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We not only help many small and medium-sized creators realize their dreams, but also have the strength to satisfy renowned designers & companies and promote high-quality, gorgeous, and exquisite trading cards to the world at an affordable price.

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Playing Cards Manufacturer Since 2006

As a playing cards factory, WJPC has been providing customized playing card printing services for 17 years. We have rich manufacturing playing cards experience, flexible customization options, high-quality printing quality, green printing technology, and competitive factory direct price.

WJPC has become China’s top playing cards maker and manufacturer, making customizable playing cards for the world’s top 500 companies, small and medium-sized poker agents, and independent creators. Our playing cards for sale are sold on the Amazon platform and in some shop stores. More and more Cardistry and magicians choose WJPC to print their projects.

WJPC series casino playing cards are made of German imported 310gsm black core paper and printed by the most advanced printing machines such as Heidelberg, which brings players an incredible playing feeling, including smooth deck shuffling and holding. Welcome to order free samples from us.

Create and make your own playing cards, we print them your way! Make your fully custom-printed playing cards here in China with WJPC! We are your reliable custom playing cards printers and supplier wholesale. 

Whether it’s customized back, customized card face, double-sided customization, courts & joker, pips, color customization, or tuck box design, choose WJPC to make your fully customized printed playing cards in China!

When you create your design for playing cards printing, don’t hesitate to contact us and use our playing card template. Our series of artwork graphic molds can almost meet the requirements of your playing cards customized. No setup, no rush, or added CMYK color fees.


Make your own custom playing card decks

We offer the entire spectrum of customization options, from custom backs with standard or jumbo playing card faces to custom backs printed with custom faces on every card in the deck!

We can produce your playing cards with your artwork. And we have 300+ art templates with different card sizes to help you design.

If you need graphics setouts help, our professional graphics team will help you (at no added cost).

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Templates Downloads

Graphics Guidance

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Select your preferred custom playing card stock (material)

We use the most advanced security and technological features to provide the ultimate Casino playing cards. Whether it is high-quality paperboard or luxury plastic cards we provide the ultimate Feel! Choose from our best-in-class card stock (USPCC quality) made with finishing options to perfect your fully customized deck of cards.
  • 280/300 smooth blue core
  • 300/350/400 art paper
  • 300/310/330 smooth black core
  • 300/310/330 linen black core (300 deck Min) (Casino standard)
  • 290/300/305 linen black core (300 deck Min) (Cardistry standard)
  • White/black plastic cards 0.3mm/0.32/0.35mm PVC plastic (1000 deck Min)


Pick standard or custom packaging

You can use a common tuck box or plastic box or choose from a variety of hanging boxes, rigid boxes, faux book boxes, drawer boxes, tin boxes, leather boxes, or lid & bottom boxes, or wooden boxes to match the suit, pattern, or theme of playing card deck and create a unique atmosphere.

  • Cello-wrapped or shrink-wrapped
  • Plain or custom tuck boxes
  • White window tuck boxes
  • Plain clear hard-plastic cases
  • Clear hard-plastic custom-hinged case
  • Custom-printed sleeves
  • Custom-printed two-part boxes
  • Wooden box
  • PVC/PU leather box
  • PVC/PU leather organizer
  • More packaging choices
Pick standard or custom packaging
playing cards game packaging
personalized playing cards custom printing
personalized playing cards holographic


Figure out what the best combination is for your printed project

We provide wide finishing options for your custom-printed playing cards. You can also add some specialty options to give your project a little extra flair. Finishing options:
  • Common glossy varnish
  • Glossy UV varnish
  • Matte UV varnish
  • Glossy finish Casino standard
  • Butter varnish Cardistry standard
  • Common glossy lamination
  • Anti-scratch glossy lamination
  • Common matte lamination
  • Anti-scratch matte lamination
  • Silk matte lamination
Specialty options:
  • Spot UV printing
  • Foil stamping
  • Foil gilt edge
  • Matte edge
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Linen double sides
  • Personalized Gaming Industry
  • Custom Promotional Giveaways
  • Custom Wedding/Anniversary Gifts
  • Corporate/Charity Event Prizes
  • Kickstarter Playing Cards Projects
  • Cultural Promotion Media
  • Corporate Brand Marketing
  • Educational or Training Tools
  • Trade Shows Activities
  • For Retail and Wholesale
  • Direct Factory Bulk Pricing

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Custom Playing Cards FAQ

Strictly speaking, we have no limit on the minimum order of custom playing cards.

The material cost accounts for only a tiny part of the total cost for small batch orders, while the setting cost is high. The setup cost of 200 decks and 500 decks is the same, so their total cost is close. The setup cost of the Heidelberg printer in Germany is high. WJPC playing cards printer recommends making at least 500 decks of playing cards in your order to save your cost.

Yes, WJPC playing card company can make samples for your reference before mass production. We have two options for custom samples:
1. Digital printing sample with your design: $170(including shipping), 10~15 workdays.
The Digital printing sample uses digital printing to match 80% ~ 90% of the mass production printing color, but the material and surface treatment are the same.
2. Custom samples with your design: $735(including shipping), 10~15 workdays
The custom playing card samples are the same as mass production. Usually, we recommend that customers view digital printing samples because it is more cost-effective.

WJPC company is glad to send you free inventory samples to check our quality. You need to pay express freight. Tell us that the samples will be sent as soon as possible when you pay the freight. When the customer’s demand for samples cannot match our sample library, the customer can pay a specific fee for digital proofing. Please note: there will be some color differences between digital proofing and actual printing.

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