10 Best Oracle Cards For Beginners In 2022

Just like a relationship depends on eye contact, choosing an oracle card requires a first impression. For beginners, you can find the Oracle cards you like and feel contact by looking at the picture, the author, the content, and other information. We have already introduced tarot cards for beginners in our blog, so what are the best oracle cards for beginners?

As you know, the word “best” is very subjective. The Oracle cards we recommend below are based on market research and are the most popular Oracle cards for beginners in recent years. All the Oracle decks for beginners can be divided into two types:

One type is the tool-based oracle cards, which have a strong science and interpretation function. For example, the most common angel oracle deck has 33 cards that combine angels with Kabbalah wisdom, allowing users to understand and learn about Kabbalah through it. They also have huge power pictures and will take you through a more convincing interpretation.

Another one is healing oracle cards, which have very strong healing and meditative properties. The authors of these oracle cards will almost say in their manuals: “This deck can be meditated on in your preferred way to enhance your intuition, enrich your heart, and gain more energy.”

10 Best Oracle Cards For Beginners

1. Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland(Author), Nyx Rowan(Illustrator)

moonology oracle cards - Oracle Cards For Beginners

The positions of the moon have a great influence on us. Since they are both common in everyday life, beginners and people who like the natural magic of the moon can easily have contact with them.

The author of this demonology oracle deck is a famous astrologer who knows how to use the aspects of the stars to produce positive results. The moonology oracle card images were created by artist Nyx Rowan. The cards are named after the position of the moon in a phase, sign, or house, thus showing how they relate to life, including health, work, love, family, friends, study, and more.

How to use moonology oracle cards? Not only can you use it for divination, draw on the author’s experience and wisdom, and learn how to use her magical energies in each lunar calendar; but you can also learn about the phases of the moon and the position of the moon!

2. Love Oracle cards by DMCMX

love oracle cards

Love is the eternal theme of life, whether it is love, family, friendship, or otherwise, it resonates strongly with us. This deck of island time wellness love oracle cards by DMCMX is primarily rooted in real-life relationship issues. It includes readings on the fear and healing of intimacy, as well as relationships such as soulmates and twin flames. If you are feeling lost or stressed about a relationship, you can ask questions to ask Oracle cards about love.

Also, this love oracle deck is one of the very classic and popular oracle cards, with keywords on the front of each card and readable meanings on the back, perfect for beginners to read intuitively.

3. Angel Oracle Cards by Author Kyle Gray

angel oracle cards

Angel cards can claim to be the most popular oracle card theme in the world. This angel oracle deck comes from well-known angel author Kyle Gray, who together with the artist Jennifer Hawkyard created this beautifully vibrant deck.

In these angel cards for beginners, images of 44 angels are presented, combined with insightful, supportive, and healing keywords that can help you activate your intuition, enhance communication, and heal with the angel’s oracle cards. Through it, you can always connect with your own guardian angels and access the wisdom of the angels whose infinite compassion will lead you on your path.

4. Energy oracle cards by Sandra Anne Taylor  (Author)

energy oracle cards

There are many invisible energies in our universe. As a tarot beginner, you can get advice on your destiny and even change it when you realize that you have unlimited power in yourself and in the outside world.

This energy oracle card by Sandra Anne Taylor is designed to reveal the energy you are currently projecting, to understand what your consciousness is creating, the results you may be attracting, or the hidden obstacles that are blocking your progress. The energy oracle cards meanings will empower and inspire you as it comes from the spirits in the sky, friends in the spiritual realm, and your ego.

5. Goddess guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue  (Author)

goddess oracle cards

Doreen Virtue is a best-selling oracle card author who has created a very large number of beautiful and easy-to-read goddess oracle cards. whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, it is easy to bring the magic of the goddess to life.

Goddesses are angelic, powerful, and loving beings. In this goddess guidance oracle cards by doreen virtue, you will learn about several different cross-cultural goddesses and how they can help you. Examples of goddesses include the Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, Tibetans, Buddhists, Kuan Yin, Athena, Isis, and more.

Each card will give you a goddess oracle card meaning how to improve every aspect of your life and spiritual path, and empower your inner goddess.

6. Romance angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue  (Author)

romance angels oracle cards

The romance angels focus on all things related to love. Whether you are a beginner or anyone else, you can summon these angels to get help. The romance oracle cards will allow you to gain a clearer understanding of your relationship with your soulmate, heal past emotional wounds, and attract more love into your life.

When you are seeking clarity of heart, the direction of love, or a return to your intuition, choose these Doreen virtue romance oracle cards. The romance angels inside will be happy to guide you through a lifetime of love!

7. Doreen virtue oracle cards

archangels oracle cards

Archangels are very powerful, wise, and loving guides who are very forgiving to beginners and can offer a wealth of guidance, protection, and healing. This deck of Doreen virtue oracle cards will lead you to become familiar with the archangels, call on them, and get information from them to guide you through the problems you encounter in your life.

These cards cover several divine archangels, such as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, and many others. You can do Doreen virtue oracle card reading every day, and keep this card with you so that the archangel of your choice can watch over you whenever and wherever you want.

8. Mystical shaman oracle cards by Michelle A. Motuzas  (Author)

mystical shaman oracle cards

Shaman has always been an important area in the occult. Legend has it that sacred symbols existed before the concepts of time and language. They belong to the realm of archetypes and the collective unconscious and are a spiritual trait shared by ancient and modern man. If you are interested in natural symbols or ancient times, this deck is a great choice.

With this deck of shamanic healing oracle cards, you can enter the gateway to the realm of sacred symbols, become your own seer and visionary, and speak directly to spirit, nature, and the ancient gods. When you use shamanic oracle cards, you summon the power and insight that can help you heal the past, understand the present, and influence the future.

9. Past life oracle cards by Doreen Virtue (Author), Brian L Weiss M.D. (Author)

past life oracle cards

Past lives are a topic that many people fantasize about. While we have eternal souls, we lose the wisdom and experiences of our past lives through reincarnation. Doreen Virtue and Brian Weiss, M.D., have teamed up to create an easy-to-use, safe and gentle tool for discovering information about your past lives.

Using this deck of past life oracle cards, you will gain a deeper understanding of your patterns and behaviors and overcome psychological barriers, so that you can more easily accept and enjoy happiness and love.

10. Animal oracle cards by Colette Baron Reid  (Author)

animal oracle cards

Created by internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid, these spirit animal oracle cards contain the archetypes of many creatures. They share the same Earth and the same spiritual powers as we do, such as mammals, birds, insects, and fish. Each animal has a transcendent archetypal symbolism that contains truths left over from a long natural history.

With animal oracle decks, you can awaken your fellow creatures to know their forgotten language and spirit, draw on their wisdom, and transcend your consciousness to better navigate your life.

Where to buy Oracle cards for beginners?

For most oracle card lovers, oracle cards online are one of the easiest approaches. You can search and shop on online platforms such as Amazon and Esty, and you can also look on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. If you are very thoughtful and want to make your own Oracle cards to sell, you can look for a reliable and professional custom Oracle cards printer to help you realize your dream!

These are the oracle cards that we recommend and that have a wider audience. However, this is not to say that some niche, or even oracle cards that you don’t like, are not for you. On the flip side, you also have to try to reach out to cards you don’t like, especially cards that are somewhat resistant or repulsive.

Because the emotions we are triggered by the cards are telling us that there is some part of the card that mobilizes our inner being and that they are meaningful. Likewise, there is no need to be afraid of the scary images of certain cards, they are just pictures, and what is important is that you may find your inner turmoil through these images.