Choose A Tarot Deck

How To Choose a Tarot Deck: A Definitive Tarot Guide

The question that how to choose a tarot deck may at first seem simple, there are several aspects to consider when picking the deck that’s right for you.

Choosing a Tarot deck is a deeply personal endeavor, however, many people believe that the first deck should be given to you as a gift, not bought yourself. If this isn’t your first deck, though, the main things to consider are the intuitive feeling you get when looking at and holding the deck, how much you resonate with the imagery/colors and the price and size of the deck.

We’re going to take you through the ultimate guide to picking your own Tarot cards and all the aspects you should consider before deciding.

Choose a Tarot Deck: Consider The Initial Connection

Establish a Connection with the Deck

The Tarot is all about feeling and intuition, and this applies more than ever when choosing which deck is right for you. Whether you’re looking at buying a new deck, or simply deciding which one to use for a particular reading, you must tune into how you feel.

In today’s world, you may likely buy Tarot cards online, which can make this part more difficult. However, doing research and looking into individual blog reviews or YouTube reviews is a great way to view some of the imagery and get a feel for which deck you are drawn to.

choose your own tarot cards

Choose a Tarot Deck That Reflects You

As Sarah Potter, a well-regarded Tarot reader, once said, “Select a deck that you find yourself in and that offers the right mirror”. While it is possible to build a connection with your deck and this will happen as you use it, there will come a deck that immediately hits you with a sense of recognition – this is what to look out for.

The Tarot is a tool of reflection. Any reading, whether for yourself or someone else, will have elements of yourself and your story weaved throughout. All readings are done so through the lens of the reader – you – and all interpretations of the message are channeled through your experiences and beliefs.

So, choosing a deck that feels deeply personal will help you to better understand the messages being given.

Assess the Theme and Characteristics of the Deck

Explore The Imagery of the Cards

If you don’t have a connection to the imagery or words used on the deck, it will make doing a successful reading difficult.

Everyone has their preferences – some will love the look and feel of faeries and woodland nymphs, some will like the classic Rider-Waite imagery, and others may prefer more cartoon-style imagery, for example, the Crystal Unicorn Tarot Cards. There’s even a Star Wars Tarot deck on the market, so truly something for everyone.

Look around and get a feel for what’s available – we have a handy comparison table towards the end of this article and a catalog of decks to browse on our website here.

Do You Like The Feel of The Deck?

The fundamentals of the deck are also important:

  • Do you like the size of the deck in your hand?
  • Do you like the feel of the card stock?
  • Are the cards matte or glossy?
  • Do they come in a nice display box?

While these aspects of the deck are somewhat superficial, they’re still an important part of your experience with the cards. You’re less likely to pick up and use a deck that doesn’t feel good in your hands, so make sure to consider this when choosing yours.

Can You Sense Meanings/Messages From The Imagery?

This is truly one of the most important parts of choosing a deck – can you actually decipher any messages?

If you don’t resonate at all with the imagery depicted then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to create any meaningful interpretations. Go with your gut – you’ll often find that messages start coming to you straight away when you find an art style you connect with, so if this happens take it as a clear sign that it’s meant for you.

Check the Creator of the Tarot Deck

There are many creators of Tarot decks and some are more proficient in the art than others. While it is not essential that the creator is someone you’ve heard of or is well-known in the world of Tarot, it is important that you feel that they’re responsible and have a deep understanding of the importance of the craft.

We recommend searching the author to get some quick information, Google or YouTube are your friends here, to find out some background information.

The standard number of Tarot cards in a deck is 78, so if you want a classic layout make sure to look out for this number – if the creator has used a different Tarot system then this is something you need to be aware of (in reality, Tarot can only be 78, so anything other is not really Tarot).

Is the Size Usable and Are They In Your Budget?

Fundamentally, when deciding the best tarot cards to buy the price of the deck will of course have a bearing on your desire to purchase them. Some Tarot decks can go for hundreds of dollars, whereas others you can pick up for little more than a couple of cups of coffee.

We recommend choosing a deck that’s made of good quality cardstock so that they last longer. Below we’ve done a short round-up of some popular decks to give an indication of price range and the types of reader they would be best suited for.

Deck NamePrice (at time of publishing)Size (in/cm)Good for…
Rider-Waite$19.984.96 x 2.91/12.6 x 7.4Beginners who want to learn the basics
Light Seer’s Tarot (Large Tarot Cards)$14.994.75 × 2.75/12 x 7Those who love cartoon-style illustration
The Wild Unknown Tarot~ $227.7 x 5.1/19.5 x 13 (box size)Those who love animal imagery
Modern Witch Tarot Deck$13.493.46 x 5.28/8.8 x 13.4Wannabe witches who love bright colors

Our Recommendations for Tarot Decks

The best recommendation when looking for a Tarot deck for beginners is to choose something with a lot of symbolism. This will make it much easier to interpret the meanings without having to look at the handbook, as you can use your intuition to suggest what the symbols are trying to say.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

tarot cards in a deck

It’s impossible to create an article on the Tarot without recommending the classic Rider-Waite Deck for beginners. Created in 1909, this is considered by many to be the original interpretation of the Tarot and has sold over 100 million copies.

This deck will help you get to grips with the themes and stories behind each card in a grounded way, meaning you can branch out and ascribe your interpretations to more modern Tarot decks confidently.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

how to choose tarot cards

The Wild Unknown Tarot is an incredibly popular deck that, due to its plentiful symbolism, makes it a great one for beginners. It has a slightly dark undertone to it thanks to the scratchy pencil drawings, but the animal characters help to bring it to life.

The Easy Tarot Deck

choose tarot card

This is a great one to choose if you want to get really clear on how to use the cards and what they mean. It comes with an in-depth guidebook and the images on the cards are very clear and bright, making them fun to use.

Final Thoughts

The beginning of your journey with a Tarot deck is a special time of opportunity and intrigue. The best advice to give when choosing your own tarot cards is to trust your instincts and choose the deck that most calls to you. When you do this, you’ll create a connection that will enable clear and accurate readings every time.

monopoly board game

How To Play Monopoly Board Game For Beginners?

The Forgotten History Of The Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is a board game that is present in almost every house and since the nineteenth-century hundreds and thousands of people have played monopoly, but have you ever wondered about the history and the truth behind it?

Let us do a time travel and go back to the late 90’s century when monopoly board game came into being. Initially, it wasn’t called monopoly at all, even the man we knew Charles Darrow isn’t the real creator of the game.

In reality, the inventor of monopoly was a lady named Elizabeth Magie who was born in 1886 in Illinois, was a feminist, and was highly moved by Henry George’s conviction. 

She had seen the gilded age of America which seemed like a golden era, but in reality, was an era of corruption, thieves and the fat cats were only getting wealthier.

Magie came up with a board game and patented it, the game was called “The Landlords Game”. This game was inspired by Henry George’s ideas.

Henry George was a political economist and journalist. He gave the idea of imposing taxes on particular properties to make the economy more stable. Back to the story, this game had mainly two aspects: 

The first one was called Anti-monopolists, whenever someone buys a property they will get a fair cut of their share. The main intuition of this was to show how people could benefit from the taxes paid by the buyer, as a result, everyone could get benefit from it.

The second aspect was called Monopolist or winner takes all, which we are seeing nowadays to simply put it, the wealthiest among the players will win either by buying or by bankrupting other players.

Magie had the vision to break the divided pyramid in which the higher-ups will benefit from the people at the bottom.  She started selling this board game from her home, as this game wasn’t sold in a box so mainly it was handed over from one friend to the other.

monopoly board game original

But contradicting Magie’s vision people became more interested in the second set of rules, the monopolists which mainly promote land grabbing and greed. 

As the game gained popularity and was widespread people started referring to it as the “Monopoly Board game”.

Now let’s meet Charles Darrow, Charles was an unemployed contractor born in Philadelphia. He first played the game at a formal get-together in 1935. He became obsessed with this game and later on came up with his version of the game.

Then he sold the rights to Parker Brothers for a hefty amount of money along with royalty for a lifetime. Who knew a common game could be a fortune for Charles, long story short, Charles became a millionaire and enjoyed the royalties throughout his life.

On the other hand, the lady Elizabeth Magie was approached by the Parker brothers, she only got 500$ for her patent for “The landlord’s game” and two other games she created. 

Parker brothers got a heavenly fortune out of this game and their company became a multi-millionaire company, along with Charles Darrow who got all the credit, while Magie was cut out from the origin story of monopoly.

So, the next time you buy Connecticut Avenue, pay rent at a property, or even if get caught up in jail, never forget the lady behind monopoly.

Basic Monopoly Board Game Rules For Beginners

To understand Monopoly the easiest guide for beginners is to first apprehend the general concepts and gameplay, and then they should get into more of the details of the game. The game generally needs 2~8 players.

Setup of Monopoly board game

The board is arranged by piling the chance cards and community chest cards in the designated spaces on the board. Each participant chooses a token to advance around the board. Each token starts on the “Go” space.

