Sports Cards Worth Money

What Sports Cards Worth Money?

What sports cards worth money? The market for sports cards is quite volatile. Supply and demand determines the price of sports cards. A card’s value increases as its rarity and demand rise.

A common misconception is that a player’s performance will affect the value of their card. That may be the case occasionally, but it always has to do with how many people want that particular card.

The success of a player almost always increases the demand for his or her card. However, unless a sizable audience is prepared to pay for cards, the venture will fail.

In most cases, the following card types are more valuable than others:

What Sports Cards Worth Money?

Notable and Well-known Player Cards

sports card price guide

To begin with, you have a valuable card if it meets the criteria for any of these two categories – notable or well-known player.

If the card happens to meet both of these conditions, then the price may be higher. Conversely, if you have an unpopular player on the card, then it will probably not sell. Therefore, the value of the card will not be high.

The supply and demand for the card will be the primary factors in establishing the price of the card; the greater the scarcity of the card and the greater the demand, the higher the card’s price will be.

Collectors will pay more for a card of a popular player if it has been selling well recently. In addition, when demand increases and more individuals purchase the card, prices may swiftly escalate.

The player’s success can boost the card’s value, although this is not always the case. This might be a temporary increase in demand, but if the player’s fame fades, so will the price.

In other words, the worth of cards is entirely dependent on the prices that people are willing to pay for them.

Rookie Cards

sports trading cards

Fans are especially interested in obtaining rookie cards. Because there is only ever one rookie season, no matter how long a player’s career lasts. 

This means that the card companies are only able to make a rookie card for each player’s career once, and there is no way to tell if the card will sell well/have value.

Even if the rookie player is successful, they can’t return to make more rookie cards. For subsequent cards, they will be mass produced as the player becomes popular, so the value will not be as high.

They can also receive historical factors. Rookie cards from the past are always more difficult to obtain than the current ones. Their condition was also a major issue. Due to the low expectations for a player’s success, these cards were typically not cared for as well as later ones.

Although the specifics have evolved, the rule that a player’s rookie card is the most valued card stays the same.

Mainstream Brand Cards

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In order to get the most bang for your buck, only get major brand name cards.

Some card companies frequently produce unauthorized cards including photographs of players but not their own teams. So they either don’t wear their uniform or the team logo is removed.

Mainstream card brands, on the contrary, are licensed, thus the club emblems and player photographs they feature are reliable. These cards will always be more popular than their unlicensed counterparts.

When you buy cards of popular players or of your favorite players, it is best to choose cards made by good brands. Each sport has its own card brand, but some brands also make cards for many different sports.

For example, some of the most well-known basketball card manufacturers are Panini, Donruss, National Treasures, and Crown Royale. NBA trading cards are exclusively available from Panini, the only firm with an official license.

Topps is a leader in baseball and football cards. Bowman and Upper Deck’s cards are popular in the baseball fans.

Extremely Rare Cards

most expensive sports card

It should go without saying that a card’s value increases as its rarity does.

Let’s look at the Honus Wagner card from 1909, card number T206. Honus Wagner is one of the best players in the history of baseball. Because of the excellent state of preservation, it became one of the most expensive cards in the world, which can reach several million dollars.

It is the card’s rarity, nevertheless, that drives its price. Only roughly fifty copies of this card exist in the world at this time. And, not all of the cards will have held up well since they were printed in 1909. If you have a 1909 Honus Wagner card in decent condition, it  would be a huge score.

Cards with limited print runs, as well as numbered cards and parallels, will be more costly. Again, the issue of supply and demand is reflected here. The more cards there are and the greater the supply, the more the card will cost.

Old Cards

sports card investor

Although not all vintage trading cards are worth a small fortune now, many collectors pay a premium to own them for the following reasons:

  • The condition. Finding an older card that receives a decent grade is far more difficult than finding a modern card. A card will be worth more than a newer card if it can withstand the test of time.
  • The print runs for cards were substantially fewer in the 1980s than they were subsequently. Rookie cards were occasionally scarce and difficult to get before the so-called Junk Wax Era (1986–1992) since there just weren’t as many possibilities available as there are now.
  • The old card will cost more the more well-known the player is.

For the most part, collectors are only interested in purchasing the best-preserved example of an older card, hence cards in good condition fetch premium prices for those that can afford it.

Superior Condition Cards

High-grade cards cards are usually more valuable than lower-grade ones because collectors place a higher value on them.

The higher the grade of the card, the greater its value. The most important reason for this is that collectors of cards are always on the lookout for the highest-graded cards available. As a result, there will be more people looking to buy these cards.

Several variables will determine the card’s state. Specifically, the quality of the edges, corners, and surfaces is crucial. A card’s condition and value will improve proportionally to how well these features have been retained.

The best way to enjoy your collection of sports cards for years to come is to take good care of them. Using a toploader, a card sleeve or a slab is the way to go.

How Do I Determine The Sports Cards Value?

There are a few things you can do to get a ballpark idea of the value of an old card if you find one in your garage or attic and are wondering if it’s worth anything.

Whether or not your card has any value depends largely on its condition. Consider double-checking your card for the following:

  • Corners – The corners should be square and undamaged if at all feasible. This is especially crucial for older cards because the edges become broken quickly.
  • Edges – Have a quick glance at the edges. They should not be damaged or bent. The value of a playing card increases in proportion to how straight its edges are
  • Surface – Is the face of the card smooth and even, without too many inconsistencies? Now, this is the greatest weakness of older cards, especially if they have not been well cared for.
  • Centering- It is another common problem, especially with older cards. There’s a chance they aren’t centered properly, which is a flaw that can significantly lower a card’s worth.

You may choose to verify some more factors in order to ascertain the value of your card. Examine the card and the player shown on it. Are people familiar with the player? If so, the card probably has some value.

Don’t forget to verify the card’s issue date. It’s conceivable that the card’s value will skyrocket if it was issued during a player’s rookie season. But some cards from the second year, and even older ones occasionally, might be worth a lot of money in the right hands.

Finally, take a look at the autograph and any other extras your cards may have. Cards with extras like jersey patches and autographs are worth a bit more than those without.

Tarot Card Spread

Tarot Card Spread: Connecting With Your New Tarot Deck

How To Connect With Your Tarot Cards?

So, you have a new tarot deck, now what? Connecting with your new tarot deck is a great practice to implement whether it’s your first deck or fifth! 

There are several ways you can create a connection and begin to understand the best ways to work with your new deck. The two ways to go over today are cleansing your deck and using tarot card spreads as an interview tool.

How To Cleanse a New Tarot Deck?

Cleansing a new deck is done to neutralize the energy that may be around from previous owners. If the deck is brand new and never been touched, cleansing can help move stagnant energy away and gently waken the deck. 

Cleansing methods are abundant. In the end you should do what feels right for you and your new deck. Here are some points to consider:

Choose an element (earth, fire, water, air) that you work with the most. Use materials associated with that element to perform a cleansing ritual.

For example:

If you choose water, it’s probably unlikely that you can literally leave your cards under water for any amount of time. Instead, try leaving them next to a running water source overnight. 

You can use a miniature battery powered water fountain. Bonus points if you are able to leave it in nature next to a stream or river!

Once your deck is cleansed, and you feel the energy is moving, yet neutral, it’s time to perform a reading. A reading is simply the interpretation of a tarot spread.

cleanse tarot

How To Do a Tarot Spread?

Below are three tarot spreads you can use to connect with your new deck. First let’s talk about a tarot spread. A spread is any number of cards drawn from your deck intended to answer specific questions you have. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a tarot deck is supposed to read your mind. A tarot deck is a tool to work. Be ready with specific questions or your tool will leave you confused and frustrated.

You can create your own spreads or used ones already made. To create your own spread, write down your questions and begin to think about images that are relevant to those questions.

