Custom Samples Types

Custom Samples Types

Before placing an official order, you can ask us to send you free samples for your reference regarding quality and effects. Most of these samples are our past custom-made products or completely blank samples. All you need to do is provide your address and pay the postage.

After placing an order and before mass production, you can choose from the following 4 different custom samples types to make samples.

CategoryProof MachineGeneral PrinterDigital PrinterOffset Printer
CardstockCardstock below 100gsm, PVC, and PET are not allowedAllow 80~350gsm cardstock, PVC, PET, and specialty paperAllow cardstock below 400gsm and smooth art paper. But PVC, PET, and special paper are not allowedAllows for all common papers
FinishAllows for all surface finishesLamination is prone to problemsSilk matte varnish is prone to problemsAllows for all surface finishes
ColorCMYK only, and the color difference is about 40%CMYK+ white ink or transparent is allowed, and the color difference is about 30%CMYK only, and the color difference is about 20%CMYK and spot colors are allowed, and the color difference is within 5%
EdgingNo hot and spilled edges allowedAllow hot and spilled edgesThe ink is easy to stick after hot and spilled edgesAllow hot and spilled edges
Front & back alignmentLarge errorAn error within 0.5mmAn error within 0.5mmNormal alignment
SpeedFastestFasterSlightly fasterSlowest
PriceCheapestCheaperSlightly cheaperMost Expensive
In order to let you know the results of your project when printing, we recommend using the sample method of electronic proof. Electronic proofing is used to judge the quality and material of the printer. Please note that it can not be used as the final prototype when printing, but it can not be used as the color of the final prototype.
Prepress experts will check whether there are many problems in your documents, usually through prepress inspection software or computerized inspection. If we find a problem with your file, we usually add a printer mark to indicate where the file will be trimmed and provide some suggestions. The final file will be sent to you for your approval.
If you want to see the great print quality results of offset printing, it will be helpful to understand how offset printing works.
Some basic knowledge of pre-inspection:
  • Image resolution (minimum 300dpi)
  • Color profile (CMYK, not RGB)
  • Bleeding Zone Issues
  • Safe Zone Issues
  • Pagination Issue

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