Each player receives 1500$ to start the game. The 1500$ is given in two 500$, two 100$, two 50$, six 20$, five 10$, five 5$ and five 1$ bills. 

One player is nominated as the banker, the banker has certain duties from collecting tax money to buying and selling off properties, it is his job to keep everything in check.


The objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player in the game by buying, renting, and selling properties.


Each player rolls a pair of dice on their turn and then moves their token to the space with the same value as the roll and takes certain actions based on the property they land on.

If a player lands on a property space, they may choose to purchase that property at the price listed on that space. When another player lands on anyone’s property, they must pay the owner’s rent, which is listed on the property card.

If a player lands on a chance space, a card will be drawn from the chance card stack and the instructions above will be carried out.

Game spaces

All spaces represent a property when landed on the player has the option to purchase the property from the bank, a property’s price is listed on the bottom of the space. 

And if a player lands on a chance slot, he or she will then draw a chance card; the action on the chance card is then carried out, and the card is put back at the bottom of the stack.

Similarly, if a player lands on a community chest slot, he or she will then draw a card from the community chest stack and then the action described on the community chest card is then carried out. Later, the card is placed back at the bottom of the stack.

A player could also land on a tax slot and will have to pay the indicated tax. If a player lands on a jail slot, they will not be penalized as they are just visiting. 

Similarly, nothing happens if a player lands on a free parking space, if a player lands on the “Go to jail” space the player directly goes into jail.

Every time a player lands on or passes the Go space the player will collect 200$ from the bank.  If a player lands on a property space already owned by another player, the player will have to pay the owner the rent, the amount owed is listed on the property card.

monopoly game board

Rules review

When a player is imprisoned, they have three options for escaping:

Rolling the same number on both dice; playing a get-out-of-jail-free card which can either be obtained from two card piles or bought a card from another player for a predetermined price.

Thirdly, paying $50 to the bank before rolling, which will cause them to advance however many spaces they roll. Rent increases by two times for a player if they own every property of the same shade.

For example: when a player possesses every red property and another player lands on Kentucky Avenue the rent would be 36$.

Also, when a player owns all the properties of the same color houses can be bought for the properties, and the player that possesses every red property can put a house on Indiana Avenue for 150$.

When a house is on a property the rent increases according to the card, houses must be split as evenly as possible among the properties.

And when all the properties in a color have four houses, a hotel can be acquired. However, every property must have at least one house before a second one is added. This again then raises the rent for the other players that land on this property.

The bank receives the money spent on homes and hotels. If the bank runs out of homes and hotels to sell, however, all players will have to wait until a home or hotel is sold back to the bank. 

When necessary, a player can return hotels and homes to the bank for 50% of what they were originally purchased for.

If there is no house or hotel on a property a player can sell the property to another player for an agreed-upon amount, a property with no houses or hotels on it can be mortgaged back to the bank the mortgaged amount received back from the bank is on the back of the properties card.

No rent is collected when a player lands on a property that is mortgaged; instead, the mortgaged is removed when the pledge amount is restored to the bank plus 10%.

Once a player owes more money than they can afford to pay and has no properties left to sell, they are declared bankrupt and are no longer in the game. The last player standing is the winner, and that pretty much summarizes how to play monopoly.

classic monopoly game board

Top-Rated Monopoly Board Game Versions

Monopoly is legendary it’s the board game capable of bringing family and friends closer together and also causing them to squabble over whose turn it is and who’s going to be the banker but if you’re in the market for a unique version of the game which monopoly game board should you buy?

Well not to worry we’ve got you covered, after gathering data from numerous websites and consumer reviews following are the five recommended products, and just to be clear the staple classic old monopoly game and other junior versions of the game are excluded because everyone has one of those right.

1. Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Nobody likes a cheater that is of course unless you are playing this version of monopoly, the premise of this version is pretty much the same as the original monopoly board game.

However, thanks to things like cheat cards players are encouraged to bend the rules whenever they please the only rule being don’t get caught. This just makes the game quite amusing.

2. Monopoly Stranger Things Collector Edition

Monopoly Stranger Things Collector Edition

Just as with the Netflix series a few weird things are going on with this edition of monopoly like glow-in-the-dark dice, upside-down cards, mind-flayer encounters, and a secret Hawkins lab envelope.

This edition feature elements of season 1, 2, and 3 with a whole lot of properties like Eleven’s room, Mike’s basement, and many more that can be purchased.

3. Monopoly Millionaire edition

Monopoly Millionaire edition

If you want a more highbrow version of the game then this millionaire edition offers a few unique twists and turns that will make you a million dollars before anyone else.

This up to four-player version offers a lot of privileges like millionaire lifestyle cards and the ability to upgrade your player token to gain more salary.

4. Monopoly Star Wars Saga Edition

Monopoly Star Wars Saga Edition

This ultimate Star Wars Monopoly, from a galaxy far, far away, combines elements from all nine films into one game.

Figures from each film are covered in this Saga version, such as property being replaced by planets and robots, while houses and hotels become tie fighters and X-wing fighters. All these special features make this version highly interactive and exciting.

5. Monopoly Fortnite Edition

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

If you have ever played Fortnite you’ll know it’s a fast-paced chaotic affair with zany characters. The monopoly version is pretty much the same. In this game, health points have replaced community chests as our currency.

At the same time, you have loot boxes to slow down other players by building walls, or releasing storms to damage their HP each time you pass through Go. 

What’s more, here are a few other great monopoly additions that might catch your attention:

So which version of monopoly should you choose well? If you’re a fan of a particular TV show or movie you won’t be disappointed with their respective themed version. 

If you’re looking for a different version of the classic monopoly setup, the millionaire version would be great as it has solely unique features that enhance the overall monopoly gameplay.

Capricorn Tarot Card

Horoscopes And Tarot Cards 1: Capricorn Tarot Card

Welcome to the horoscopes and tarot cards series. In this series you will learn some of the basics of astrology tarot cards. The first one to be introduced is the Capricorn Tarot Card.

What is Capricorn Tarot Card?

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac, its’ element is earth, and infamous for its cold, authoritative, and sometimes suppressive traits. Capricorn month is January, but to be specific, Capricorn dates are between 22 December till 20 January.

What is lesser known about Capricorn is that he always thinks about what’s best for the whole community and makes his decisions keeping rules and regulations in his mind.

Capricorn personality is disciplined and ambitious, and their relentless nature makes them a powerful enemy. Capricorn symbol is illustrated as a sea goat. 

The goat represents stubbornness and the earth element, whereas his fish tail depicts his suppressed emotional side and water element.

Although we perceive Capricorn people as cold and distant, behind the veil, they experience a constant flow of emotions that chase them all the time (tail).

You can think of Capricorn Sun as someone who is very critical and demanding, yet very protective on the inside. Just like Capricorn Sun, Capricorn moon people may fear attachments and avoid committing to deep connections with people. 

Capricorn traits can include negative self-talk habits and contemplating the worst of every situation. This is merely because Capricorn is a realistic zodiac sign who prepares himself for any possible negative outcome, but these negative accumulations are likely to hurt Capricorn the most.

capricorn personality

How tarot cards represent Capricorn?

In mythology, Saturn was the lord of time and since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the most important aspect of this sign is patience. 

Capricorn learns the value of patience and time throughout their journey. If you master these most important lessons, then you achieve fulfillment- which is wonderfully illustrated with The World tarot card. 

The World tarot card represents the full completion of the cycle and shows that spiritual lessons have been mastered. If you asked a question and this card popped up, then count yourself lucky because there’s a lot of success, happiness, and fulfillment awaiting you!

Anything is possible with this immensely positive card! Now, the universe is your playground and you can manifest any desire that comes to your mind!

The Devil tarot card

The downside of Capricorn is that it can be hungry for power and sex, which is best depicted in the tarot with The Devil tarot card. 

This is the card of temptation and it can indicate a person with addictions. The Devil symbolizes a person in your life who is manipulative but it can have power over you only if you let him! 

The Devil is the 15th card in tarot, therefore, don’t give up on your freedom, you still have 6 cards for you to learn and master your life lessons! It can also point out some unresolved emotions, blockages, or unhealthy patterns of behaviors. 

All of these may be hindering your progress, but remember, you can break free from them!

As for the Minor Arcana, there are four main suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Coins. You’ll immediately notice that Capricorn energy is infused in the Coins suit. 

Knight of Coins, Ace of Coins, Seven of Coins, and Nine of Coins are all Capricorn tarot cards. Let’s begin with Knight of Coins: Knight is a middle-aged, mature man building a business which is moving along quite nicely. He is learning how to master finance on his current path and this is a very beneficial card for business/career readings.

Ace of Coins is the best card in Minor Arcana if you’re interested in starting a new job or jumping into a brand new career path. It heralds new beginnings with excellent financial prospects! The money tree is entering your life and you must seize the opportunities that come!

Seven of Coins symbolizes an era in your life where you need patience (Saturn) in your material affairs. Don’t give up and keep saving money, later you will use these savings for a wise financial investment. 

If you are considering switching jobs and picked this card, then perhaps you should stick to your current routine, and then change your job when you are financially secure.

