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Based on over a decade of experience in custom card manufacturing, WJPC company can print a wide variety of products including playing cards, card games, tarot cards, oracle cards, paper flash cards, boxes and booklets.

We have broken down all of our products into 5 card types, 9 package types and 6 booklet types. They are all made from high quality paper, in a variety of sizes, and are the same or better than the top quality you see on the market.

Declaration: The following products do not involve or contain any animal hides and animal bones throughout the production process.

Custom Cards Printing Types

Custom playing cards

The playing cards that we are talking about here are mainly used for tabletop games, casinos, magic, cardistry, advertising, gifts and so on. Common products are Bridge cards, Poker cards, Cardistry cards, Casino cards, Magic cards, Promotional cards, Gift cards, etc. Common playing cards accessories are included uncut sheets of playing cards, blank playing cards deck, dice, chips and more.

Custom game cards

The game cards mentioned here are mostly used for board games, anime peripherals, video game peripherals, etc. Common products include drinking game cards, party game cards, children’s game cards, anime collector cards, game collector cards, etc. The complete card games not only include cards and booklets, but also cover a variety of accessories such as maps, dice, and role pieces.

Custom tarot cards

Custom Tarot cards printing has become the main printing business in WJPC. Custom tarot card deck is suitable for those who are keen to share knowledge and insights through Tarot, especially Tarot creators and designers and self-service publishers. When making your custom Tarot, use our art template. Each project is printed by experienced professionals with the best materials.

Custom oracle cards

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards, but they are more flexible and diverse (if you want to learn more about the differences between oracle cards and tarot cards, you can click custom oracle cards (including Affirmation cards deck) to learn more. You can completely create your own system rules, character images, card sizes, number of cards, etc.

Affirmation cards deck

print your own trading card game and create a unique players gaming experience. Our booster packs offer a perfect solution for supplying your players with a special, small deck of extra cards. Wrapped in silver foil, they add a professional touch to your cards. As seen in popular trading card games like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic The Gathering, our booster packs are a must-have for any collector or gamer.

custom flashcard printing

Paper flash card printing isusually used for home education, school & institutional education, corporate training and other purposes. Its main products include educational flash cards, word flash cards, alphabet flash cards, animal flash cards, music flash cards, math flash cards, language flashcards, sports flash cards, etc.

shrink-wrapped packaging


Wrapping is the most common and simple packaging in the card industry. It directly uses heat shrinkable plastic to shrink and wrap around the outside of the cards, thus achieving the most basic protective effects such as waterproof, dustproof and transparent. Our shrink wrap is a free wrapping option.

custom tuck box

Tuck box

It is the most common box. It uses a top and bottom insert for easy packaging, versatility and low price, and is suitable for standard playing cards, flashcards and lighter weight products. It is arguably the most practical and minimalist type. We have both plain box and custom box sets of prices and a wide range of size options.

custom window tuck box

Window tuck box

The window tuck box opens in the same way as the tuck box, but it has a “window” cut into the front of the box, so that the first card can be displayed in it. It allows your customers to see the product at a glance and increases its credibility. The size of the window can be customized at will. The price of it is slightly higher than the tuck box.

drawer box 1

Drawer box

It is one of the luxury packagings that will impress even the most discerning customers. It pushes the boundaries of traditional packaging design and come with a mysterious sense of interaction. We offer ribbon attachments, sleeve attachments, window cuts, thumb cuts and other options to make your packaging easier to pull out and more beautiful. 

custom magnetic book box

Magnetic book box

Commonly used in high-end gift cards, tarot and oracle cards, and affirmation cards. It is a structure with magnetic closure, which makes its side look like a fine and heavy book with a flapping effect. The material determines its hardness, stiffness and resistance to compression, providing perfect and long-lasting protection for your cards, with sufficient weight and texture. Both plain and custom magnetic book boxes are available.

custom lid & bottom box

Lid & bottom box

A popular card game box, consisting of 2 parts: the base and the lid. Beautiful, easy to open and affordable are its biggest advantages. Also, it achieves excellent hardness, stiffness and resistance to pressure and wear, and is much less expensive than the magnetic book box. We support both plain box and custom box and a wide range of size options that correspond to all our card sizes and sheets.

Plastic box

Plastic box

The plastic box is perfect for displaying cards with confidence. It is clearly visible on all sides and is suitable for almost all types of cards: baseball cards, trading cards, game cards and collectable decks, etc. 100% clear plastic is strong and durable to prevent damage and maintain the integrity of your cards. In addition, we offer a choice of lid & bottom style, hinged style, and style with thumb cut to meet different needs.

custom tin box printed

Tin box case

Tin boxes are a kind of packaging cases with high degree of sealing and durability. We use a high-quality silver tin that is durable, strong and rust-resistant. All sides of the tin box are printable, and all four rounded edges are smooth and seamless for a tight seal and security. 