For example: If you want to create a career spread, and you have two questions like “What work needs to be accomplished to reach my goal?” and “Who will help me to accomplish this goal?” You can place the the “Who” card at the top of the spread, and the “Work” card at the bottom. 

This could be because work is done closer to the physical realm. The “who” card could be at the top because it represents a person in your life and acts as the “head” of the reading. 

These associations are completely up to you and your intuition. It’s important to give yourself room to experiment until you find what works.

Now here are three tarot deck interview spreads you can use to cultivate a deeper connection with your new deck! To begin any of the following spreads, ensure your deck is cleansed and shuffled. 

You can cut—separate the deck into halves and put the bottom half on the top half—the deck or simply do a card shuffle of your choice. Pull the amount of cards necessary from your deck. 

Experiment with card placements like setting them in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines, but ensure they remain in the numerical order.

3 Tarot Card Spread

The three-card spread is a great beginner tarot spread. The energy it invokes is mostly positive and only asks to know the strengths of the tarot deck. 

Keep in mind that the “Describe yourself” card is always in the center of the spread. From the center everything expands.

  • Question 1. What can you help me with?
  • Question 2. Describe yourself.
  • Question 3. What is your first message to me?
3 card tarot spread

5 Tarot Card Spread

The five-card spread expands on the three-card spread. It brings in more elements that balance the energy of the questions. Here you will find out the strengths and weaknesses of the tarot deck.

  • Question 1. What do you need from me as a reader?
  • Question 2. What can you help me with?
  • Question 3. Describe yourself.
  • Question 4. What can you not help me with?
  • Question 5. What is your first message to me?
5 card tarot spread

9 Tarot Card Spread

The nine-card spread expands even further on the five and three-card spreads. It allows for more nuanced details to surface, giving a clearer picture of what the new deck represents and brings into your life.

  • Question 1. What do you need from me as a reader?
  • Question 2. Where will our relationship begin?
  • Question 3. What do you think of my life/choices so far?
  • Question 4. What can you help me with?
  • Question 5. Describe yourself.
  • Question 6. What do you think of me?
  • Question 7. What can you not help me with?
  • Question 8. How will our relationship grow?
  • Question 9. What is your first message to me?
9 card tarot spread

Finally, here are some good questions to ask your tarot cards in single card draws when you need to connect with the energy of the day or have a quick glimpse of what your day will bring.

  • What are some challenges I will face today?
  • What are some opportunities I should not pass up today?
  • Who will appear in my life to help me today?
  • What energy is working in my favor?
  • How can I enhance what is working in my favor?
  • What is working against me?
  • How can I change what is working against me?
pisces tarot card

Pisces Tarot Card: Spiritual Messenger from Higher Realms

What Is Pisces Tarot Card?

Pisces tarot card is the final sign in the zodiac, and it represents spiritual awareness, unity, fulfillment, and mastering the lessons of life. It rules the 12th house in astrology which is the house of hidden realms, the subconscious mind, and secrets.

In classical astrology, it is considered that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. However, modern astrologers argue that Pisces fits better into the mystic and dreamy context of Neptune. 

Since Pisces is a very adaptable sign, it can be concluded that both planets equally influence Pisces people.

According to modern astrology, Pisces is related to self-sacrifice and unconditional love. Pisces is an intuitive water sign which makes it intertwined with occult sciences and the psychic world.

For centuries, Pisces is illustrated as two fishes swimming in different directions. These two fishes are thought to be Aphrodite and her lover Adonis escaping from their enemies. They tried to swim in the same direction, but the Nile River didn’t allow them.

In Ancient Greece, Aphrodite was idealized as the goddess of beauty and fertility. Due to her creation story in the Mediterranean Sea, local women worshiped her to conceive. 

Aphrodite was a Pisces figure that welcomed everyone in her temples. She was very gentle and generous with her gifts and blessed many with wonderful children.

What Tarot Card Represents Pisces?

Now that we have covered the background, let’s dive into the tarot card that represents Pisces:

The High Priestess is a Pisces tarot card in Major Arcana. It is the card of spiritual openings and psychic messages. This card tells you that you are in a position where you’ll be using your intuition to make decisions.

pisces tarot card reading

The High Priestess tarot card informs you that this is a good time to go within and meditate. Moreover, you should pay more attention to the synchronicities and symbols, especially the repeating number 2.

In business, The High Priestess wants you to navigate your career using intuition. Perhaps you should start taking psychic development courses or ask the spirits/deities or your angel guides to help you. 

The High Priestess card can also suggest a career where you heal people, either in medicinal or spiritual ways.

If love is the discussion matter, then The High Priestess might be pointing out that you should listen to your hunch when deciding if he/she is the right person for you.

The High Priestess is a Pisces Major Arcana tarot card that represents secrets as well. If it is accompanied by The Devil card or Three of Swords, it can indicate the presence of a third-party situation (possibly a woman’s presence) in your relationship.

The Two of Cups is a profound tarot card for Pisces. It symbolizes a strong and sacred union both in business and romance. This is a very positive card for relationships because it indicates equal give and take.

In your career sector, Two of Cups is about working in a partnership where everybody feels appreciated and benefits equally. In this job, you will no longer feel worn out or taken advantage of.

In love, Two of Cups signifies deep spiritual connections that is leading to marriage. If you are single, get in the mood for celebration because your luck has just turned! You are likely to meet your soulmate and enjoy a harmonious unity!

Seven of Cups is also a Pisces card in tarot. It represents a situation where you have several choices and feel confused. You might be considering whether to switch jobs, move somewhere new or would it just be better to prioritize your love life.

what tarot card represents pisces

These questions can pull you in different directions but seriously, you can’t dance at two weddings. Ignore the pressure from others and know that only the choices coming from your heart will fulfill themselves.

You may have multiple career paths ahead, but you shouldn’t be choosing based on other people’s expectations. To avoid deception, you should turn within just like a Pisces would do.

Seven of Cups might be confusing you in the love department as well. It would be wise for you to withdraw and ask yourself what you really want. The right answer will come through your dreams.

Nine of Swords is another intuitive tarot card of Pisces. In general, it symbolizes the anxiety that is stemming from overthinking. In your work sector, your thoughts are hunting your mind and causing you great distress. 

You might think you are not doing or achieving enough. But beware that you might be blowing things out of proportion.

Nine of Swords may indicate nightmares or insomnia as well. This is a time that you need extra psychic protection, so don’t forget to sage your house and pray.

Nine of Swords may point out excess fears about a romantic relationship too. You might fear that your partner doing a number behind your back or feel that no one loves you.

You could be worrying unnecessarily. Turn to your dreams to figure out what the source of fear is. Please realize that you’ve been through the worst, and things are actually about to improve for you.

Just like other Pisces tarot cards, Ten of Cups is also very emotional. This card suggests a strong sense of joy and belonging.

tarot card for pisces

For your career, Ten of Cups indicates a joyous work environment where people act from their heart. You have a sense of community and respect in your workplace and feel that your colleagues treat you like family.

Ten of Cups will bring you either a raise, bonus, or a title promotion. This will make you feel appreciated and emotionally fulfilled in your career path.

When it comes to love, Ten of Cups is one of the best tarot cards in Minor Arcana. Because it makes you feel safe and honored, and there’s a lot of joy in your current relationship.

It symbolizes a relationship that will lead to marriage or an addition to your family as in the case of pregnancy. In either case, Ten of Cups will give you a lot of reasons to celebrate.

Notorious Gambling Frogs

[Repost] Diamond Award winner Stockholm17 and his Notorious Gambling Frogs

Posted by EndersGame Reviewer on 

Lorenzo Gaggiotti, better known to most of us as Stockholm17, is a rock-star in the world of modern playing cards. As evidence, you only need to consider the most recent Diamond Awards hosted by 52 Plus Joker in early October. He took out the number one spot in two elite categories: 2022 Deck of the Year Award, and 2022 Artist of the Year Award.