Nine of Coins is the absolute best representation of material harvest and financial stability. Saturn appreciated all your hard work and now you can enjoy your money! 

This is an extremely prosperous card to choose for business and the card suggests you continue to practice self-discipline and plan wisely to manage your wealth.


Coming back to the personal ground, Capricorn personality can be best observed when their loved one is in danger. Capricorns will stand out in the crowd due to their cold blooded nature that can make a successful getaway plan even in the darkest times.

Capricorns are incredibly resilient because they have a vision for the future. They can make long-term plans and commit to them. Can you imagine a Cancer in a bottomless pit?

Cancer is the exact opposite sign of Capricorn, and it is ruled by the Moon. Being ruled by the moody Moon, Cancer is far from being grounded. In a love relationship, Capricorn and Cancer can easily wear out each other, however, they would make a terrific duo when it comes to forming business alliances.

You might ask, how about Capricorn compatibility? Well, Capricorn can easily get along with fellow earth elements (Virgo and Taurus), but perhaps the most underrated match is Capricorn and Pisces. 

One represents taking responsibility whereas the other symbolizes letting go and living in the flow, making this duo a combination of opposites. Another match can happen between Capricorn and Scorpio, due to the emotional intensity and passion, they can walk the path of life together and master the lessons of Saturn: The downfall, death and rebirth. 

Last but not least, Libra and Capricorn would be great together due to the exaltation of Saturn in Libra. Saturn is the classical ruler of Capricorn, but he adores Libra because the most important lesson of Saturn is balance (Libra). Only if we offset the material world with spiritual teachings, we can become whole.

In conclusion, Capricorn’s most vibrant card is The Devil, however, The World card has the greatest importance, because it symbolizes satisfaction, self-realization, mastering the elements of the world, and the lessons of Saturn.

Want to know more? Check out: The interconnection of Tarot and Astrology

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How To Play The Pokemon TCG For Beginners In 2022

Intro for Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon is a beloved franchise with a strong presence in almost every segment of the entertainment and gaming industries, including Pokemon card games

It is not surprising that the Pokemon TCG has grown exponentially year after year, to the point that you have decided to join in on the fun!

The Pokemon TCG is almost two decades old, the fan base shows no signs of getting bored with it, and the Pokemon company will never stop churning out these cards. 

As of 2022, you have many options when playing the Pokemon TCG; you can choose any Pokemon you want and play the way you want.

All this sounds exciting, but you just can’t jump into playing the game right away, the game’s mechanics might be a little complex for beginners, and frankly, the rules will overwhelm you if you have no idea how to play the game. 

So we decided to jot down this blog post which will guide you on how to play pokemon cards offline in 2022.

How many Pokemon are there?

Over the years, GameFreak has added hundreds of Pokemon to the original 151 Pokemon released in the 1990s. As of now, there are over 900 Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe! 

905 Pokemon, to be precise, this number will surely hit 1000 in 2022 as the new scarlet, and Violet Games are about to release!

Each generation adds new Pokemon to the Pokeverse, and these Pokemon are then used in every other Pokemon franchise, and that includes the TCG.

how to play pokemon cards

Top 5 Pokemon in the Pokemon trading card game!

When building a Pokemon team, you must remember the stats of Pokemon, their weaknesses, their types, and many more aspects that will allow you to have the best possible team. 

In 2022 we have many options to choose from, so boiling down the list to only the five best Pokemon was challenging but possible.

So here are the five most popular Pokemon to have on your team, which will aid you in battle!

5. Sylveon

Sylveon has been a consistent player in the TCG; ever since it arrived in the card format, it has been getting decent abilities and attacks, which make it a great Pokemon to have in your deck.

4. Gengar

Gengar is a literal beast; it gets showered with love from the card creators as we get some fantastic Gengar cards every year.

3. Charizard

Do I even have to state why Charizard is a popular pick amongst the TCG players? Charizard cards are powerful almost every time, plus he is a super popular Pokemon.

2. Rayquaza

The space dragon finds itself in the second position. Ryaquaza cards are often the strongest in every set they come in the fact they sometimes make it so strong that the TCG has to ban players from using it.

1. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is yet another Pokemon with a bad reputation in the TCG or getting banned because of its overpowered abilities and attacks. But there exist many legal Mewtwo cards that will make your deck invincible.

How to play Pokemon cards in 2022?

Playing the TCG is as easy as it gets if you understand the rules, so in this detailed section of the blog post, we’ll go over what are the various regulations involved, how the cards function, and the battle mechanics world; each aspect is covered one by one to give you mental clarity.

But before we jump into the battle rules, we need some Pokemon cards to play with. You can’t just pick up a random set of cards and start playing; there are some rules you need to follow even when creating a Deck. 

But if you’re lazy, you can simply buy a pre-built deck; this is a product that Pokemon releases, but if you want to get into this game, creating your deck is recommended. It’s one of the most fun aspects of Pokemon TCG.

tcg pokemon

Build a deck

Building a deck might be tedious at first, but following the breakdown below, you’d be able to build a deck in no time.

  1. A Standard Pokemon deck used in competitive and casual matches is 60 cards.
  2. Having more than four cards with the same name in the deck is forbidden.

Choose a Type

What type of trainer do you strive to be? A water, grass or fire type? The choice is yours; choose a type your deck will have, or go crazy and have a duel-type deck. 

However, for beginners, we recommend using a single-type deck as you’d be able to get the correct energy card each time you shuffle your deck.

You can choose the type of your deck based on your favorite Pokemon, so if you want Charizard to be your main attacking Pokemon, the one who will lead you to victory, simply have only Fire-type energy cards in your deck. The total amount of type cards you can have in a deck is 18, so choose wisely.

pokemon energy cards

Choose trainers

Next up, choose the right trainer cards. Trainer cards are the cards that have supporter and items written on them, so supporter and item cards. 

These cards don’t damage the opponent but can be helpful; I’d even go as far as to say, if you don’t choose your trainer cards correctly, you’ll lose.


Trainer cards are unique; each card has some ability or function you can use in battle. The choice up to you are what type of trainer cards you want in your deck. 

And just like before, no more than four cards of the same name. And the total trainer cards in your deck should be 20.

pokemon card game

Choose the Pokemon!

Now we’re in the fun part of the blog post, choosing the Pokemon for your team! 

By selecting the 18 energy cards and the 20 trainer cards, we’re up to 38 cards in total; the rest of the cards will be filled with whatever Pokemon you want to have on your team; each Pokemon card can be different if you want to, but advise not to do so.

You have to choose Pokemon of the same type as your deck; this is important; you can’t have the deck centered around a Blastoise card and only have fire energy cards. 

Now just like the trainer cards, this section in up to you, what Pokemon should be included, and what should not, but if you’re a beginner, stick to 2-3 evolution lines.


So to have a Chazriard, you also want to have its pre-evolution forms, and 3 of each, so that you shuffle back to them quickly. The final evolution, i.e., the Chazaird, should only appear twice in the deck; we don’t want our Charizard to occur before we get a pre-evolved form.

Also, keep No-Evo Pokemon in the deck; these are the Pokemon who don’t evolve, like Sudowoodo.



When building your deck, don’t just throw in random cards and expect an excellent deck to come out at the end. 

This isn’t how it works; always try to include cards that will complement each other; this is one of the most critical aspects of the game; if your cards don’t complement each other in battles, be ready to face a lot of losses.

The easiest way to go about this is by looking at decks that pro players have built, seeing how they do things, and incorporating the techniques in your deck. 

Take a Pokemon, and make the deck around it, so use trainers that will enhance your Pokemon’s ability to inflict damage and support Pokemon. Their abilities give your man Pokemon a boost.

Play the Pokemon game

Once your deck is ready, you can start playing the card game.

The first step is simple, toss a coin to see who goes first. Next up, both the players will shuffle their decks and draw 7 cards from their deck hand to keep the deck down. 

Next, remove six cards from the top of the deck, and keep them in the prize cards slot. You win the game when you acquire all these six prize cards back in your deck.

Once you have drawn the prize card, look in your hand for basic Pokemon. From the 7 cards you drew, choose a basic Pokemon to keep in the active Pokemon spot. 

If you don’t have a basic Pokemon in those 7 cards, you can show the opponent that you don’t have any basic cards and place the 7 cards in the deck. Shuffle, and draw 7 cards once more.

This is called a Mulligan; every time you do a Mulligan, your opponents get to draw a bonus card from the deck.

Once you have placed a Basic Pokemon in your active spot, we can start battling. If you have more than one basic in your hand, you can keep them in the benched Pokemon slot. 

Remember, you can’t place stage 1 or 2 cards; you can only place a basic card.

The player who went first can’t attack his first turn. He can do other things, such as place supporter cards. Each turn you can only play 1 supporter card. But any number of items can be played per turn.

You attack the opponent by attaching the specific energy to your Pokemon; fire-type energy will be required for fire-type attacks. The card will indicate which energy will be required. 

Once you have enough energy, you will attack the Pokemon. Once you attack the Pokemon, place a damage counter on the attacked Pokemon. 