It is very popular in the field of game cards and tarot cards deck due to its resistance to drops and not easily deformed.


Vertical card box

The vertical box is similar to the lid and bottom box and has the appearance of a cigarette box. It looks more upscale, flat and portable than the regular lid & bottom box. Its base is made up of two parts, which can create a perfect layered and three-dimensional feeling. Generally, high-end poker and gift cards will choose this packaging.

Kraft paper bag

Kraft paper bag

Made from 100% recycled paper, this kraft paper bag is non-toxic, odorless, biodegradable and recyclable. It is made of thickened kraft paper, which is strong and durable and can withstand the weight of most cards and booklets. To achieve 100% degradation, there are no markings such as ink printing and stickers on it, making it a universal wholesale and retail bag.

Kraft paper sleeve

Kraft paper sleeve

Made from good kraft paper, the kraft sleeves are not only lightweight and durable, but also recyclable and reusable. They are mini and compact and can be easily removed while perfectly holding the card package in place. Recommended for environmentalists to minimize the amount of plastic used on the packaging.

Velvet bag

Velvet bag

Mainly used for tarot and oracle cards, some game cards with pieces or chips can also be used. It is a professional packaging, not conventional bags can be replaced. It is made of velvet material, mainly in black and purple, with dense and soft velvet surface, wear-resistant and not easy to shed lint. You can choose our plain bag, or customize it by printing your own logo or pattern on the surface.

Custom requirements: If you have specific specifications you need, such as customized box size, shape and different materials, we may be able to make them for you. For more packaging methods for customized card printing, please send us an inquiry.

Bi-fold Z-fold Accordion booklet


All these three kinds are left- and right-folded booklets. They are not only small and flat in size, but can also be easily unfolded and read.

They are very popular in custom projects such as game cards and learning flash cards.

Cross fold booklet

Cross fold

A simple and generous style suitable for booklets with little content and focus, such as children’s game guides, flash card instructions, etc. It folds a printed sheet of large-size paper (2 sides) twice to form a cross in the middle, thus dividing it into 8 different small content pages.

Saddle stitch booklet

Saddle stitch

This kind of booklets uses a traditional stitching method where larger sized sheets are folded in half and stapled together with two metal staples. 

Saddle stitching is a very popular method of folding multi-page booklets that boasts small, compact and thick features. 

Perfect bound booklet

Perfect bound

It is a unique and stylish method of folding that gives booklets a clean look. We use premium quality glue that enables superior binding strength and stability while keeping the booklet flexible and strong. The cover and pages are glued together at the spine and then “perfectly” trimmed to give an even and neat edge.

Custom Add-ons Printing Types

Box seal

Box seal

The seal sticker is not a must-have option, but it can complete your package. We support both WJPC standard seal (standardized sticker with WJPC’s logo) and custom seal options, so you can choose as you like.

Hang tag

Hang tag

Hang tags allow your cards to be hung on the shelves parallel to the customer’s line of sight, thus making them easier to spot in the store; rather than stacked up and down or left and right, thus increasing the risk of damaging boxes or products.

Plastic sleeve

Card sleeve

If you have a large number of cards and need to split them into several decks, you can choose to add the plastic or paper sleeve to separate and secure your deck. It will make your deck neater and more professional when opening the box.

Binding ring

Binding ring

Card binding ring refers to a metal movable opening ring, which is also a effective prop for finishing cards. It is made of stainless steel, not easily rusted or discolored, and can be easily opened and closed with a tight bite. The rings are polished, rounded corners, and do not hurt the hand.

It is often used in learning flash cards to bind the punched cards freely, making them easier to turn and less likely to be lost.


Game accessories 1

Game accessories

Besides cards, complex and beautiful game accessories are one of the best ways to customize and extend your card games. Based on many years of experience in creating card games, we offer plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, metal, paper and many other materials that can be made into game maps, pieces, boards, screens, notepads, tokens, chips, dice and many other accessories. If you have other needs, we are happy to help you find or create them in any form.

Folded cardboard tray 2

Tray/ Lining

Trays and linings are two of the best packaging options for multiple decks of cards. It excels at holding cards and various shaped parts in place, giving a perfect and neat unpacking experience. At the same time, it can effectively prevent cards and parts from falling apart and hurting each other during the bumps of transportation.

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