His highly praised “Eye of the Ocean Playing Cards” project is what earned him the coveted award for this year’s Deck of the Year. And it was the accumulated designs he contributed to the playing card industry from July 2021 through June 2022 that earned him the prestigious award for Artist of the Year.

It just doesn’t get any better than being crowned as top dog in these two categories by the world’s most illustrious club for playing card collectors. Because the playing card community can bestow no greater honour. But it’s not the first time Stockholm17 has been crowned with this level of success. He already took out the top honours in both categories in 2019, courtesy of his spectacular House of the Rising Sun deck.

Other industry accolades include the fact that his name is found three times on the list of Portfolio52 (previously United Cardists) Deck of the Year award winners. His Heretic deck won that award in 2015, and his House of the Rising Spade deck in 2018. The club deck he designed for 52 Plus Joker in 2021 won Portfolio52’s Deck of the Year award in 2021, and this extravagant design was also declared as Kardify’s 2021 Deck of the Year.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 2

Clearly Stockholm17 is no stranger to success, and it’s no wonder that he is one of the most sought after and popular designers in the playing card industry today. His journey to the pinnacle of playing card design began in Italy, the country of his birth. There his natural abilities as an artist were nurtured and encouraged by his mother, who was a painter. As he honed his skills as a professional graphic designer and illustrator, Sweden became his adoptive home, and he now lives in the city of Stockholm. He’s now been designing playing cards professionally for about a decade now, and his reputation continues to grow with each new project that he produces.

The two major releases produced by Stockholm17 in the period of eligibility for 2022 Artist of the Year are quite well known: Eye of the Ocean, and Odd Fellows. Eye of the Ocean was a huge project that explores a naval theme of adventure, relating to the quest of a young 18th century woman to sail the high seas and find the island that her mother was searching for when she disappeared. Odd Fellows was created as the very first official deck for Portfolio52, the new parent company of United Cardists, and celebrates six brightly coloured, playful, and unusual characters, each with its own deck.

But in this article I want to take a look at one of the lesser known decks that was part of Stockholm17’s output in the past year, namely his Notorious Gambling Frogs Playing Cards. I never thought I would use the words “gambling” and “frogs” in the same sentence. “Notorious” and “gambling” perhaps, but not in combination with amphibians. But it’s that kind of originality that imaginative creators like Stockholm17 come up with.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 7

Let’s learn more about this deck by talking to the man himself. I posed a number of questions to Stockholm17 about his Notorious Gambling Frogs project, and here’s what he had to say about it:

Q: What is the concept behind the Notorious Gambling Frog deck, and what was your goal with this project?

A: The idea is about designing and producing a standard deck, with a classic look, cheap (as much as I can) and easy to play with.

Q: How did you come up with this interesting and unusual theme?

A: I was intrigued by Mark Twain’s story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County“, and I did my “spin-off”, if that is the appropriate term.

Q: Of the different cards in this deck, which ones are you especially pleased about and why?

A: The Jokers, just because they are illustrated and depict the frog in three elegant poses.

Q: What was your thinking with the design of the card backs?

A: Frogs eat dragonflies, right?

Notorious Gambling Frogs 4

Q: What aspects of this particular deck have proven most satisfying for you?

A: The main goal was to design a deck that is standard and at the same time “polished” with easy-to-read faces. When I say `polished’ it is about the design of the court cards. I took the standard Bicycle court cards and remade them.

Standard Bicycle faces are rough. I know the majority do not see this because they are used to them, but there are graphic design aspects of those faces that bothered me and the Notorious Gambling Frog display a neat design in all its aspects. All the lines are neat, and the design is a little more modern. These are the standard courts I am going to use for these kinds of decks.

Readability was another important aspect, therefore I decided to have indices on the four corners with a font that is easy to read and elegant at the same time.

Q: What was your goal in using all four indices, which is more common with European decks?

A: This choice costs me nothing and balances the design of all faces. On top of that, left-handed players can handle the cards in the way they prefer. It is an aesthetic and ergonomic choice.

Q: The deck feels very custom, without departing too much from a traditional style, ensuring it is very suitable for using in card games. Was that deliberate, and part of your goal?

A: Yes, it feels custom and traditional at the same time. I wanted to make a deck that people are not afraid to use, and where they do not need to spend time understanding what cards they have in their hands. The price is also an important factor, and makes it more likely that people open the deck to use it.

Q: There’s a green and an orange version of this deck – why these two particular colours?

A: They are complementary colors. For the games with 2 decks it is a good color combination. Also, I wanted to do something different from blue and red.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 3

Q: How did you decide to use WJPC to print this deck?

A: For standard projects they are faster and cheaper. One of the goals was to sell it for as little as I could. However, mind that I am not Bicycle and my production runs do not go over 3000 decks on average.

Q: What was your experience in working with WJPC like?

A: Pretty good, although if something is not standard or not in a catalog, it gets harder to make them understand a concept. They are also very reliable with the deadlines for standard products, and their production line does not struggle to understand how they have to pack a deck.

Q: The card stock used for this deck (300gsm German stock) has been received very positively by collectors. What are your own impressions of it?

A: I like it very much, very close to the popular ones. Unfortunately this card stock may be discontinued and a slightly slimmer one (290gsm) replacing this option. WJPC sent a sample, and I have to say it handles very well and I am sure people will like it.

Q: Is there anything else about this project that you’d like to share?

A: These decks have a little easter egg printed on the tuckbox, which is quite easy to find.

I am not planning a third color at the moment for this series, but I probably will produce a mini deck in 2023. I know the third joker frog will feel alone without its own deck, but for now two are enough.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 5

Now let’s take a closer look at the Notorious Gambling Frog deck for ourselves. It comes in two main colours, green and orange, a combination that pairs well together. The tuck box features matt card stock with embossing, and showcases our frog protagonist in one of two poses, depending on the colour of the deck.

The reverse side of the box features the symmetrical two way design that will return on the attractive card backs. The body and wings of a dragonfly forms the main part of the design on each half of the card, along with smaller details. It’s a design that suits the theme well, offering something unique and memorable, without distracting too much from playability.

Instead of the usual black and red for the pips and indices, these playing cards rely on a colour scheme of dark green and orange red. This does a good job of complementing the overall colour scheme of each deck, without being so novel that it would distract from gameplay when used in card games. The pips themselves are customized enough to make the deck feel unique, without looking so unusual that they become a focus of attention or distraction.

A successful formula has been applied to all aspects of design: combining the novel with the familiar, gearing everything to a balance between creativity and functionality, to ensure that this deck will be especially at home at the card table. This is also why the cards have indices in all four corners, to further enhance playability and practicality.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 8

The court cards take their cue from traditional courts, but have had an overhaul in the usual Stockholm17 style, to give them more personality, and to ensure that they too have an original feel. The Aces all get special treatment, with a giant over-sized pip on each card. These in particular showcase a subtle design detail found throughout the deck that is easily overlooked: the canvas of the cards is off-white, and has a faint hash pattern as background that further adds to the unique look and feel.

The four extra cards included alongside our familiar 52 friends are three Jokers – each with its own frog personage – while the fourth card is either a 17 of Spades or a 17 of Hearts, depending on whether you have the green or the orange deck.

For those who appreciate a touch of luxury, a limited edition version of each deck is available with gilded edges, in either orange or green. It looks quite spectacular, and I was particularly pleased to notice that the gilding doesn’t negatively impact the handling.