For example, if your Charmeleon attacked your opponent with a tackle attack that does 20 damage, place a 20 damage counter on the enemy. Your turn ends once you attack.

You can evolve your Pokemon if you have the next evolution stage in your hand. You can attach energies to benched Pokemon as well.

And that’s it; you keep going turn by turn, repeating the above-given steps till the Pokemon faints. This is when the Pokemon will go into the discard pile. 

Your opponent draws a prize card along with the energies attached to it. Once your opponent draws all the prize cards, they win.

how many pokemon are there

Where to buy Pokemon cards?

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play pokemon

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Tarot and Astrology

Weaving the Threads of Life: The Interconnectedness of Tarot and Astrology

Although many consider Tarot and Astrology as separate divination systems, the truth is that they are greatly intertwined.

Tarot uses 78 cards, 22 of them being Major Arcana which corresponds to Great Knowledge, whereas Minor Arcana (56 cards) represents daily struggles and minor changes. 

Major Arcana has specific importance because it shows the spiritual lessons that a person goes through in their lifetime. On the other hand, Astrology uses planets, houses and aspects to predict the future.

It requires the birthday, place and time info to be accurate. The advantage of tarot is that we can make a spread and read one’s fortune correctly without knowing their birth data.

capricorn tarot card

Major Arcana cards can be positive (supporting), negative (challenging) or in between. Negative cards can be turned around if the person is willing to learn their spiritual lessons.

Please make sure to cleanse your deck by smudging sage, meditating, visualizing of white light, or using black tourmaline. 

You can use any of these methods or combination of them, simply make sure that your space is clear to channel spiritual messages. Some of the main lessons that Major Arcana entail are the following:

  • Faith
  • Healing
  • Surrender
  • Solitude
  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Shadow-self
  • Power and Leadership
  • Fulfillment

The great spiritualists designed their tarot decks in a way that tarot character’s spiritual journey had great resemblances with Astrological lessons. Now, let’s move on to the main question:

What tarot cards represents which zodiac signs?

Correspondences between Tarot and Astrology

We’ll start with individualistic leader Aries, and travel to the 12th sign, psychic Pisces.

Aries tarot card

Fiery and impatient leader Aries corresponds to the Emperor card. He stands powerfully, pointing out a masculine figure who is taking a lot of your power. 

This card says that you should take your power back and become the authority figure for the things you want to achieve!

Taurus tarot card

Serene, beautiful and wealthy Taurus is the equivalent of The Empress card. She is fertile and generous, and symbolizes of the birth of new projects. 

It can suggest a strong woman (mother type) who can be restraining you sometimes.

Gemini tarot card

Curious, witty and romantic twins is represented by The Lovers Tarot Card. It symbolizes the heart-matters and heralds that more romance is coming into your life. 

This spiritual union will bring harmony and joy, and you just need to follow your heart’s desires! Let’s say you asked:” Should I date this person?”, and this card popped: 

If you do, it will be a very spiritual, but also emotionally connected relationship. Go for it!

Cancer tarot card

In astrology, Cancer represents a dedicated person who relies on his intuition to achieve victory. Therefore, Cancer is best symbolized by The Chariot Tarot card who continuously moves forward and achieves the zenith! 

You just need to overcome your emotions and internal conflicts, and be very disciplined. Don’t fall for the drama of others, plan ahead and have courage. Before anyone notices, you will rise from Rags-to-Riches!

virgo tarot card

Leo tarot card

Powerful and playful Leo is clearly the equivalent of Strength Tarot card! If you pick this card in a reading, then it means that you are taking back your power by silencing the negative voices in your head! 

There might be some subconscious baggage that is holding you back, but you have the strength to get through and overcome all those obstacles! If you have willpower and courage, then nothing can ever hold you back.

Virgo tarot card

Diligent and critical Virgo corresponds to The Hermit Tarot card. This card wants you to distance yourself from others and the situation you are involved, and go into a cave to quiet your mind and find the solutions you are seeking. 

People tend to see this card negative, but actually it is very positive! Although you might be feeling lonely and cornered, the beam of light is shining upon you! 

Your current troubles will go away when you learn the lessons of this difficult time. You will heal when you embrace your solitude without fear. 

This card is the card of Wisdom, telling you that all great minds have suffered from solitude but they used this time period to sit down, meditate, and listen to their heart, and you should do the same too!

Libra tarot card

Balanced and just Libra is symbolized by the Justice Tarot card in the Major Arcana. This card underlines the fact that we all reap what we sow. Whatever we have done, good or bad, is currently coming to us. 

If you were fair, then the universe will be fair to you. If you are a victim of injustice, then stop worrying. If this card comes in your reading, then your peace will be restored and your revenge will be taken. 

On the other hand, if you caused injustice, then you are likely to experience some hardships. This card in specific can entail some legal matters such as signing documents or making contracts. 

Continue to make fair decisions, knowing that law of attraction is real and you can shift your reality.

Scorpio tarot card

This intense and passionate zodiac sign corresponds to a few different cards, but the main theme is very similar. 

Scorpio represents difficult periods and life-altering situations in our life. It tends to be moody and negative due to the intensity of circumstances. 

When you pick Scorpio themed cards in a reading, it means that you are undergoing some serious phase in your life. 

It might be a loss of a relative, loss of a job, an accident or simply negative spiritual baggage that is weighing you down and clouding your heart vision.

The following are the relevant tarot cards:

  • The Death tarot card

It represents a deep spiritual transformation. You need to let go of what no longer serves you, and just like a caterpillar, you should transform into a beautiful butterfly. 

All this suffering is for your highest good, and you should not resist the changes taking place in your life. Whether it is a business or love related matter, the new growth will come if you have the courage to embrace this change.

  • The Tower tarot card

It signals a panic environment due to the breakdown of weak foundations. If you built your marriage on shaky ground, then this card indicates separation. 

This dramatic shock feels unpleasant but do not fear it! You will rebuild and get your life together but you should examine the reasons that caused this situation in the first place.

  • The Moon tarot card

You probably have some negative beliefs waiting you to heal them. In comparison to previous two, this card is less negative and you have more control over this challenging situation.  

You should not be afraid and face your fears. Demons (negative thoughts) are real as long as you believe in them. Pay attention to your dreams because unconscious fears are lying there. 

Once you spot them, you can heal yourself. This period can be very heavy on you, therefore, let the tears fall. In the end, those paper dragons will vanish and you will succeed.

taurus tarot card

Sagittarius tarot card

Open-minded, generous and idealistic Sagittarius is represented with the Temperance Tarot card. 

This card indicates that your plans may be moving real slow at the moment, but you should be calm and patient, because even if you don’t see them, your seeds are growing!

Avoid killing your manifestations with a hasty thought. You are moving in the right direction, it may take longer than expected, but please be aware that Sagittarius represents the bigger picture. 

In order to achieve a better reality, you should keep on experiencing and learning. Traveling solo or signing up to a new hobby can help you have a better mood in this period.

Capricorn tarot card

Capricorn is known to be cold and distant but it also closely associated with sexual power and domination. 

As a result, The Devil Tarot card is the perfect fit for Capricorn. It represents addictions and unresolved emotions. If there is an authoritarian person/partner in your life hindering your growth, you must let go of him.

Aquarius tarot card

– Humanitarian and free-minded Aquarius is matched with The Star Tarot card in the Major Arcana. This card tells you that now you are safe and sound, and experiencing a peace after storm. 

You have new hopes because your life is falling back into place, thanks to your faith. This is a very positive card to pull since universe fully supports your dreams.

Pisces tarot card

Dreamy and mystical Pisces corresponds to The High Priestess Tarot card. This is the card of spiritual awakening and receiving messages from higher realms. 

It is a time where you should pay more attention to the repeating numbers and dreams, and go-within. Pisces wants you to discover the divine feminine in yourself by following your intuition.

gemini tarot card

Why does each sign of the Zodiac have a corresponding Major Arcana?

This is because Major Arcana represents the “Great Knowledge” and lessons you need to experience for your spiritual awakening. 

It is centered around a person who begins a new journey, who obtains power and rules, who fails, who understands their life lessons and becomes their true self (The World Tarot Card= completion). 

Likewise, in astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs that all at some point correspond to this lifelong journey and spiritual lessons indicated in Tarot:

Aries is the first sign, so he is a natural leader, but sometimes he is impatient and rude, and just like the Emperor, he needs to understand that he can’t have all the cake to himself. 

Taurus is the second sign, she is calm and peaceful, but sometimes way too focused on her material possessions and physical pleasures. Taurus needs to learn the same lessons that The Empress card indicates.

Furthermore, Scorpio represents difficult situations that literally shake our core. It is perfectly illustrated in both The Tower and in the Death card. 

We must let go of situations that no longer serves our best interests, otherwise we won’t be able to move forward. 

As it can be seen, tarot and astrology show us the lessons we should master, they just use different methods. We can use tarot as our main divination method, but should keep in mind that astrology can offer some extra help with our interpretations.

scorpio tarot card

How does Astrology help in Tarot readings?

