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We not only help many small and medium-sized creators realize their dreams, but also have the strength to serve large Tarot & Oracle publishers and promote high-quality, gorgeous, and exquisite trading cards to the world at an affordable price.

Best Tarot Publishers

Custom Tarot Cards Printing

WJPC is a professional custom tarot card printing company and manufacturer with 17 years of experience. Tarot enthusiasts, spiritual explorers, creative artists, book publishers, independent tarot card designers and creators, and gift buyers are all our service groups. We’ve helped thousands of customers print their tarot projects.

If you try searching for “WJPC” on Kickstarter, you will find that more and more projects have been or are being printed in collaboration with “WJPC”. Would like to bring your tarot designs to life and need a tarot printer? WJPC happens to be a suitable custom tarot cards printer.

Complete Personalization

With the exception of our Acelion Rider Waite Tarot cards, all printed artwork is from our customer’s own designs.

  • Tarot art templates with different sizes and shapes
  • Choose from the best cardstock in the industry
  • A range of surface finishes and printing effects
  • Custom-printed packaging (tuck or rigid box, tin cases, etc.)

Proud Member of the Tarot ATA

We have access to valuable Tarot educational resources from the American Tarot Society to better meet all of your needs.

Promote Your Kickstarter With Us

Partner with us during your KS campaign and we’ll help spread the word about your project and give your order with some discounts.

Tarot Cards Dimensions and Shape

  • Standard tarot size: 70x120mm (2.75×4.75″)
  • Wide tarot size: 80x120mm (3.15×4.72″)
  • Large tarot size: 88x126mm (3.5×5″)
  • A6 tarot size: 105x148mm (4.13×5.83″)
  • A7 tarot size: 74x105mm (2.91×4.13″)
  • Any customizable size with your own design
  • Round/hexagonal/square/oval/heart/car/cat…
different tarot cards sizes and shape
Make your own tarot cards artplate

Tarot Card Stock Options

  • Standard smooth art paper (300gsm)
  • Professional thick art paper (350gsm)
  • Super thick art paper (400gsm)
  • Superior smooth black core (300gsm)
  • Superior smooth black core (310gsm)
art paper 350gsm playing cards
Art paper

Tarot Packing Options

  • Custom-printed tuck boxes
  • Custom-printed lid bottom box
  • Custom-printed book-type box
  • Custom-printed vertical Box
  • Custom-printed magnetic flip box
  • Custom-printed tins cases(min.1,000)
  • Booklets and instructions
  • Shrink-wrapping available
  • Any tarot accessories (tarot bags, hardcover books, calendars, EVA inserts, and more)
Packaging options
Packaging options

Tarot Card Finishes

  • Gloss varnish
  • Matte varnish
  • Gloss UV varnish
  • Matte UV varnish
  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Silk Matte Lamination
  • Anti-scratch Glossy Lamination
  • Anti-scratch Matte Lamination

Tarot Card Edge Effect

  • Silver foil edge
  • Gold foil edge
  • Matte edge
  • Holographic gilt silver edge
  • Holographic gilt gold edge
  • Any color with edging effects

Special Processes

  • Cold foil stamping
  • Gold stamping
  • Silver stamping
  • Spot UV
  • Hologram
  • Linen
  • And more

Best Custom Tarot Card Manufacturer in China

With extensive manufacturing experience, flexible customization options, high-quality printing quality, and genuine factory direct prices (bulk wholesale), WJPC has become China’s top tarot card printing company and produces custom tarot cards for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium tarot card agents, and independent creators.

WJPC tarot card manufacturer has several Heidelberg printing machines that can strictly control various complex details and colors of tarot card printing. The patterns of your custom tarot deck are clear, bright, and vibrant, which is impressive.

WJPC tarot card printer often recommends using high-end German or Italian card stock with black core or 100% premium white plastic card stock in your custom tarot deck printing, which considers flexibility and thickness and is not afraid of folding.

Different UV varnish crafts make your tarot card decks feel smooth and easy to push away. You can also use edging (gold, silver, etc.) crafts to make your tarot deck printing more shiny attractive, and eye-catching.

Unique processes such as silk matte lamination are supported, which makes your custom tarot cards waterproof, moisture-proof, and fade-proof. Also, it is not easy to scratch and oxidize.

Diversified customized sizes, processes, and packaging to print tarot cards, each step has a professional consultant to answer in detail and fully meet your tarot card ideas.

We’ve worked with thousands of independent tarot designers, illustrators, Kickstarter founders, and more and can sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your artwork of custom tarot cards. In printing tarot cards, we are more reliable and professional!

When you want to print custom tarot cards, please contact us and use our tarot deck template!

Custom Tarot Cards FAQ

File types: JPG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, AI (Illustrator), CDR (CorelDraw), and PSD (Photoshop).

Ensure that your PDF file is saved in normal PDF/X format (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) directly from your graphics application. When saving artworks, utilize the “1.3 compatibility” setting to avoid problems with layers and transparencies during the printing process.

If you’re delivering TIFF files, keep the number of layers to a minimum.

Please do not utilize pre-separated data from DCS EPS to avoid color variations or difficulties with the printed image.

The artwork needs to be scanned at a resolution of 300 DPI in the least to have the best results in the print quality stages.

Yes, we have several custom art templates on our website. If you do not see what you need, let us know and we will send it to you ASAP.

As a professional offset printer, we do standard tarot cards and custom tarot card printing.

We recommend the MOQ is 500 sets. You provide your own photography or artwork design. We do tarot card printing and package for you.

If you have small batch printing needs, we can also help you print.

The proof is a way of ensuring that we have set your type accurately and that everything is positioned according to your requirements.

Typically, we will produce a proof, which will be sent to you online or if a printed proof is required then it is an additional cost. On multiple color jobs, we can produce a color proof on our color output device to show how the different colors will appear in the digital form.

*Important: All production times are from client proof approval and receipt of invoice payment in full. *

Our turnaround time includes all aspects of pre-press, production, and shipping. The exact production time will depend on the quantity of each card and the specific components selected.

Shipping time depends on your shipment delivery way. Standard sea shipping usually takes five weeks. Air freight takes only 3-5 days.

After you confirm the electronic proof we provide, it will take us approximately 3 weeks to complete the production of your order.

Send us a quote inquiry to share all the details related to your project to get a more accurate turnaround time.

Approximate production times (shipping time is not included) for your reference:
Poker & Bridge Size Cards
• Up to 499+ decks: 2-3 weeks
• 500+ decks: 3-4 weeks
• 2,000+ decks: 4-5 weeks
• 5,000+ decks: 5-7 weeks
• 10,000+ decks: Contact Us

• Custom printed tuck boxes may add up to 1 week to standard production time
• Custom printed two-part boxes may add up to 2-3 weeks to standard production time
• Printing on the inside of custom two-part boxes may add up to 1-2 weeks to standard production time
• New tuck box or two-part box cutting dies may add up to 2-3 weeks to standard production time

Oversize Cards (any size that is not Poker or Bridge)
• Up to 499+ decks: 3-4 weeks
• 500+ decks: 4-6 weeks
• 2,000+ decks: 5-7 weeks
• 5,000+ decks: 6-8 weeks
• 10,000+ decks: Contact Us

• Custom printed tuck boxes may add up to 1 week to standard production time
• Custom printed two-part boxes may add up to 2-3 weeks to standard production time
• Printing on the inside of custom two-part boxes may add up to 1-2 weeks to standard production time
• New tuck box or two-part box cutting dies may add up to 2-3 weeks to standard production time
Specialty products and games vary based on quantities and components ordered, and we can provide these estimates once we know your specific needs.

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