In fact, the handling of these playing cards, which were produced by WJPC in China using their popular German 300gsm stock, proved very satisfactory all round. These decks are further proof that the quality of playing cards coming out of China has improved dramatically in the last couple of years. It’s no accident that we’re seeing an increasing number of big creators turning to Chinese-based producers like WJPC and EPCC/LPCC to print their projects, in an affordable manner without big compromises to quality. The handling qualities of WJPC’s German 300gsm stock are very pleasing, and in numerous playing card forums that I frequent, this card stock has been universally well received, and is often compared favourably with USPCC’s stock, which is no small praise.

Notorious Gambling Frogs 1

It’s true that the Notorious Gambling Frog decks don’t showcase the same level of creativity and novelty we’ve come to expect from most Stockholm17 projects. But that is very much deliberate, and by design. This deck was created with card players in mind, and is best enjoyed at the card table, over a game of Cribbage, Rummy, Hearts, or Spades. The fact that the two different coloured decks pair well together also makes it suitable for games that require two decks, like Canasta.

While the Notorious Gambling Frog may not dazzle as much as its big brother The Eye of the Ocean, its more practical and down-to-earth looks are exactly what give it appeal. It also demonstrates Stockholm17’s versatility as a playing card designer, and illustrates that he’s capable not just of producing a large earth-shattering project that blows people away, but also in coming up with a very practical deck that is still original and charming.

His frogs may be notorious gamblers, but purchasing a Stockholm17 deck is no gamble, and rarely disappoints. These frogs only help confirm Stockholm17’s credentials as the worthy winner of this year’s 2022 Diamond Award for Best Artist, and are certain to be enjoyed at any card table.

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sports cards collecting

6 Steps To Get Started With Sports Cards Collecting

Sports cards have long been a popular collectible among people all around the world. The first sports cards ever were packaged with tobacco goods and were wildly popular in America. Sports card collecting has now taken root in popular culture all across the world.

This article will walk you through the requirements for establishing a collection, how to choose what to collect, and some key terms and considerations to bear in mind as you begin to be a sports card collector.

1. How to Begin a Sports Cards Collection

You may choose the sort of cards you wish to purchase by spending a little time and planning ahead before investing a significant sum of money.

Look at the listings and sold things on sports card shops like eBay to identify which cards are valued. You should also do some searches on blogs and websites that are worthwhile following.

This will provide you with a general overview of what is available so you can assess how simple (or challenging) it is to obtain the cards you are interested in.

Almost all convenience stores used to have packs of cards on the counter; they were inexpensive to purchase, making them simple to collect.

However, gold brands are incredibly hard to obtain in retail establishments. You must conduct practically all of your buying online, either through the sports card manufacturer‘s website, specialty card merchants or on secondary market websites like eBay sports cards, due to the product’s restricted retail distribution.

ebay sports cards

2. Select the Collectible Card Type

Once upon a time, baseball cards were the only choice for collectors. Rookie basketball cards, featuring legends like Kobe Bryant, have recently surpassed all others in popularity among sports card collectors.

There are options for football, soccer, hockey, wrestling, and many more sports in addition to basketball.

Once you’ve chosen a field, you’ll need to be familiar with certain specific sports card terminology:

Rookie Cards

A player’s rookie card is typically the one that gets the most attention. Because they are the first cards that feature a player in their first year of being part of a big set, and rookie cards are so cool.

Players may have just had one rookie card back when there were fewer sets available, which made collecting players’ rookie cards rather simple.

Nowadays, there are many sets made, so when you take into account all the different inserts and parallels, a player might have well over a dozen distinct cards issued in their rookie year (more on that later).

Rookie cards from recent years often have a distinctive graphic known as an “RC logo.” With this emblem, fans know they have a rookie card of their favorite player.

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Base, Inserts, Parallels, and Subsets

Every set’s foundation is its base cards, which are also the common cards that comprise any collection.

A parallel card is a base card with a unique serial number. This implies that each card is printed in a specific quantity each year.

A subset is an additional set that is included in the standard packs. They are often numbered and have an entirely distinct appearance from the standard base cards. A card in a subset is an insert.

Sometimes a foil serial number located on the card can be used to identify these inserts and parallels. For instance, if a card is printed 50 times, yours can have the foil number “14/50” written on it to indicate that it is the 14th card manufactured.

The number won’t always be printed, but you can always use the set checklist to find out more.

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Finished Sets

Complete sets are highly sought after, and many collectors have had great success in acquiring them. These are pre-assembled, fully functional sets from the 1980s or before.

Finding entire versions of earlier sets is typically a lot simpler than finding complete versions of more recent sets, such as those that were released after the year 1981.

This is great news for older collectors, but it might get quite pricey if you collect more recent sets.

Naturally, a lot of this depends on the set’s cards. The set will undoubtedly cost more than one without if it contains a highly prized rookie card.

Purchasing entire sets might also be a cunning method to save money. It might occasionally be less expensive to purchase the full set if you’re searching for a certain card or two from a set!


There are more and more individuals collecting tickets from important matches, which is somewhat different than collecting cards but in the same ballpark.

Tickets appeal to me because they resemble miniature pieces of history.

Unlike cards and stickers, match tickets are far rarer, thus part of the fun is in the quest to eventually get your hands on one.

3. Player Card Desirability

The player depicted on a card’s front determines its value, among other things. It’s true that owning a rare card immediately increases its worth, but it goes without saying that certain players are just far more valuable than others.

It’s not surprising that a rookie Tom Brady base card would fetch a higher price than a rookie rare parallel card of a backup quarterback.

In addition, not just the top players command a premium. Keep in mind that, in general, attacking players garner more attention than defensive ones do in sports.

All that truly matters is supply and demand. A well-known and well-liked player will probably get greater interest in their cards, which will raise the price. Additionally, in many sports, defenders don’t receive the same amount of media attention as forwards.

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4. Condition

The state of your cards can have a significant impact on the price of your collection. In the end, there are three key indicators to consider when examining a card’s condition.

  • Any problems with the card’s printing quality?

This refers to any flaws that the card may have had at the time of its initial printing. These can include the printing of print lines, anything that prints in the wrong color, or any other printing-related errors.


  • Whether the card has any flaws when it was cut?

In the manufacturing process, several cards are produced on sizable printing sheets before being cut into individual cards.

This might frequently result in errors when cutting.

These flaws, including jagged edges or edges that weren’t straight leaving the card off-center, would likely go unnoticed by most people, but to specialists, they can significantly lower the value of the card.


  • Any flaws with the card that emerged from the pack?

A card is most frequently damaged after it has been opened and taken out of the pack. Rips, tears, sharp edges, wrinkles, water damage, and discoloration are examples of this.

Each of these elements is very important in determining a card’s state. Any harm that comes about once the card has been taken from its pack, however, is preventable.

Due to this, individuals handle their cards with extreme caution, frequently utilizing plastic sleeves and top-loaders to keep them secure as soon as they are opened.

5. Professional Grading: Is It Value For Money?

A professional grading procedure is sending a card (or entire collection) to an impartial auditing firm, which will then assign it a grade or rating depending on its condition.

These experts often provide grades on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest (Poor Condition) and 10 being the highest (Gem Mint Condition).

In essence, a professional will evaluate your card and assigns it a score out of ten using a grading system after looking at it. Then, a sturdy plastic holder is placed over your card to protect it and maintain its quality.

Additionally, it has a unique label that displays the card, the grade, and a serial number that may be used to search for the card in a database maintained by the grader. When making online purchases, this adds to your piece of mind.

Additionally, the price increases as the graded sports cards’ quality do. A flawless 10 usually costs close to twice as much as a 9.

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6. How to Safely Keep and Store Cards

There are certain factors to think about while deciding how to keep your card collection safe. One issue is how to safeguard individual cards from being harmed. And second, how to safely store whole collections while minimizing storage needs.