Astrology started with ancient Sumerians, developed by Babylonians and advanced greatly during the Hellenistic period. Its history dates back to 4000 BC, even before the Abrahamic religions. 

Astrological teachings are divine owing to the fact that its celestial interpretation is accurate for persons and countries for a life-time. Tarot gives us a point-on perspective for the situation we are in, but its predictions are accurate only up to 12 months.

 Combination of natal chart interpretation and a professional tarot reading can give us a bigger and more coherent picture.

Some recommended decks for Tarot and Astrology

Here are a few recommendations you should check out:

The most known and used tarot deck is Rider-Waite tarot deck, however, the options are basically endless!

If you are looking for a spiritual yet contemporary deck, check out The Modern Witch Tarot Deck. It is similar to Rider-Waite, but illustrations are much more inclusive (POC friendly).

For a Kabbalah and astrology themed option, check out Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck. It is inspired by Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom.

Feeling too heavy by all these options? Then, Archangel Oracle cards by Radleigh Valentine can be your go-to option, uplifting your energy and answering your questions.

Bored with the Western perspective? The Little Buddha Tarot can provide the Asian-kick you’ve been looking for!

How To Play Basic Poker

How To Play Basic Poker: Playing Cards Guide For Beginners

The basic rules of poker date back at least 200 years. This popular pastime has rightly earned a reputation as one of the best card games in the world. 

An extremely inclusive game played by millions across the globe, players of all ages and genders can compete on a level playing field.

In this article, we’re going to learn how to play basic poker. So if you’re ready, let’s start learning playing cards!

learning playing cards

Basic Poker Rules: How To Play Basic Poker

First of all, it’s important to point out that there are several different poker games to play. The term “Poker” encompasses a whole family of different games which share some common elements.

All poker games use the standard deck of 52 playing cards, for instance. Some variations also include jokers, but most standard poker games do not.

In order to form a poker hand, you must always use five cards. Some poker games offer you more than five cards to build your hand. But no matter how many are available, your final hand must always feature five cards.

Poker Hand Rankings

Another key component of all types of poker games is the hand ranking system. No matter what the game, this hierarchy applies.

  • Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: Four of the same value plus any other card.
  • Full House: A combination of three of a kind plus one pair.
  • Flush: Five of the same suit in any order.
  • Straight: Five consecutive cards, such as 9-8-7-6-5, of different suits.
  • Three of a Kind: Three of the same value with two unpaired cards.
  • Two Pair: Two pairs and a random fifth card, such as 9-9-5-5-K.
  • One Pair: Any pair, with three unconnected cards, for example Q-Q-A-5-2.
  • High Card: Take the highest card in the hand if it doesn’t fit any other category.

An ace high straight flush is the best possible poker hand, known as a Royal Flush.

poker basics

No Limit Texas Hold’em

When most beginners talk about poker, they are thinking of Texas Hold’em. This is one of the best adult card games as it’s extremely popular with gamblers and is frequently seen on television. A majority of the highest profile tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em events. 

All players receive two cards each, called “hole cards”, which are face down and remain private at all times. As the hand progresses, five shared cards are placed face up on the table. 

These “community cards” may be used by all players, giving a total of seven. Remember that a poker hand always consists of five cards, so two will remain unused.

  • Flop: The first three cards, all turned up at the same time.
  • Turn: A fourth card, revealed after the flop betting is complete.
  • River: The fifth and final card.
basic poker rules


Among the poker basics you need to master are the betting rounds. In No Limit Hold’em as the name implies, there is no maximum bet. You can wager all of the chips in front of you if you wish.

When there is no bet in front of you, your options are as follows:

  • Check: Stay in the hand but decline to put money into the pot.
  • Bet: Make a wager and force others to pay if they wish to continue.

If you are faced with a bet, your options are:

  • Call: Continue in the hand by matching the bet in front of you.
  • Raise: Increase the amount required for opponents to continue by betting further.


Before the cards are dealt, the two players immediately to the dealer’s left are forced to pay a bet. These “blinds” are what ensures there’s always something worth playing for. These move around one seat every hand, to ensure all players pay their share.

The “Big Blind” is twice the size of the “Small Blind” and is what dictates the minimum raise size. For instance, if the Big Blind is $1 and you wish to raise, you must raise at least $1 for a total bet of $2. 

It’s legal to raise to a total of $2.50, for instance. But it’s not allowed to make it $1.50 to play, as that’s a raise of just $0.50.


There are four betting rounds in Texas Hold’em, known as streets. The first round of betting takes place after you receive your initial two cards and before we see any community cards.

After the pre-flop betting has closed, the dealer reveals the three “flop” cards and a new round of betting occurs. Once finished, we see the “turn” card and bet again, before the final “river” card is dealt. 

This round of betting is the last. If more than one player remains at the end, we reveal the hole cards and determine a winner.

Poker Games List

Here are just a handful of the many different poker games which exist:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Five Card Draw
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Razz
  • Omaha High/Low Split
  • Chinese Poker
  • Badugi

Poker Tournaments and Associations

There are dozens of poker associations around the world, all of which offer various tournaments. Perhaps the most famous is the World Series of Poker, which hosts a collection of events every summer in Las Vegas, including the $10,000 Main Event.

The World Poker Tour is possibly the biggest rival to the WSOP. Though many regional associations also exist, such as the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. 

At a local level, most cities around the world have casinos and poker clubs with tournaments. Here you can hone your skills before progressing to the bigger events.

poker card games

Buy From Best Playing Cards Printer

If you’re learning how to play poker, then a good deck of playing cards is absolutely essential. 

As tempting as it might be to purchase a cheap pack of cards, it’s a false economy. The poor quality cardboard bends and tears after just a few uses, while a spillage can be terminal.

The best playing cards are made from polymers like cellulose acetate or PVC. They are extremely hard-wearing, difficult to mark and you can even wipe them clean. Care for them well and they can quite literally last for a lifetime.

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Also, they are suitable for all of the best family card games, but also drinking games and even magic card tricks.

Other Games To Play With a Deck of Cards

Hopefully, our guide on how to play basic poker has helped you to understand the game. But if not, don’t worry. There are many other enjoyable playing card games which might be more suitable for you. 

Why not read up on the rules of some of the following instead?

  • Crazy Eights
  • Rummy
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Go Fish
  • Cribbage


Poker is a game that’s simple to learn, but that can take a lifetime to master. A perfect blend of risk, psychology and memory, it can be extremely good fun to play. 

Hopefully, thanks to our guide to the basic poker rules, you’re now well on your way to getting started.

tarot questions

16 Most Frequently Asked Questions In Tarot Readings

Tarot cards have been around since the 14th century and have always been shrouded in a veil of mystery. With the development and sophistication of society, more and more people, seeking spiritual support and strength. 

If you are new to Tarot, you may encounter many tarot questions. Here are the answers to the 16 most frequently asked tarot cards reading questions for you.

16 Tarot Questions To Ask

Q1 Are there any other uses for Tarot cards besides divination?

The tarot card itself is just a printed product with patterns, and does not have any curse or witchcraft. 

Even if you do not agree with those tarot card meanings or concepts, or do not think it can help you understand yourself, you can still use it to play games (especially in Italy where it is still one of the card games) or as an art collection.

Tarot reading

Q2 What is a card opening ceremony?

When a new set of tarot cards reaches the reader, some people will choose to bless the new cards before using them. This is like writing your name on a newly purchased book to connect yourself with the new cards. 

The opening ceremony is very personal, and can be as simple as a few words of thanks and a prayer, or the use of items representing the four elements. Then, just do it at the decided time and direction. If you don’t want to perform the opening ceremony, there is no problem.

Q3 Does every tarot card deck have a "personality"?

Some people feel that each set of tarot cards has a different “personality”, for example, this set is very frank and straightforward, while the other set is subtle.

This has to do with the fact that different patterns bring different psychological impact. Tarot cards from different authors are certainly different in terms of the level of expression and the tone of speech they exude. 

When an interpreter goes to you with different cards, you are bound to encounter different tones and personalities, just as if you were talking to a different friend. Therefore, each tarot deck has a “personality” according to their author’s own creative intent and the way he or she expresses the content.

tarot card deck

Q4 Is it true that beds and floors cannot read tarot cards?

Actually, as long as your reading space is solid, flat and clean, and covered with a tablecloth that highlights the card pattern (e.g., net black), you can read the cards from any position, including the bed and the floor, of course. In addition:

  • A space that are larger can easily list bigger card formations.
  • A space with sufficient light is good for reading the patterns on the cards or writing notes to record them.
  • If you are outdoors and cannot avoid natural wind or other distractions, you can use small rocks, mangles, etc. (they are items that do not catch the eye) to hold down the cards.

Q5 Can't read tarot cards at 0:00?

There is a saying that 0:00 is the time of the day when the sun’s energy is weakest and reading tarot cards at this time will bring misfortune.

For people who work from 9 to 5, 0:00 is probably the time to prepare for rest. However, there are many people who are used to working late at night, believing that the clarity of the evening is better for thinking.

