround time for printing trading cards will depend on the printing company and the quantity of cards being produced. Typically, the process can take several weeks from start to finish, including time for design, printing, and shipping.

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