  • Penny sleeves: Protect your cards from wear and tear with this single-card transparent plastic sleeve. Comparable to the little plastic pockets commonly used in high school. These are often somewhat fragile, yet they serve most card purposes adequately.
  • Toploaders:  Toploaders are single-deck plastic card sleeves with extra thickness. In comparison to a penny sleeve, they have a lot more rigidity. The standard method of protecting a card is to place it in a penny sleeve and then into a top loader.
  • “One Touch” cases: A one-touch case might be a good option to protect your most important cards. These are significantly more durable than top loaders and typically have a magnetic closure, allowing for quick and damage-free insertion and removal of cards.
  • Folders: Folders are an excellent choice for containing a large number of cards. Since they aren’t worth much on the secondary market, I keep my low-end base cards in folders for safekeeping.
  • Card boxes: Sports card boxes made specifically for keeping many cards are available. The standard card case is a larger box divided into at least two sections, perfect for neatly arranging your decks in rows. If you choose to utilize them, check to see that the slots are large enough to accommodate your top-loading card cases.
  • Safety Deposit Boxes: Although I have never done so before, if I ever do spend tens of thousands of dollars on a card, it will be securely stored away.
  • Display cabinets and cases: There are now several attractive bookcases and display cabinets available for showcasing sports cards in the living room.
  • A Third Party: Some companies provide customers with the option of storing their cards with them. There are several that are considered to be among the finest auction houses in the world. If you keep your cards here you won’t be able to take them out and look at them, but it will be much easier to sell them afterward.
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What Do Tarot Cards Mean

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List With Pictures For Beginners 4

The Major Arcana‘s perhaps most misunderstood card is The Hanged Man, possibly because he has an upside-down perception of the world. It symbolizes our manly fears that we are reluctant to admit.

Furthermore, the most feared subject is death; accordingly, the most feared tarot card is The Death. However, this card doesn’t always indicate physical endings, it is rather about letting go of things.

Funny enough, right after The Death card, the tarot gives us The Temperance card to demonstrate that balance and harmony still exists in this world and that we should move in the path universe paved for us.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

No.12 The Hanged Man tarot card meaning

The Hanged Man tarot
  1. Numbers

The Hanged Man tarot card is the 12th card in the Major Arcana. The number 12 represents surrounding, sacrificing, and self-awareness.

  1. Patterns

The Hanged Man card illustrates a hanging man who is refusing to submit to the order of others. He chooses to live his own truth, even when this is not the best for him. 

His figure is reminiscent of a cross and combined with the light around his head, he’s probably channeling some powerful spiritual messages.

He is bound to the stick in so much serenity that he’s not at all struggling to maintain his position. He acknowledges the truth from above and surrenders.

What does The Hanged Man tarot card mean? In general, it means: Resistance is futile, surrender!

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Hanged Man card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You need to press the pause button to put your life back in order.

  • Work

Your self-limiting beliefs may have trapped you in an unwanted career path. Firstly, you need to stop nagging. Secondly, you have to clear away all the uncertainty about what’s going to happen if you ever leave, and choose to go with the flow.

  • Academics

Academically, you are probably refusing to see what’s in front of you. Just because you failed, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on everything. Having some patience will go a long way.

  • Affection

The Hanged Man is not the most pleasant card to receive in a love reading because it is embedded in uncertainty and a sense of blindness. You may be stuck on a roller coaster but could be refusing to let go of a malfunctioning relationship.

  • Mind

You are bound to certain beliefs that are disabling you to move forward and make bigger commitments about your life.

The Hanged Man tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Hanged Man card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You will be successfully detaching yourself from a toxic work environment. Keep moving and never look back.

  • Academics

Indecision and stagnation affected your academic productivity enough already. Instead of leaving it all, hang in there a little longer. Allow circumstances to unfold and trust the process.

  • Emotion

Your partner may leave you without giving a full explanation. You may feel bamboozled and not be able to understand what actually happened. The Hanged Man can indicate that this relationship should be ended in order for both of you to pursue spiritual self-improvement.

  • Mind

To say the least, you are discontent with your life. But if you struggle against the circumstances, you may dig deeper into the chaos.

No.13 The Death tarot card meaning

The Death tarot
  1. Numbers

The Death tarot card is the 13th card in the Major Arcana. The number 13 represents death, the underworld, and sorrow.

  1. Patterns

The Death card portrays a very dark scene where the grim reaper walks towards the town holding the death flag. A lady is refusing to acknowledge the mighty knight. There is also a King in the picture, he is fallen on the ground, his crown is fallen off his head, and he can’t fight at the moment.

Even the priest who has been teaching others about death and rebirth is praying for God to save him. The bravest person in the entire illustration is a child. This little boy is gazing at the grim reaper and wondering.

What does The Death tarot card mean? In general, it means: Like a caterpillar, one chapter is ending for you, but soon, your pain will transform into a beautiful butterfly.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Death card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are letting go of things and people that are no longer serving your highest interests.

  • Work

You may have to let go of your career path. The universe is preparing you for a better future, don’t resist it, and accept the change.

  • Academics

Academically, you may drop out completely. Although your parents and friends can find this decision abrasive, it will be for your highest good.

  • Affection

The Death card unfortunately denotes the painful ending of a relationship. You might be having a hard time trying to end things and forget about your significant other. Please note that if you don’t do it, universe will have to end this even more unpleasantly. 

For singles, The Death card can point out that there is an old pattern embedded in your head, and this clump is blocking you from attracting the lover you deserve.

  • Mind

In a more general sense, you could be scared of dying and fear of punishment. This card can also suggest vindictive ideas such as hurting or even torturing somebody really badly.

The Death tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Death card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You are deliberately resisting changing your work environment. Sadly, being headstrong is the worst thing you can do to yourself at the moment. Before the universe forces the change upon you, be courageous and make the necessary modifications with your own hands. 

You may fear being homeless and stick to a useless job for decades, but now change is imminent.

  • Academics

Your academic success will be affected by the internal deep transformation that you are going through. If you are a medical student or studying healing methods as a hobby, you should choose to channel this transformative energy for others’ good.

  • Emotion

If your past is trying to come back, don’t let that person in. It will create disappointment and misery as it happened before. On another level, reversed Death card can indicate divorce or the loss of a partner.

  • Mind

You are torturing yourself because you feel left behind. However, if you welcome the changes, those endings can help your soul metamorphosis.

No.14 The Temperance tarot card meaning

The Temperance tarot
  1. Numbers

The Temperance tarot card is the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana. The number 14 represents balance, positive direction, and being centered.

  1. Patterns

The Temperance card is a beautiful demonstration of the divine energy of angels. In the center, a wonderful angelic being floats in the air with massive wings, a bright light surrounds his head, and he continuously pours water from one cup to another. 

On the left, Sun is beaming its light over the mountains which is a powerful esoteric sign of accomplishments and rewards. On the right, daffodil flowers symbolize the purity and serenity.

What does The Temperance tarot card mean? In general, it means: You are in perfect harmony with your Yin and Yang energies.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Temperance card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are moving successfully towards your higher spiritual purpose.

  • Work

Balance and peace describe your work environment. You have fantastic colleagues that support your progress and happiness. The Temperance card is a long-term card; therefore, you should start writing down where would you like to see yourself in 3 years.

  • Academics

Academically, you are blending different aspects of your personality with hobbies, and studying a multidisciplinary major.

  • Affection

The Temperance card indicates a faithful relationship that teaches you a lot about yourself. You enjoy the emotional satisfaction of having a soulmate.

  • Mind

Your life purpose serves not only your interests but also all humanity. Use your knowledge to educate the newbies and share your insights generously.

The Temperance tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Temperance card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You are being too hasty and choose to disregard others’ perspectives which could have been helpful at work. You are not required to do everything alone. Make a division of labor and solve the problem piece by piece. This will ease you.

  • Academics

Lately, you might be acting self-absorbed and out of order. Although this won’t hurt much of your private studies, when it comes to group work, it can cause a literal academic mess.