Therefore, the time indicator on the clock is not the most important. When it is appropriate to read the cards or depends on your physical and mental condition at the time. 

If you are in a state of fatigue or discomfort, or even after drinking, it is best to rest first and stay to recover your spirit before reading the cards.

read tarot at night

Q6 Is it okay to ask tarot cards for someone?

The premise of this question is that you have to respect someone’s privacy and free will. If the person is averse to the Tarot, or if you do not have a close relationship with the person (for example, the person does not actually know you), it should not be possible for you to get an objective answer. 

The intuition you receive from the tarot cards belongs to you, and the closeness of your relationship with the other person and the frequency of communication will affect the result of the reading. 

Q7 Can I touch the reader's cards?

The decision of whether you can touch the reader’s tarot cards when asking and shuffling is entirely up to the reader. The reader may invite you to shuffle or cut the cards together, but may not, however, this does not affect the outcome of the reading.

If you really want to choose your own cards, ask your reader first and get permission. If you do not have a face-to-face meeting with the reader and do not wish to give your birthday date, you can choose a number from 1-78 and have the reader pick the card for you.

Q8 Are there taboos for tarot readers?

For tarot readers, there are more taboos than for those who ask. For example:

  • Always keep a secret and do not give out the pseudonym of the person asking, because you will never know if they have asked the same question to other readers at the same time.
  • Never give overly categorical explanations or interpret the results as fatalistic, because this will not only not help solve the problem, but will also cause unnecessary distress and panic to the person.
  • Do not make decisions for the inquirer, because the responsibility and decision belongs to them, and the free will of the other party should be respected.

Q9 Do Tarot cards absorb emotional energy?

Spiritual/psychic cleansing is a part of spiritual healing. Cleansing the energy of the surroundings and the object can have a positive effect on the person in the space and the owner, and can help to increase one’s sensitivity to the cards. 

For those who do not believe in supernatural or psychic powers, there may be no scientific basis for the cards to absorb emotional energy. The ritual, so to speak, is made more for your psychological senses.

The tarot card is a printed deck of cards, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will “eat” the energy. To put it another way, you have the ability not to let the tarot cards influence you, which is a rare thing, isn’t it?

Q10 Can I transfer a used tarot card to another reader?

If your tarot is not missing or damaged in quantity, of course you can. But It is important that old tarot cards should be cleaned before use. The cards after cleansing can be used with or without a blessing as you like. 

If there is no one to receive your old tarot card deck, consider keeping it as a souvenir, even if you want to throw it away, it will not be cursed.

tarot card gift

Q11 Is it necessary that the person who opens the tarot cards for the first time is only myself?

Some people are afraid that if someone else touches their tarot cards first, the cards will be tainted with other people’s spiritual power, and will not be purely their own.

But before you get the tarot deck, the printer, the salesman in the store, even the shopper, etc., have touched the cards before you! So there is no basis for this argument.

Q12 Will I be tired after tarot divination?

There is a legend in Tarot that if you feel tired after reading tarot cards, it is because you have “given your power to the devil”. However, this is just a rumor.

It is only because you have to concentrate very hard on the process, and it usually takes half an hour or even an hour or more to read the tarot cards, so it is natural to be tired.

Q13 Can I only divine one tarot card question a day?

The answer to this question is no, of course. If you have enough energy and time, it doesn’t matter if you can do a hundred problems a day (but you will be exhausted at the end).

Q14 Can a tarot question be divined only once?

This question should be heard by many people, and you probably know the answer is “YES”. 

Some people say that it is because you have to believe in tarot cards to get the most correct answer, otherwise the answer will be wrong if you keep divining, and sometimes it will bring bad luck.

In fact, logically speaking, this question is reasonable (except for the part of incurring bad luck). Please think about this question first: “What do you want from a tarot reading?”

If you want the real situation as well as assistance, the first divination will tell the story, so why do you need a second one? If you ask for the same answer as you hope, then why bother with divination, why not just imagine it yourself?

However, if the problem has changed dramatically, of course, it is possible to divine a second time, otherwise it is generally “unnecessary” to divine more than two times!

ask tarot questions

Q15 which tarot cards are yes or no?

This is one of the lesser used tarot formations. You need to use 1 Nine of Cups and 4 Ace cards from the Minor Arcana, and 22 Major Arcana.

If any of the Minor Arcana aces appear, it means you must adjust your actions or wait for the timing; if the Nine of Cups appears, it means a clear “yes”; if the Major Arcana card appears, it means:

  • The Fool, Magician, Empre, Emperor, Chariot, Justice, Star, Sun or World, represents a clear “yes”.
  • The High Priestess, Wheel of Fortune, Lover, Hierophant, Moon or Judgement, depending on the reader’s intuition to answer “yes” or “no”
  • The Strength, Tower, Temperance, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, Devil, represents a clear “no”.

Q16 what are the best questions to ask in tarot readings?

Open-ended questions are the best type of questions to ask in a Tarot reading. For example:

  • How can I improve my relationship with my mother?
  • What is my current state of love?
  • What is coming up in my future career?

Expressing questions in this way provides the tarot decks with the opportunity to share unexpected information that may be useful, such as pointing out key players in a situation, emotions that may be hiding beneath the surface, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

In addition, an open-ended question doesn’t mean it can’t be detailed. If necessary, you can include specific details such as names, locations and dates in the question.

make your own tarot cards

The 2 Better Ways To Make Your Own Tarot Cards

It is probably one of the strongest desires of every tarot reader or enthusiast to have their own deck of custom tarot cards. This is because you will unconsciously integrate the Tarot into your life and mind, and generate your own unique insights in learning the Tarot.

Then, you will want to make your own tarot cards that can display these subjective feelings, life experiences, and creativity of yours.

However, once you have the design all done, how to make the custom tarot deck into a realistically finished product is probably one of the most troubling issues. Here will introduce several better ways of making and printing custom tarot cards.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your specific situation. So can you make your own tarot cards? Of course yes!

make tarot cards

How to make your own tarot cards?

1. Handmade your own tarot cards

As a matter of fact, many tarot masters in history made their own tarot. The tarot is the amplifier of the user’s psychic sense, so the more familiar the owner is, the more contact the tarot has, the better the divination effect will be. 

The tacit understanding and divination results of a handmade tarot card will be significantly better than a purchased tarot card.

If you are not familiar with drawing and design, you can choose to find the elements you want on the Internet, books, newspapers, and magazines, and then use the cut-and-paste method to put together the card face you want, and finally use the printer to indent on the cardboard. 

If you have reached a certain level of drawing and design, then you can try to make your own tarot cards by following these 3 steps.

1) Choose Paper

You need to choose 2 kinds of paper, one is thin and soft, preferably with some degree of clarity, to depict images and numbers. The other is a hard paper used as a card base. The degree of hardness should not be too thick, otherwise, it will not be convenient for shuffling.

Also, the texture of the paper must be good enough to withstand prolonged touching, shuffling, and stacking, and the color of the paper should be pure white or light yellow.

how to make tarot cards

Then, you can start cutting the paper. There are no mandatory requirements for the specific paper, but it should be noted that the Tarot is a square card with rounded corners.

That is, after you cut the Tarot into suitable small and large squares, but also the four corners are trimmed into the curvature of the same rounded corners, and the corners can not be hairy.

2) Choose Brushes And Paints

Generally speaking, the steps of drawing tarot cards are to draw the base with a pencil first, then use a neutral pen to outline, and finally use gouache or watercolor to color.

Here, direct coloring tools such as crayons and colored pencils are not recommended, otherwise, the effect of the tarot will be affected.

how to make your own tarot cards

3) Frame And Draw

The so-called tracing frame is to split out the numerical part of the tarot card and the picture part. Here is a small tip, the numbers usually occupy about 1/4 of the area in the tarot card, and a certain gap (border) needs to be left near the edge of the tarot card.

Thus it prevents the pattern from getting too close to the edge and causing color loss or damage when shuffling the cards. The width of each side of the border is usually 1/20 of the entire tarot deck.

The next step is drawing, which is the most crucial step in make your own tarot cards. It is recommended that you draw only one Major Arcana per day and complete one set of Minor Arcana per day (i.e. Sword, Chalice, Coin and Scepter must be completed in 4 days).

When drawing, you must meditate or recall the meanings of the cards drawn, keywords, representing gods and goddesses, representing astrological signs, etc. Otherwise, the final effect of the Tarot may be affected, too.

2. Professional Printing

Although hand-made custom tarot cards have very important value and significance, it is obvious that the process is very complicated and the efficiency is very slow. 

At the same time, this method can generally only achieve ordinary coloring, die-cutting, laminating, etc., which is far from our requirements for a professional tarot deck.

Therefore, it is recommended to look for a tarot card maker who specializes in tarot card printing to help you create outstanding artwork smoothly. So, which custom tarot card maker should you choose?

tarot card maker

You can indeed choose the largest printing companies in the world, such as USPCC, MPC, and so on. They have rich experience and strength in card printing and have their own special development paper. This way, you almost never have to worry about quality. The problem, though, is that they are generally more expensive, and many people can’t afford them.

