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Custom Print Oracle Cards | Make Your Own Oracle Cards

Complete Personalization

  • Oracle art templates with different sizes and shapes
  • Choose from the best cardstock in the industry
  • A range of surface finishes and printing effects
  • Custom-printed packaging (tuck or rigid box, tin cases, etc.)

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Why Print Oracle Cards with WJPC?

17-Years Of Experience

WJPC has been providing custom oracle card printing services for over 17 years, and we have extensive manufacturing experience, flexible customization options, high-quality printing quality, and genuine factory direct prices.

WJPC has become China’s top oracle card manufacturer and maker custom oracle cards for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium Oracle card agents, and independent creators.

State-of-the-art Printing Technology

We have professional and complete printing equipment, supporting unique processes such as HD color printing, varnish, lamination, holographic film, edging, etc. All processes are done directly by our factory, which can significantly reduce the cost of outsourcing and guarantee the quality of products throughout the production process.

Our oracle cards have high color saturation and fine brushes. Various processes are available that can complement your graphic design to show off the fine art. The paper we use is excellent, will not lint or flake, and is not easy to warp or delaminate, making your cards accompany you for longer life.

Expert Printing Support

We’re here to be your trusted Tarot card printing partner, offering expert guidance and dedicated customer service every step of the way. Our team of professionals will assist you in creating a print that you can truly take pride in.

Even if you’re new to printing oracle cards, worry not! We provide an array of art templates and sample packs, ensuring that you can achieve the same high-quality finished product as the big companies. Our templates are designed to seamlessly integrate with your ideas and creative vision, guaranteeing a perfect match. And with our sample packs, you can personally experience different materials, paper options, and printing effects, ensuring that the cards you choose meet your expectations.

An Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer

We are your eco-friendly green printing press.
At WJPC, we take pride in using only the best high-quality materials for your custom oracle cards. Our products are not only durable with a longer lifespan, but they are also environmentally safe. Unlike other manufacturers, all our materials and products are safety-certified. Moreover, we offer competitive pricing on everything we provide.

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