Do you want to make your own playing cards or tarot cards, and get some funding through a Kickstarter promotion? As some of you have already tried, creating a KS project is not easy and maybe failed.

From designing your game cards, playing cards, or tarot cards, to turning the design into a physical product with the right printer, and then you start posting the crowdfunding page and begin promoting it, it is never an easy task.

You or your team can control the design and promotion part, but for the printing part, you need some reliable manufacturer resources. Although we are not involved in the direct design and promotion for Kickstarter, WJPC company can still provide some support in the way we do.

Ongoing card project in Kickstarter with WJPC

Animal Kingdom Trading Card Game

Animal Kingdom TCG is the city-building trading card game for 2-4 players where you become the mayor of a fantastical city! Featuring beautiful fantasy artwork and refreshingly unique gameplay mechanics, the team at Monster Channel – helmed by an experienced LGS owner and tournament organiser – is here to finally present a card game that’s different.

So what’re you waiting for? Dive into the wild world of Animal Kingdom!

Zine Deck II - Cut/Paste Xerox Deck Playing Cards

Inspired by photocopied flyers and zines of the 80s/90s, the Zine Deck is a unique deck of cards – each element was printed/cut out/pasted back together and scanned in to create this super tactile, super scuzzy deck of poker cards.

The original Zine Deck was posted a year ago and now it’s BACK! With a refreshed design, better face cards, a higher spec and a world famous manufacturer!

Shadows of the Middle Ages Oracle deck

Ania Rogov is a professional graphic designer, but her true passion lies in the occult sciences, with a special place in her heart for Tarot and Oracle cards.

With years of experience reading cards, she want to bring my vision of this divination tool to life and make it visually accessible to people who are drawn to this magic. Quality is incredibly important to her. Depth of meaning, beauty, and quality – that’s her mission!

Her first Oracle deck Lace of Destiny you can see on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/listing/1165840438/the-lace-of-destiny-transformer-oracle).

Her project is also running a fundraiser on Kickstarter, go support it!

Why choose WJPC for your Kickstarter promotion?

WJPC is a custom card manufacturer you can’t afford to ignore. We are one of the few printers in China who are only deeply skilled in the field of card printing and can provide customers with one-stop manufacturing solutions from product development, material procurement, and production, to quality inspection, third-party testing, and logistics.

To date, we have helped many independent creators and designers with the printing and delivery of their KS projects, and have witnessed their success of them. We are proud to have the privilege of being their offset printing service provider, and their success is our success. They choose us not because of our competitive pricing (which is not their first consideration), but because of our printing expertise, our strong history in the field, and our flexibility in service.

Take the playing cards for example, professional playing card reviewer and blogger, Ender Game, has done some in-depth research on the top 20 most funded decks of playing cards on Kickstarter: The Top 20 Most Funded Decks of Playing Cards. Among the first 10 decks of cards, 3 of them are printed and fulfilled by WJPC.

Some successful creators printed with WJPC on Kickstarter

kickstarter playing cards

If you are thinking of starting your KS campaign for the first time but are confused about the printing, we suggest you take a closer look at the article in Ender Game’s blog, where he has identified a number of quality manufacturers and brands in his playing cards creator’s list, including WJPC.

Of course, don’t just take our or the blogger’s word for it, consulting and trying it out for yourself is the first step to making things easier. We offer sample packs of playing cards, tarot cards, etc. made from a variety of cardstock materials for you to verify the quality and effect. These samples are free of charge, all you need to do is provide your mailing address and pay no more than $35 for DHL delivery.

In addition, you can order quantities as low as one deck of cards and choose to check the quality using digital proofs. This approach is budget friendly for any aspiring game creator or tarot designer.

How can WJPC help with your Kickstarter?

We have been indirectly involved in hundreds of KS projects for playing cards, tarot cards, and oracle cards in the same way as a custom printer. Since custom card manufacturing is our primary business, WJPC has never created and released a KS project entirely of our own, which explains our lack of experience in the design and promotion of KS projects.

However, we are planning to improve those parts that we are missing. If you are preparing a KS campaign, please consider partnering with us. See how WJPC can support for your KS project:

1. Design in Kickstarter

WJPC can provide a wealth of custom art template files (cards, boxes and brochures) to help you complete your design; you can also send your design files to our design team to help with the layout and proofreading process.

When you have a design request for special processes, we can send you a sample pack of cards or boxes to help you better understand the quality and effect of the finished product. We are happy to share some of our professional printing experience with you, to help you use your inspiration and creativity, and make the design work more prominent and attractive.

2. Budget planning in Kickstarter

WJPC can provide a partial quote service based on the details of your project to help find out how much your project will cost. Our experienced sales will work with you to complete your project needs, including manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and provide some affordable and professional advice on your budget goals.

  • First, you need to determine what components are included in your deck set, such as cards, boxes, instruction booklets, game accessories, etc.
  • Second, you need to confirm the production quantity. Generally, a larger order quantity means a lower production cost per unit.
  • Third, you need to list the required materials, printing, and finishing processes, such as art paper or black paper, glossy finish or matte finish, gold or silver stamping, etc.
  • Fourth, set different reward levels for the results of your project, for example, custom cards + custom tuck box for level 1, custom cards + custom lid & bottom box + custom stickers for level 2, custom cards + custom magnetic book box + custom badges for level 3… All these bonus components need to be included in your budget.
  • Fifth, provide your shipping address to determine the final packaging, handling, and postage costs.

Want to get a budget plan for your reference? Send us a form at the bottom to get your KS quote now!

3. Promotion & marketing in Kickstarter

WJPC has opened a strong support channel exclusively for customers who are willing to work with us on KS projects. We can offer you 6% off the total price of your EXW order (only factory price) if you can set up your KS page as follows. At the same time, your project will be promoted and marketed on our official website, etc.

Funded In Kickstarter With WJPC

How to "add" WJPC to your KS page?

  • Step 1

Click the button on the right to download our banners’ file, and choose any one you like. We gladly welcome you to use our logo to design a unique banner that fits your project!

We Print With WJPC 1
Banner 1
We Print With WJPC 2
Banner 2
We Print With WJPC 4
Banner 3
We Print With WJPC 3
Banner 4
  • Step 2

In the Basics page, please add the description: “Printed by WJPC” in the Subtitle.

kickstarter wjpc 1
  • Step 3

In the Story page, upload a picture (our banner) to the Project Description. 

  • Step 4

Write “WJPC” in the image caption and alternative text field, and enter our link in the clickthrough URL field: https://bit.ly/3tk3guM

You can also link this picture to wjplayingcard.com

kickstarter wjpc 4

The video tutorial is as follows:

  • Final step

All the extra settings are done! Send us your completed edited KS page and after we review it, you will get 6% off the total price of your EXW order and other promos! 

If you’d like to start your Kickstarter journey with WJPC, get in touch with us now!

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