In addition, they are more focused on playing cards, game cards, and other fields. If your budget is not too high, you can consider choosing some relatively less well-known suppliers, such as WJPC.

They are more cost-effective, and have a relatively deep technical foundation and experience in tarot card printing. Besides, it is also more flexible and cooperative to treat individual customers.

No matter which manufacturer you choose in the end, you need to examine their relevant strengths in advance:

  • Tarot cards generally have high requirements for color. Whether there has a professional printing press and color management system, so that can strictly control the color.
  • Tarot cards need to be touched, flipped, shuffled and other actions frequently, and they are not disposable consumables. Is there a variety of craftsmanship that can meet different production requirements, and ensure that the cards have excellent touch, smoothness, stiffness, retention, etc?
  • Making tarot cards is by no means easy, whether there has professional graphic design, printing technology, quality inspection, pre-sales, after-sales service, etc., so that can help you get the finished product more easily.
custom tarot cards

After the supplier of cooperation has probably been determined, the process of negotiating the production can begin. 

Some suppliers offer online design customization services, you just need to open their website, and follow the prompts to create your own design, card size, number of cards, instructions, brochures, or any accessories and packaging.

Then, you can appreciate your work step by step from a virtual picture to real artwork. Don’t worry if you encounter a problem, there will be professional and free graphic design consultants to help you all the way.

Once the finished product is out, you can collect it yourself, or choose to self-publish it on their online store and sell it to people all over the world. Detailed steps are as follows:

1) Select Parameters

Usually, designing a perfect tarot deck should start with detailed specifications of the cards, including Quantity, Card Stock, Print Type, Dimensions, Finish, and so on. 

For example, among card stock, the best papers for making tarot cards are the German card stock with black core (Kohler playing cardboard) and the Italian card stock with black core. 

They have higher paper stiffness, smoothness, and toughness, and can achieve strong opacity, but are also more expensive. The more common ones are two sides coated art paper with white core, high standard card stock with blue core (smooth finish), and 100% premium white plastic card stock. 

They are relatively cost-effective and can meet the color, stiffness, and transparency required for general tarot cards.

custom tarot deck

If you want to sell your tarot cards, then you also need to customize card packaging, booklet, and so on in order to help your customers better understand the mysteries and save them. Again, there are very rich details to choose from on these two items. 

2) Use The Template

  • Upload your images:

First, you need to design your cards on your computer. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator are both good design tools, but they require some skill to use. Once the design is complete, you can log in to the platform and upload your card images. 

You can choose to use the same picture and number for each tarot card, or use a different picture and number for each tarot card. Please make sure that the pixels are clear and that everything in the image is within the borders. You can use the tool to keep adjusting and cropping until it meets the requirements.

printable tarot cards
  • Add text:

You can put your text in the right place and set its size, color, alignment, etc. Carefully check that all spellings are correct before saving. You don’t want to receive a deck of tarot cards with lots of mistakes, do you?

  • Confirm the preview images and generate:

Now you have finished the template design, the platform will automatically show the preview images of the product and prompt you if there is an error. After confirming that there are no errors, click “add to chart” and you can successfully send the order to the supplier. 

After all these steps, the pre-production of your tarot deck is done! Next, just wait for the supplier’s professional staff to reach out to you.

print tarot cards

Being able to create a deck of your own tarot cards is a great sense of accomplishment. Whether you want to do it all by yourself or with the help of a professional, it’s not a bad idea. The most important thing is that you must be careful to understand every detail and know what you are doing from start to finish. 

Of course, there is no shame in temporary ignorance. Whatever questions you may have, such as design, production, shipping, or even Kickstarter‘s project, we will provide you with detailed answers and guidance. 


10 Tips On How To Make Kickstarter A Success

Any card creator or designer with an innovative idea can create a Kickstarter tarot, Kickstarter card games or Kickstarter playing cards campaign, to articulate their idea and project and encourage potential backers to pledge funds.

Once your project is approved by Kickstarter, you are on the threshold of success. However, that’s just the beginning. 

After launching your Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, you need to do a lot of work to stay in communication with your backers and reach out to new ones, only then you can raise more amount.

These tasks take a considerable amount of time and effort. But with the right tips and operational ideas, it won’t be so difficult. 

The next part of this article will tell you 10 tips to help you reach a successful Kickstarter project and raise more money. Let’s take Kickstarter tarot as an example.

kickstarter oracle deck

Tip 1 Know if your project complies with the rules

Kickstarter only allows certain types of campaigns. So the first thing you need to do is make sure your tarot project is within the scope of Kickstarter’s support. 

For example, you are not able to run a charity or general business campaign on the platform. Kickstarter only allows your project to have measurable goals, clear start and end dates.

Then, another thing you need to know is how long or complex your project is. If it is very long and complex, consider dividing it into phases and funding each of these phases separately.

Each phase should have its own funding goals and delivery targets. If you set specific and measurable project goals, Kickstarter will likely approve your project.

Also, your potential backers will have the confidence and motivation to support your campaign because they can easily understand what they are funding. 

These are Kickstarter prohibited items and should definitely be circumvented below:

Kickstarter prohibited items

Tip 2 Set the timeline of your project

Establishing a timeline for your project is a must, as this will determine several things:

  • How long your campaign should run;
  • How long it will take to deliver the finished product;
  • The delivery date for backer rewards.

Projects like Kickstarter tarot, kickstarter card games, kickstarter oracle decks, etc. tend to get better growth at the beginning and end, but lag in the middle. 

So if you run a long-term series of ads, this is the only way to keep a steady slow growth in the medium term.

While you can run your ads for anywhere from one to any day, the most successful projects on Kickstarter last 30 days or less. 

Thus you need to strike a balance between the duration of your ad series and the attention span of your backers.

After the event, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your project, so you don’t disappoint your backers by rushing or being late with their rewards. 

The following is a timeline reference:

Kickstarter timeline

For the timeline of project preparation before going live, please refer to: A Check List To Ensure You Go Live Without Fail

Tip 3 Define your Kickstarter tarot project goals

Kickstarter uses an “all-or-nothing” funding model. This means that you will only receive the money if the project meets its financial goal within a specified period; otherwise, you will not receive any money.

Therefore, you should avoid setting funding targets too high. Set the goal to the minimum amount needed to be able to produce the product. This will help you attract more backers and achieve your goals faster.

When setting capital goals, be sure to consider production and manufacturing costs, employee wages, company overheads (such as rent), and packaging and shipping costs. 

WJPC can provide you with a free KS budget calculator and an accurate manufacturing cost quote, please contact us.

You can use tools like Kicktraq to see other successful Kickstarter tops with products similar to yours and see the number of backers they have received and the total amount raised. 

Also, analogy to your peers can help you better go about determining your goals and setting your amounts.

Tip 4 "Speak clearly" about your product!

The way you line up content on your Kickstarter story page is critical – it’s your one chance!

Show your backers coming in to your program to convince them to place a support order. If you don’t get their attention at this time, you’ll lose mostly.

Your page needs to provide a clear project name and description of your Kickstarter tarot cards, so that any potential backers who visit the page can understand it at a glance.

Then, let your backers know your idea for the product, how and why your product will benefit them, and how you intend to use the money they pledge to print your tarot cards a reality.

Tell the story behind what you are doing and create a sense of urgency by telling your backers why they need to support your project now. For example:

  1. Avoid using too much technical jargon in the description;
  2. Use clearand concise language that appeals to everyone;
  3. Use headings and bullets to break down complex paragraphs into easily digestible chunks, directing the visitor’s eye to the most critical points;
  4. Don’t forget to use a variety of media such as photos, videos, design drawings and infographics to convey your unusual or complex ideas.

Here are two of the most successful card projects with WJPC, they both exceeded their target amount, even several times more. 

You can click on the images to jump to the corresponding KS pages and carefully refer to their page layouts and presentation tips below.

Tip 5 Create a super cool project video

It takes time and money to create a good project video, but it is essential to include one on the campaign page. A Kickstarter project with a video is 50% more likely to succeed, while a project without a video has only a 30% success rate.

Besides, the video thumbnail is the first thing visitors see when they visit your page. Therefore, make sure it is sufficiently attractive and stimulates the their curiosity.

In your video, be sure to introduce yourself, tell the story behind the project, and then stand up and ask people to support you. It needs to talk about how great your product is and explain why it’s important to you to meet your project goals.

Tip 6 Make good use of your rewards

Rewards are incentives designed to encourage backers to support your project. Your rewards should be relevant to your project, vary depending on the amount offered by backers, and with more exclusive bonuses.

What’s more, make sure the reward is not unavailable to your backers. $25 is the most popular reward, while the average reward is about $70.

Kickstarter reward

Tip 7 Get ready to preheat

Before your project goes live, you should do a warm-up. Call on your friends, family and even some of your previous customers to be your first backers. This will ensure that your project gets off to a successful start.

You can also use Facebook or Instagram ads to collect customers interested in your Kickstarter tarot deck, so they can track your project in advance and support your project at the first moment it goes live!

