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Custom Card Game Box Printing

Cards Boxes and Cases are a great way to protect your cards, and even more so, they are the first thing your customers will see when they get them. Having beautiful colors and patterns on the outer packaging of the cards will not only quickly catch your customers’ eyes, but also enhance the collector’s value of the entire card set.

For game enthusiasts, a set of game cards and Pokemon card boxes with realistic Pokemon printed on them may be a treasure; for sports fans, custom baseball card boxes or sports card boxes will allow them to collect sports stars’ character cards in a more systematic way; and in large weddings or celebrations, you can print your blessings on top of custom wedding card box or greeting card boxes, as gifts for friends, colleagues, and family.

At WJPC, we have the largest range of custom card game boxes to suit your card game design. Whether you need a simple card game tuck box or a card game rigid box formed from 2 pieces consisting of a base and lid, you can make and order it here. We have sizes to fit any number of cards your game needs. We also have specialty boxes that fit other card game components too.

Aside from custom boxes, we also have plain white card game boxes which are great for those who do not need any custom printing to keep costs low. Other boxes available include wooden boxes, plastic, and tin.

Our WJPC has been providing customized card box printing services for 16 years. We have rich manufacturing experience, flexible customization options, high-quality printing quality, and competitive factory direct price.

Protecting your custom cards is the top priority of card boxes and cases. We use high hardness, high stiffness, erosion, and oxidation-resistant cardboard material to make card boxes, thus protecting your cards in all aspects. At the same time, we advocate the use of “recyclable” materials and are committed to reducing excessive packaging and packaging waste, thus contributing to the protection of the ecological environment.

Our advanced printing technology, professional graphics team, and extensive experience in card box production can quickly understand your custom needs and help you make your product more eye-catching. Our design services, set-up, and die-cutting services are free of charge, and dozens of different design templates and samples are available for reference. When you want to print custom card boxes, please contact us and use our card box template!

Wondering how WJPC works for your card box printing? Here is our step-by-step guide for what to expect.

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