Custom Art Templates

Custom art templates download

WJPC has more than three hundred custom art templates for you to choose and use, including different sizes, different shapes, rounded corners or right-angled corners edges, etc. Download a template file, add your design to it using a program such as PDF and send it back to us when you’re finished.

Telplate Marking Lines:

……….Bleed line

……….Die line

……….Safe line

card template line

Card Cutting: 

  • Rounded Corner R3.5
  • Rounded Corner R4.0
  • Rounded Corner R4.5
  • Rounded Corner R5.5
  • Custom die-cut shape
card cutting

Custom playing card size chart

There are 7 popular sizes, and they are the most common sizes we print. In addition, we can also customize more specific sizes according to your individual needs. By default, the box and booklet are sized to match the size of the deck you choose.

You can easily submit your work to us. If you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us to protect your design files, we fully support your decision.

We show parts of our sizes in the size chart below. If you need us to help you with your design, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download one of our free custom art templates and get started today!

Inch sizeMM sizeRemark
2.25″×3.5″57×89Bridge size
2.48″×3.46″63×88Standard size
2.5″×3.5″63.5×89Poker size
2.75″×4.75″70×120Tarot size
3.5″×5″88×126Large tarot
1.75″×2.5″44.45×63.5Mini size
3.5″×5.75″89×146Large size
1.8″ circle45 circleCustom Sizes
2.45″×3.45″62×87Custom Sizes
2.25″×3.45″57×87.5Custom Sizes
2.15″×3.15″54×80Custom Sizes
2.4″×4.5″60×114Custom Sizes
2.45″×3.9″62×100Custom Sizes
2.95″×4.1″75×105Custom Sizes
2.8″×4.4″72×112Custom Sizes
5.1″×3.35″130×85Custom Sizes
5″×3.5″127×89Custom Sizes
4.75″×3.5″120×88Custom Sizes
5.5″×3.75″139×95Custom Sizes
4″×6″101×152Custom Sizes
4″×5″101×127Custom Sizes
4.3″×6.3″110×160Custom Sizes
3.5″×2.5″88.7×63Custom Sizes
3.4″×2.1″85.6×54Custom Sizes
3.5″×2.3″89×57.5Custom Sizes
2.5″×3.8″64×97Custom Sizes
2.2″×3.3″57×83Custom Sizes
2.3″×3.4″58×86Custom Sizes
2.2″×3.4″57×98Custom Sizes
3.5″×2.4″90×60Custom Sizes
2.6″×3.5″65×90Custom Sizes
2.0″×3.1″52×78Custom Sizes
2.3″×3.4″59×86Custom Sizes
3.1″×4.9″80×125Custom Sizes
2.2″×2.8″55×70Custom Sizes
3.7″×3.7″95×95Custom Sizes
3.3″×5.1″85×130Custom Sizes
3.3″×5.0″83×126Custom Sizes
4.1″×5.8″104×147Custom Sizes
3.5″×5.0″88.5×126.5Custom Sizes
4.6″×4.6″116×116Custom Sizes
5.5″×3.7″140×95Custom Sizes
3.9″×7.2″100×182Custom Sizes
3.3″×6.1″83×155Custom Sizes
4.5″×7.0″114×178Custom Sizes
2.8″×3.9″70×100Custom Sizes

Custom Playing Cards Shape

We have the ability to cut different shape cards, including rectangles, round, polygon, oval, hearts, cars, cats, etc. Usually, playing cards, tarot cards, and oracle cards are recommended to use square or round cards, while studying flashcards, advertising cards, gift cards, etc. are more suitable to use shaped cards to enhance the card presentation.

custom playing cards shape
circle round cards
cats cards shape
square card game
triangle card game
Octagon cards custom
hexagon playing cards custom

Ready to start?

We aspire to be the best card company in the world, and we never sacrifice quality for any custom order.

Let us make your custom playing card or tarot cards or tabletop game card designs come to life. You can customize just about anything.

If you’re ready to learn more, then deal us in and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your custom order.