Tip 8 Make good use of social media

Social media is a great way to promote your Kickstarter tarot project and ensure its success. Your Facebook fans, email subscribers, etc. are your potential and powerful supporters.

Create a dedicated social media page where you can share updates on your progress and keep the project visible. 

Don’t forget to contact your previous backers and ask them to help spread the word about the project by sharing it in their networks.

Tip 9 Keep your project up to date

Continue to share updates on your Kickstarter page and on the web as soon as you reach a major milestone. 

Also, updates such as 25% funding, 50% funding or 75% funding will give potential backers the confidence to be part of the success.

If you reach a significant fundraising dollar goal, it’s a good idea to update with videos, progress photos and necessary team activities, and to express your appreciation to your backers. 

This will keep them enthusiastic about the project and feel the same sense of accomplishment.

Kickstarter update

Tip 10 Don't stop updates even after reaching the goal

If your Kickstarter tarot program reaches its funding goal before the end, don’t sit back and relax. Now is a good time to keep promoting and growing your dollar amount so you can exceed your goal!

Thus, even after the campaign is over, keep your backers informed about the progress and the possible dates you can start shipping any outstanding rewards.

Do not leave your backers in the dark if there are any changes to the program or any potential delays in production. 

If you remain transparent and share these updates with them, they will appreciate it and will most likely continue to support your future projects.

These are the 10 effective Kickstarter success tips. For more operational knowledge and tips on KS, please stay tuned to WJPC Kickstarter Courses!

What Is Poker cards

What Is Poker: The General Knowledge Of Playing Cards

The popularity of poker cards as a pastime is very high and has penetrated into every household. The randomness and unpredictability of the combinations between different cards, can make players feel very excited. 

You may have more or less mastered the poker rules. However, do you know what is poker exactly?

History Of Playing Cards: Why Were Playing Cards Invented?

There are many different opinions about the origin of poker cards, but three main accepted ones are as follows:

  1. Playing cards were probably first introduced to Europe by Venetian merchants.
  2. The predecessor of playing card is the leaf play in the Southern Song Dynasty of China.
  3. India is more likely to be the origin of poker card than China, because the early European Tarot cards are somewhat related to Hindu mythology.

Although their origins vary, they all share a common feature, agreeing that playing cards were originally identified as “game coins” used as wagers in other gambling games, before slowly becoming a game in its own right. 

What’s more, a link between poker and the games of chess or dice has also been suggested, but this is also speculative.

History Of Playing Cards

Suit: What's In a Deck Of Cards?

The internationally used playing cards are divided into four suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. In different countries, the design of the four suits of poker card games varies:

  • France: Hearts, Tiles, Clovers, Pikes;
  • Germany: Hearts, Bells, Acorns, Leaves;
  • Switzerland: Roses, Bells, Acorns, Shields;
  • Italy/ Spain: Cups, Swords, Coins, Clubs.
playing cards Suit

There are also many arguments as to why these four patterns should be used as the poker suits. Two of the more concentrated statements are following:

  1. They show the four main trades of the society at that time, in which the spade represents the spear and soldier; the club represents the trefoil and agriculture; the diamond represents the brick and tile used by craftsmen; and the heartrepresents the red heart and the priest.
  2. They come from the drawings of the artifacts used in ancient European divination, in which the spade represents the olive leaf and peace; the club is a clover, meaning luck; the diamond is symbolizing wealth; and the heart symbolizes wisdom and love.

Number Of Poker Cards: Why Are There 52 Cards In a Deck?

The number of cards in the earliest card deck varies from place to place. Italy is 78 cards, Germany is 32 cards, Spain is 40 cards, France is 52 cards, etc.

Among them, the 52 cards represent the 52 weeks of the year, and the spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds represent the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Each pattern has 13 cards, shows a season of 13 weeks (about equal to three months). The number of ranks for each pattern (1-13) adds up to 91 points, and each season is also 91 days. 

The K, Q and J have 12 cards, indicating both that there are 12 months in a year and that the sun passes through 12 constellations during the year.

The two jokers were invented by the Americans, where the Red Joker indicates the day and the Black Joker means the night. In addition, the playing cards have only red and black colors. 

So far, the international common 54 playing cards are basically finalized. Some custom playing cards, will also add one or two “advertising cards” in a deck of cards.

Why are there jokers in a deck of poker cards?

The concept of these two cards was based on the trick card game Euchre, when some players changed the rules to require an card in addition to the 52 standard cards. 

As a result, an “trump card” was created and used as an extra card, or even as a replacement for a lost card. Due to the popularity of the Euchre, American card manufacturers soon joined the trend and started producing this poker with extra cards. 

It wasn’t long before the card became known as the “Jolly Joker” – because it could be played as a “wild card” in many games, which is very surprising and deceptive to play.

poker jokers

Rank: Deck Of Cards Symbols

The rank is also known as face value or points, and the order of poker cards is based on the number of points, except for aces and twos, which are slightly controversial. The number of rank 1-5 is called wheelcard, rank 3-10 is called spotter, and rank 1-10 is called whiteskin.

JQK, which are bigger than 10 points, are called Face Cards, Royal Cards or Court Cards. The origin of the latter two expressions goes back to the prototype of the 12 JQKs in four suits. Among them, K are four important kings, Q are four famous queens, and J are four legendary knight of great merit.

Who are the JQKs in poker cards?

The king of clubs is Alexander the Great, the most powerful military commander in European history, who established his dominance over all of Greece and then destroyed the Persian Empire. His clothes were always worn with jewels equipped with crosses, and his hair was curled outward.

The king of clubs

The king of diamonds is Julius Caesar, the rightful uncrowned king of the Roman Empire. Since Julius Caesar is depicted in profile on the coins of the Roman Empire, he is the only profile portrait on the King’s Card.

His hair is curled inward, and he is the only one inside holding a battle axe instead of a sword – a symbol of power in Rome.

The king of diamonds

The king of hearts was Charlemagne, who controlled most of Europe. The emperor is described as a six-meter-tall giant whose hair curls inward and holds his sword behind his head.

He is the only king card without an upper row of beards, because the carpenter who first carved his portrait accidentally scraped off the beard on his upper lip. And all the later king of hearts are based on this painting as a specimen.

The king of hearts

The king of spades is King David, who is described as the most righteous of all the ancient kings of Israel, and was an excellent warrior, musician and poet. 

According to the Bible, Jesus was a descendant of David, and since David was good at playing the lyre, the king of spades often has a harp on it.

The king of spades

The queen of clubs is called Argine, which is not a real character. Her name originates from the European Scrabble game, which was recombined to become Argine.

Legend has it that the Lancaster royal family in England was symbolized by the red rose, and the York royal family was symbolized by the white rose. 

After the Battle of the Roses, the two royal families reconciled and tied their roses together. So this queen is holding a rosebud in her hand.

The queen of clubs

The queen of diamonds is called Rachel, the second and favorite wife of Jacob (the ancestor of the Jews). She was originally a shepherdess, with a beautiful and lovely figure, holding a flower in her hand as well.

The queen of diamonds

The queen of hearts was Judith, a beautiful widow of the ancient Hebrews. It was saying that when the Assyrian army invaded the Hebrew region, she seduced the Assyrian general Holofemes, killed him in his tent while he was drunk and asleep. 

Then she cut off his head, causing the Assyrian army to flee in terror, thus saving Bethulia.

The queen of hearts

The queen of spades is Eleonor, the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I. Leopold married this German princess as a way to stop the German nobility’s attempts to gain independence from the Empire. She is the only one to hold a weapon.

The queen of spades

The jack of clubs is Sir Lancelot Du Lac, the first warrior in King Arthur’s Round Table. His love affair with Queen Gwynevere led to a war between him and King Arthur. He was gentle, and quite brave, and helpful.

The jack of clubs

The jack of diamonds is Hector, the first warrior of Loti, known as “The Walls of Troy”. Finally, he fought with Achilles and died in the hands of his opponent.

The jack of diamonds

The jack of hearts is La Hire, an attendant of Charles VII le Victorieux. Also, he was a French military commander in the Hundred Years’ War and Jeanne d’Arc’s right-hand man, who was very resourceful.

The jack of hearts

The jack of spades is a Czech nobleman, AEW von Wallenstein, who fought in many wars and won many victories in commanding Catholic armies against Protestants.

The jack of spades

What Types Of Poker Are There?

There are a great amounts of poker cards, from the famous classics to the emerging variants, which vary in style, length and complexity of play. 

Among them, texas holdem poker, madison deck, star wars playing cards, kem playing cards, harry potter playing cards and nintendo playing cards are arguably the six most popular types of playing cards.

To sum up, poker is the crystallization of human wisdom, but also the product of human recreation and entertainment. It relaxes the mind and body to a certain extent and makes people spiritually happy.

But on the other hand, it is the condensation of human greed and darkness and a symbol of gambling. And in modern times, more often than not, playing cards are used as a custom artwork, or advertising and marketing tool. 

If you have your own creative ideas for playing cards, we can help you really make it happen!