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Printing Custom Trading Cards Games (TCGs)

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Trading card games (TCGs) also called Collectable card games (CCGs) or custom card games(CCGs) are played using specially designed sets of cards. 

Trading Cards combine the appeal of collecting with strategic gameplay. Specific game cards are most often produced in various degrees of scarcity, generally denoted as common (C), uncommon (U), rare (R), and ultra rare cards.

For 17 years, we have had rich cognition and experience in printing trading cards game strategy, and set. As a TCG card printer and manufacturer, WJPC has become a top game card printing company in China and also prints game cards for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium game card agents, and independent creators.

To better serve custom TCG customers, we have created a specialized team and execution process for TCGs, including Analysis of game requirements, inspection, and layout of the design, development of materials and processes, HD printing, automatic card matching, corner cutting, inspection, packing, etc.

Thus, compared with other card printers, we can provide more professional, meticulous, patient, and long-lasting game card services.

What’s more, we’ve helped creators with many Kickstarter trading cards game projects. With affordable printing, you can significantly increase your profitability and obtain products of outstanding quality. Make your own trading cards and print them with WJPC. Take action now!

Trading Cards Printing / Production Options

  • Poker size: 63 x 88mm, 2.5″ x 3.5″ (Normally trading card size)
  • More customized sizes
  • Custom unique card shape
  • Holographic printing
  • Gloss UV coated / spot UV coated
  • Silk laminated with a matte effect for a high-end look
  • High gloss laminated
  • Uncoated on one side / spot or matt coated on the other side
  • More custom options
Aluminum film bag

Cards can be foil wrapped and further packed into CDU. Common/uncommon/rare/ultra rare cards are gathered as required. Starter packs in tuck boxes, booster packs in foil wraps. Instruction cards or sheets or simple inserts can be added as required.

  • Clear cello wrap (Aluminum film bag)
  • No-printed Foil wraps with a label (glossy or matte)
  • Custom designed Foil wraps (glossy or matte)
  • Clear Plastic Case (tuck box, draw box, slide box….)
  • Custom Tuck Box
  • Custom hang tag tuck box for counter display

What We Can Do For Your Trading Cards

  • Independent TCG Team: composed of sales, designers, skilled workers and quality inspectors who have rich experience in trading card production.
  • Experienced Purchasing Team: regularly develop new materials, processes, finishes, etc., or R&D according to customer needs.
  • Heidelberg CMYK Printing Press + Color Management System: stable, accurate and vivid printing quality.
  • Automatic Laminating Machine + Handmade Stamping: can be matched to achieve a variety of gorgeous effects, such as hot stamping, cold stamping, UV stamping and 3D.
  • Automatic Card Mounting Machine: can produce thickened and hardened sports trading cards, animation cards, collectingcards, etc.
  • Automatic Slitting + Matching Machine: can realize custom matching methods like sequential, equal ratio, and random matching.
  • Automatic Corner Punching Machine + Over 300 Sets Of Art Templates: can meet the demand of customizing various sizes and card corners.
  • Automatic Full Inspection Machine + Manual Sampling Inspection: strictly control the quality.
  • Automatic Packing Machine + Manual Packing: can realize custom packing methods such as by order, equal ratio, random, etc.
TCG manufacturing machines

Trading Cards Game Application

  • Promotional trading cards
  • Entertainment trading cards
  • custom sports cards (baseball cards, football cards)
  • Collectible trading cards for retails
  • More
custom trading cards

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