  • Emotion

Your relationship is imbalanced, and this one-sidedness is killing the give-and-take dynamic. For singles, reversed The Temperance card means that you should continue working on yourself until you meet the Mr./Ms. Right person.

  • Mind

Your excessive thinking has led hatred and frustration to take control of your life. You need to stop creating conflict and correct your attitude for everybody’s happiness. Self-indulging thoughts can make you only lonelier.

Pharmacology Flash Cards

The 2023 Buyer’s Guide To The Best Pharmacology Flash Cards

You might want to think about getting some pharmacology flash cards. I agree that pharmacology is one of the most difficult classes in medical school.

This course is excessively challenging because of the massive quantity of material you will need to learn. Unfortunately, human memories can only absorb so much information in the massive quantities that are necessary.

So, we need a good resource that will help us learn pharmacology in a way that is enjoyable and not a chore.

When using flashcards, memorization becomes a game, a challenge, and an enjoyable activity. You may bring them with you everywhere and study and improve your memory by reading them again and again.

Make your own pharmacology flashcards if you find that this is the best way to study for exams. Give details on the drug’s classification, recommended dose, mode of action, medical uses, potential side effects, and warnings.

However, if you prefer ready-made flashcards, I recommend the following top 10 resources for pharmacology study.

Best Pharmacology Flash Cards For Nursing Students

1. Pharm Phlash Cards! (2nd Edition)

Pharm Phlash Cards!

These pharmacology flashcard sets, known as Pharm Phlash Cards, are of high quality and low cost. All of the cards are organized into different sets based on different body parts. There are many flashcards available to assist you study for your pharmacology examinations.


  • Reasonable Cost
  • Multiple decks of  cards
  • Absolutely brilliant design


  • You should still consult your textbooks for a more in-depth understanding of the subject.

2 . Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards (3rd Edition)

Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards

The USMLE is the major exam for which these pharmacology flashcards are intended to prepare the student.

A total of 230 flashcards make up the Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, which may be used to compare and contrast distinct drug classes, modes of action, side effects, therapeutic indications, and more.

Its low cost puts it well within reach of any student’s budget.


  • Useful for Studying for the USMLE Step 1
  • Produced by students for other students
  • Detailed cards
  • Very Affordable


  • Some commonly used drugs are left out

3. Mosby's Pharmacology Memory Cards

Mosby's Pharmacology Memory Cards

Nurses can benefit from Mosby pharmacology flash cards, which have visual cues, mnemonics, and other memory aids.

Student preferences have shown that Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Cards, albeit more expensive than other flashcard options, are nevertheless a popular option due to their high quality.

There are a number of different learning strategies built in, so it may be used by students of medicine who have a wide range of preferred learning styles. 

It’s packed with material just like that found in standard pharmacology textbooks, and it’s designed to assist medical students to pass their pharmacology examinations.


  • Prepare for your pharmacology examinations with this study guide.
  • Uses a wide range of teaching strategies (mnemonics, visuals, comedy, etc.)


  • Expensive

4. George M. Brenner, Ph.D.'s Pharmacology Flash Cards (4th Edition)

Ph.D.'s Pharmacology Flash Cards

Medical students who desire to become proficient in pharmacology may find Brenner’s flashcards invaluable. Offering novel perspectives on the subject, it makes pharmacology comprehensible in ways that are both accessible and engaging.

It’s very reasonable to find pharmacology difficult to comprehend. As a result, Brenner included clever mnemonics to help you remember fundamental pharmacological principles.

Specifically, the cards are meant to help students prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Subscribing to my Masterclass is a free option if you want access to in-depth, high-yield assessments of the Step 1 material.

You can immediately tell that this is a great pharmacology resource due to the fact that it delivers information that is both concise and comprehensive.


  • Prepares you well for the first USMLE step
  • Offers a Wealth of Pharmacology Data


  • Expensive

5.Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards from McGraw-Hill

Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards

By providing a convenient flashcard format, McGraw-Hill’s Flashcard for Pharmacology encourages effective learning of the subject. It only covers the 300 most widely used drugs. Typical childhood and adult immunizations are included as well.

Pictures and information on the drug’s identity, dosage, possible interactions with other medications, potential adverse effects, and other relevant details are included on each card.

Every purchase grants you private entry to a website stocked with in-depth data about each drug, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be left in the dark about any of them. Holes for a ring binder are already punched in the cards.


  • Comes with pictures for quick reference
  • Get exclusive, early access to a website with a wealth of additional information.
  • Integrated with holes for storing rings


  • Cards that are extremely thin
  • Fewer than 300 drugs are allowed

6. MediQuik Drug Cards

MediQuik Drug Cards

A set of MediQuik Drug Cards, with information on 300 regularly used drugs in a color-coded format, can be quite useful during clinical rotations. Generic names, drug classes, and potential side effects are all covered in depth.


  • A ring with pre-punched cards
  • more than 300 widely used drugs
  • Clearly marked with colors for quick reference


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • There are certain commonly used drugs that are left out
  • There are typos on a few of the cards

7. PharmCards


To aid second-year medical students in their preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), we present this pharmacology flashcard set. 

The purpose of these cards is to aid in the memorization of pharmacology ideas, and they are structured in accordance with the mechanism of action.

This updated version adds 50 additional drugs and a single chapter on basic pharmacology.


  • Successfully preparing for the USMLE Step 1
  • Considering only the underlying biomechanics


  • Disappointingly shallow coverage of topics

8. PharMnemonics: Illustrated Pharmacology Memory Cards


PharMnemonics is a fun and engaging way to study pharmacology, consisting of 282 flashcards. The cards provide amusing and inventive mnemonics that can help you remember information.

Drug names, classifications, modes of action, drug interactions, and side effects are all covered, and the material is current and thorough. Look for visual representations of the data, such as diagrams or tables, to study at your own pace.

The cards are laid out in a neat and orderly fashion. The kit kicks off with a summary card that has a drug list on one side and an illustrated diagram on the other.

This already gives readers a high-level introduction to the many categories of drugs and the theoretical underpinnings of drug therapy. There is a handy appendix with popular brand names.

For those who need to review pharmacology for board examinations, this flashcard set is ideal.


  • This is a great review of pharmacology
  • Extensive data on many drugs
  • Adapts the use of mnemonics to facilitate learning
  • Includes an appendix with standard brand names
  • Structured with a summary card


  • Some of the most popular drugs are left off

9. Test Yourself 400+ Pharmacology Mnemonics Flashcards

Test Yourself 400+ Pharmacology Mnemonics Flashcards

Test Yourself with Pharmacology Mnemonics is a collection of over 400 pharmacology flashcards. When studying for a pharmacology test, flashcards are a useful memory aid.

It is a great resource for learning about fundamental pharmacological principles, whether you’re studying alone or with a group. 

Some of the numerous subjects covered in this volume are the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, anti-cancer therapies, and many more.


  • Excellent for a fast refresher on basic pharmacological ideas
  • Suitable for both independent and collaborative research


  • There are some commonly used drugs missing from this list
  • Larger than standard flashcards

10. Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics

Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics

It’s the pharmacology quiz that every doctor has to know. As a study tool, it can help you better retain information about fundamental pharmacological ideas.

If you need to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 but don’t have time to study a hefty pharmacology textbook, this is a useful resource.


  • Effective pharmacology preparation for the USMLE Step 1
  • For individuals who need to review for exams, this is helpful


  • A lack of excessive specifics

Therefore, I hope that you find these pharmacology flashcards to be a helpful memory tool that allows you to learn pharmacology in the quickest, most entertaining, and least laborious way imaginable. 

In the future, you may use these flashcards to ace any pharmacology-related questions you may be asked.

catan board game

How To Play Catan Board Game For Beginners?

What Is Board Game Catan?

