Bag Of Bones Playing Cards By John Littleboy: A Comprehensive Review

From the flies on the web to blood-splattered stairs, the Bag of Bones Playing Cards combine eccentric characters with a macabre sense of humor, making them delightfully entertaining! Printed by WJPC, this distinctive deck, designed and hand-drawn by John Littleboy, is filled with wit and personality that will captivate you. Let’s delve into the details.

Bag Of Bones Playing Cards Basic Factors

Overview and History

Bag Of Bones Playing Cards is a creation by John Littleboy, an artist known for his distinct and whimsical designs. This deck is part of his extensive portfolio that showcases his unique artistic flair.

The deck is printed by WJPC, and produced by Artiphany, a company dedicated to bringing art into everyday life through items like playing cards. The Bag Of Bones deck is a part of a larger collection that often features playful, imaginative, and sometimes quirky themes.

Target Audience

The Bag Of Bones Playing Cards appeals to a wide audience. It is ideal for card enthusiasts, art lovers, and collectors. The unique design makes it a great conversation piece, while its high-quality production ensures it is suitable for regular gameplay. The deck’s whimsical and slightly macabre theme might also attract those with a taste for the unconventional or gothic aesthetics.

Price Point

The price of the Bag Of Bones Playing Cards is typically in the mid-range for custom decks. It is affordable enough for casual buyers and card players, yet it carries a certain exclusivity that makes it a worthy addition to a collector’s trove. The deck’s price reflects its artistic value and the quality of materials used in its production.

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Playing Card Design And Gameplay

Artistic Design

The standout feature of the Bag Of Bones Playing Cards is undoubtedly its design. John Littleboy’s artistic vision brings to life a deck filled with skeletal characters. Each card features a unique illustration that blends humor with a touch of the macabre. The illustrations are detailed and imaginative, portraying skeletons in various quirky scenarios. The use of a monochromatic palette with subtle shading adds depth and character to the drawings.

The face cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) are particularly notable, each depicting skeletal royalty and courtiers in humorous and sometimes ironic situations. The Ace of Spades, often the most elaborate card in a deck, showcases a particularly intricate design, embodying the theme of the deck with elegance and flair. The numbered cards also carry individual illustrations, ensuring that no card feels generic.

Bag Of Bones Playing Cards Artistic Design

Card Backs

The backs of the cards are equally captivating, featuring a symmetrical design that aligns with the skeletal theme. The intricate patterns ensure that even a casual glance reveals the artistry involved. The back design is both eye-catching and functional, maintaining the deck’s usability for various card games.

Bag of Bones Playing Cards
Bag of Bones Playing Cards 2


Despite its artistic focus, the Bag Of Bones Playing Cards is designed for practical use. The cards handle well, with a smooth finish that allows for easy shuffling and dealing. The standard size and shape make them suitable for a variety of traditional card games. The clarity of the numbers and suits ensures that the deck remains functional without compromising on its artistic integrity.

Bag of Bones Playing Cards tuck box
Bag of Bones Playing Cards tuck box

The cards’ design can add an extra layer of enjoyment to gameplay, providing visual entertainment and sparking conversation among players. The thematic coherence of the deck makes it ideal for themed game nights or as a unique gift for card game enthusiasts.

Bag Of Bones Printing Highlights

Quality of Materials

The Bag Of Bones Playing Cards are printed on the finest quality black-core card stock with a textured finish, ensuring durability and a pleasant tactile experience. The cards are designed to withstand regular use, maintaining their condition over time. The choice of materials reflects a balance between flexibility and sturdiness, making the deck suitable for both casual and frequent use.

Printing Techniques

The printing quality is a critical aspect of any custom playing card deck, and the Bag Of Bones Playing Cards excel in this area. The illustrations are rendered with precision, capturing the fine details of John Littleboy’s artwork. The monochromatic color scheme is reproduced accurately, with deep blacks and crisp whites that enhance the overall aesthetic.

Bag Of Bones Printing Highlights


The linen finish of the charcoal black paper is pleasing to the touch and enhances the deck’s luxurious feel. This texture provides a subtle grip, making the cards easy to handle and shuffle.

The backs of the cards are adorned with intricate gold or silver foil stamping, creating a stunning visual contrast against the dark background. This detailed outlining adds a touch of sophistication and ensures that the cards catch the light beautifully, adding to their overall allure.

Moreover, the edges of the cards are meticulously color-stamped in the same rich hue, giving the entire deck a cohesive and opulent appearance. This gilded edging not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds an extra layer of durability to the cards. When fanned out, the deck shimmers with a golden glow, making it a standout piece in any card collection.

At last, the deck is housed in a custom-designed tuck box, embossed with either gold or silver foil, reflecting the theme of the cards. This sturdy and well-constructed box not only offers ample protection for the cards but also serves as a visually striking display piece. The luxurious foil accents and detailed design make the box as much a part of the deck’s appeal as the cards themselves.

Bag Of Bones Printing Finish

For collectors, the Bag Of Bones Playing Cards offer significant appeal. The unique theme, combined with high-quality production and limited availability, makes it a valuable addition to any collection. The deck’s distinctiveness lies in its ability to blend art and functionality seamlessly, making it not just a tool for gameplay but also a piece of art to be appreciated.

Bag Of Bones Playing Cards Conclusion

The Bag Of Bones Playing Cards by John Littleboy offer a compelling blend of art and functionality. From their whimsical and detailed design to their high-quality production, these cards stand out in the world of custom playing cards. Why not expand your collection!