Catan board game, formerly known as ‘Settlers of Catan’ is a German style game that is considered a modern classic across the Globe.

It’s not just the critics who loved the game; the 35 million+ copies sold are a testament to the popularity of this awesome game, and you know what it deserves all the praise it gets.


The game takes space on the mysterious island of Catan, a new world full of optimism and opportunities! The game is designed for 3-4 players and takes around 60-120 minutes to finish.

The premise is pretty simple. You and your friends are settlers coming to settle on the island. Similar to our real world, these settlers want to build settlements, roads, and cities. So you are racing against your friends to make a sprawling civilization.

You’ll keep gathering victory points on your journey toward building a civilization. These points are important as they decide who wins the game, the player who gets 10 victory points wins, and the game ends there.

The game’s rules are simple, yet the mechanics are complex to give you a chance to create your own strategies when playing.

catan the board game

Why Is Catan Board So Popular?

As mentioned earlier, since its release in 1995, the game has been considered a modern classic. The game elegantly combines the aspects of trading and building in a simple and approachable board game that is unlike anything else.

Plus, we humans love to explore, so when you get a call to adventures, like to the island of Catan in this case, you’re not going to decline the offer.

The island is full of natural resources and beautiful sceneries; you can turn it into a sprawling civilization while going against your friends.

After reading all that, you might wonder, “This is a great game, the rules might be confusing”, and you’d be wrong to think so. 

Many people believe good games with complex mechanics are hard to get into, but not with Catan. The rules are straightforward, and anyone over 10 can thoroughly enjoy the game!

So in this next section, we will show you the easiest way to approach this game. By the end of the blog post, you’d be well versed in the game of Catan and start playing right away!

catan board game rules

How To Play Catan Board Game?

Before we jump into the rules, let’s get the basic setup done!

  • Number of players

Catan is a game meant to be played with 3-4 players.

  • Game Time

The game lasts anywhere between 60-120 minutes, spending how the game is proceeding.

  • Setup

Once you get a gist of how to play the game, you can try out different setups, but for now, stick to the setup shown in the rule book that comes with the game. This is the easiest way to kick-start!

  • Scoring

As mentioned earlier, the game ends when one of the players gets ten victory points!

Now that we have a general understanding of the basic setup and how the game is won let’s dive into the rules!

Catan Board Game Rules

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  • Components

The game comes with some components; let’s go over them individually.

  • Frame Pieces, Number Tokens, Terrain Hexagons

They are used to create the paying area; you have already set these up according to the rule book by now.

  • Sea Harbor Tokens

These are advanced items, and we won’t need them to understand how the game works.

  • Resource Cards

As the name suggests, these cards depict the Resources which can be used to build stuff; we’ll get to their uses in a moment.

  • Miscellaneous items

Developments cards, special cards, the Robber,  building costs, cities, settlements, roads, and the Dice will also be required as we proceed.

settlers of catan board game

Now that we know what the different components of the game are. We can start playing a trial round.

Choose Colors

Every player will choose a color and will be given the corresponding colored Building Costs and Building items (cities, roads and settlement pieces).

Place the cards

Take the Resource Cards and place them near the board; we will need them later. Do the same for the Development cards as well. 

Make sure to shuffle the development cards before placing the deck near the board. Place the Longest Road and Biggest Army Cards near the setup as well.

  • Distributing Resource Cards

To start the game, we first need to distribute some resource cards. Now, if you’ve set up the board according to the rule book, you’ll notice that all the payers have a base on the board. Each is on an intersection of hexagons.

Each house will be placed on an intersection of three hexagons, so you’ll need to give this player three resource cards corresponding to those hexagons.

For example: If the red house is placed at an intersection where the Brick, Grain, and Wood resource hexagons meet, give the player one card for each resource.

The game proceeds in three stages, Roll, Trade, and Build!

  • Roll

Pretty self-explanatory; choose a player who goes first and roll the dice. See what numbers pop up, and look for the token corresponding to this number you got on the board. 

Every player with houses on these hexagons will get a resource card corresponding to the resource it produces.

For example: If layer 1 rolls a 6, look for the hexagons with the number token 6. Then see who has houses at the intersection of that hexagon; these payers will get a resource card corresponding to that hexagon. Simple!

  • Trade

As the name suggests, you can trade the resource cards you have. Only the player whose turn is ongoing can trade with the other players; the other players can’t trade with each other.

You can’t trade development cards.

You can also take Resource cards from the game, but you’ll have to give up 4 resource cards of a type to get 1 resource card of the type you want.

This ratio is better at the ports. If you happen to be on a hexagon near the sea, and there is a port, there will also be a ratio written on it.

For example, Player 1 wants Wood and a port near him with a ratio of 2:1. So he gives away 2 sheep cards in exchange for 1 wood!

  • Build

This is the last step in your turn. You can now start building according to the costs given on your Building costs card.


For example: Player 1 spends 1 wood and 1 brick card on building a road.


Building Rules: You can only build roads if they are linked to existing roads, a city, or a settlement.


You can only build a settlement at a distance of two roads from another settlement.


Building a city has its perks, as when you build a city, you get double the resource cards on a dice roll. For example: 

Player one has a settlement on an intersection near a hexagon numbered 6. When the dice rolls to 6, as we saw before, every player in contact with a hexagon of this number gets a resource card corresponding to it. But you’ll get two this time as you have a city on it!

board games like catan
  • Development cards

You can buy development cards by spending Resource cards. These cards can be handy and sometimes even give victory points. You can read the instructions given on them.

You can only use the Development cards in your next turn. So you can’t instantly use it on the turn when you buy it.

  • Longest Road card

As the name suggests, the player who builds a continuous road of length 5 gets this card, which gives you 2 victory points. If someone else breaks your record, they get the cards instead.

  • Biggest Army

The player with 3 Knight cards gets these cards, which give two victory points, and if someone else has more knights than you, you give this card to them.

  • Rolling a 7 and the robber!

You might notice that the Number 7 number token is missing on the board; this is on purpose. Whenever a player rolls a 7, the center hexagon gets activated with a robber on it.

When this happens, every player has to do these three steps:

  1. Count the number of cards they have; if they have more than 7, discard 4.
  2. The player who rolled the seven then can place the robber on the hexagon of their choice; the hexagon won’t produce any resource now, even if the number corresponding to it is rolled. Therefore stealing their resources!
  3. The player who rolled the 7 can now pick any one card from the player whose settlement is near the robber-infested hexagon.

And that’s it. You keep building and collecting resources until someone gets 10 victory points, and when it happens, they win; the game’s over!

We hope you found this guide helpful; if you did, share it with your friend who will be playing Catan with you so that you enjoy the game to the fullest!

Want to create a card game as fun as Catan board game? Contact us to start your journey!


libra tarot card

Libra Tarot Card: Lifelong Journey for Justice and Balance

What Is Libra Tarot Card?

Libra is the most graceful, diplomatic, and compromising sign in astrology, and it is ruled by charming Venus. Libra rules the 7th house which is associated with mutual companionship, marriage, and open enemies. Libra tarot card‘s element is air and Libra cards in tarot are mostly depicted in the swords suit.

From time to time, Libra can be a bit self-absorbed and insincere, and numerous famous politicians have significant Libra placements. They utilize their potential best when they use their sweet tongue to persuade masses.

What Tarot Card Represents Libra?

Libra is symbolized by a scale, and always tries being as just as possible. In addition, Libra tactfully encourages reconciliation both in romantic relationships and political deadlocks. It would be fair to say that The Justice tarot card is the most akin tarot card associated with Libra.

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This card tells you that whatever seeds you sow is now coming back to you. If you put hard work, then you’ll be rewarded. However, if you made unjust decisions, then you will be facing some legal consequences.

The Justice tarot card tells you that only way to get that promotion is to have integrity. If you are constantly complaining, you can’t expect your job to improve. Be honest and truthful, and then universe will bless you.

Furthermore, The Justice card may signify some contracts being signed so definitely keep your hopes up! If you are already dealing with the court over disputes, the final decision will be in your favor.

In love, The Justice usually signifies a period where you sign contracts and get married. If this card appears reversed, then it may point out some commitment issues in your relationship.

If you are single, The Justice card wants you to evaluate yourself before getting into a new relationship. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation with a knowingly toxic person, otherwise you may get your share from their karmic debts.

Another Libra tarot card is The Empress tarot card. This is the card of fertility, beauty, and prosperity. It represents the balance of material abundance and the creative world. If other pregnancy cards also present in your reading, then The Empress may augur a child.

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The Empress can also indicate that a female in your life has been very nurturing lately. It can suggest working in a very nurturing/ feminine business, and highlight that now is the ideal time to find your confidence and discover your divine feminine.

In love, The Empress means that both you and your partner are going to be creating a new project together. Your relationship is blooming and moving into the next chapter. For singles, this card indicates that you are becoming more physically attractive and about to start a new relationship. Woo-hoo!

Queen of Swords is also a tarot card of Libra. This truthful witty Queen tells you that you are about a make a life-altering decision. You are a powerful person, and logic and reason are your allies.

You have a great mind and you can solve any problem. You will succeed over your enemies as long as you organize your thoughts & plan your future, and abstain from mulling over past. Your ability to assess situations quickly will help you ascend in your career.

If you are interested in building a family, you may have to revise your behaviors. You have been independent for some time, and you may experience complications adjusting to another person’s presence. If accompanied by The Tower or The Devil card, Queen of Swords can indicate single parenthood or divorce as well.

For singles, Queen of Swords is warning you to let go of your past and have faith in your potential future partner. They may actually exceed your expectations & offer you a lovely environment.

Another powerful tarot card for Libra is Two of Swords. If you picked this card, you’re probably sitting on the fence. Due to the emotional density of the situation you are in, you might be suffering from mental confusion and conflict. However, it would be better to make a decision rather than worrying and remaining at the crossroads.

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You may not know the right answer and feel trapped. Retreating from present moment may help with anxiety and can bring new insight. Know that once you made the decision, you will feel relieved at your new purpose.

In love, Two of Swords wants you to withdraw temporarily to sort out your feelings. If you are wondering whether you should leave this relationship, this card would advise you to give it a bit more time, face the fears that hold you in this relationship, and make your decision when the clarity comes.

If you are single, then Two of Swords can beckon your fears of losing a potential partner. Remember, if that person is not meant for you, he/she can’t stay anyways. Release your fears and manifest a person who brings you genuine happiness.

Lastly, Four or Swords is another tarot card representing Libra. Four or Swords suggests a time for rest and the need to retreat from your current situation. You are exhausted and need to pull back to discover the answers.

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This card usually pops up to people who are giving too much that they are becoming worn out. Go to mountains, have some “me time”, and clear your min so that you can recuperate.

In career, you might be worrying too much but this is not a good time to actively work. Stress can cause huge blockages in your mind which might be the main reason hindering your progress at work. You need some solitude and rest, and without following these steps, you can’t end your mental anguish.

When it comes to love, Four or Swords may indicate a phase of withdrawal or even breakup. Both you and your partner are aware that something is off about this relationship. If you feel battered, spend some alone time, and let the new insight in. Remember, Four or Swords offers you healing, not emotional loss.

How to play the Clue Board Game

How To Play The Clue Board Game?

What is the clue board game?

If murder mysteries are something you like, then the clue board game after a long day’s work is just what you need. As the name suggests, Clue is a game about searching for clues and ultimately deciphering the murder of Mr. Boddy!

It is a game with a rich history, created during World War 2 in the UK; it quickly became a household name, and rightfully so; everyone loves an excellent mystery, and in Clue, you get to be the one solving it. 

At first, it was called “Murder”, but over the years, the name went through some changes, becoming Cluedo, and at last settling on the name “Clue”.

Without any extra equipment or complex setup, you can enjoy a fun, action-packed game of Clue. The game is well suited for ages 8 and up and can be enjoyed by your entire family. 

The main goal of the game id deduce who the killer is; the winner of the game is the player who, by the process of elimination, was able to guess the three clue cards in the secret envelope.

These three cards hold the answer to Mr. Boddy’s murder! So now that you have a brief overview of the game, it’s time to dive deep into the rules and figure out how to play!

clue board game rules

How to play clue board game?

Before we know the rules, let’s first understand how the board is structured and how to set up the initial playing field.

Here are the components that you’ll find in a game of Clue:

  • Board
  • 6 Suspect Tokens
  • 6 murder weapons
  • Dice
  • Detective Notebooks
  • Secret Envelope
  • Room cards
  • Character Cards
  • Weapon cards
clue board game versions

Start by placing the Clue Board game down.

Next, sort the Character, Room, and Weapon cards into separate decks. Then pick the top card from each deck and put these three cards in the secret envelope. Place the secret envelope in the center of the board.

Distribute the remaining cards to the players. It doesn’t matter if some players get more cards than others.

Place one Murder Weapon in each Room (the game rule book should give you the name of the rooms in which each weapon goes, but not all Clue board games come with this)

Each player chooses a Token they’d like to play as in the game.

Ms. Scarlet always goes first, followed by the players beside her in a clockwise manner.

How to move in clue game?

The movement of the players across the mansion is pretty straightforward. We use the Dice given by the game to move along the squares played out in the mansion hallways.

Notice that the Dice has a magnifying glass symbol on it. This symbol represents the Clue cards. When you roll the dice and get this symbol, you pick up a clue card; if you get two characters, you pick two Clue cards.

The magnifying symbol is also a one, so if you get a magnifying glass symbol, you can move one square. You can only move horizontally and vertically; moving diagonally is prohibited.

Moving over other players is not allowed. You can enter the room if you get a number significant enough to enter a room. For example: If you roll a 7 and are near Room doorways 3 blocks away, you can still enter it.

You can move out of a room by rolling any number and coming out. You can’t leave a room if a player’s blocking the doorway. 

Although you can move out of the room and enter a new room, there’s a secret passage available. There can be more than one player in a room.

original clue board game

Suggesting a suspect

Once inside a room, a player can start suggesting a suspect. When suggesting a suspect, the player must mention the suspect’s name, the room the murder took place in, and which weapon was used.

For example: A player might say something like this – “I suspect Colonel Mustard did the murder in the Lounge with a wrench.”

Now that you’ve made a suggestion, it’s time to begin the detective work!

  • If you’ve suggested a suspect, the player to your left can disprove yourtheory by showing you one of the cards you mentioned in the suggestion. If the player on your left holds more than one such card, he can choose the one he wants to show you. Suppose he has no cards to disprove your theory. In that case, you move on to the next player and keep doing so until you either get a card to disprove your theory or no one has the cards to disprove your hypothesis.
  • If and when a player shows you a card, you can mark that card and the player who has it in your notebook. This way, you’ve eliminated some cards and gotten close to finding out who committed the crime!
  • Your notebook should always remain a secret, don’t show it to any other player.
clue board game characters


Once you’ve suggested a murder, and no one has disproved your theory, you can make an accusation.

You win the game when you make the correct accusation. This is done by accusing someone of committing the murder and then checking the secret envelope. 

Suppose your accusation about the murder is correct, you win the game, but if you’re wrong, simply place the secret envelope back down (don’t show it to anyone), and you’re now eliminated.

You’ll still have to show your cards when someone suggests, but you can’t move anymore. The other player continues playing the game until someone wins or everyone makes a wrong accusation. 

When every accusation turns out to be inaccurate, you all lose as the murderer gets away. And that’s basically how you play Clue card game!