Aries Tarot Card: Spirited Warrior of the Zodiac

What Is Aries Tarot Card?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the vernal equinox starts when the Sun enters Aries every year on March 21st. Mars is the ruling planet of the Aries tarot card, and thanks to Mars’ fiery energy, the weather starts to improve, spring blooms cover the pedestrian ways, and independent Aries walks up to the stage. As it starts the zodiacal year with the spring equinox, Aries is a natural leader who rules the 1st house in astrology.

Aries initiates, pushes, and supports you so that you can become a better version of yourself. Please beware that Aries can also be very selfish and self-absorbed. He can easily overlook your misery and turn his head the other way but know that this is merely an evolutionary reflex.

From the very beginning, Aries had to prioritize his energy for the strong ones and get rid of the weak, so that he could build his clan only from the top-notch warriors.

Despite centuries of confusion in numerous sub-topics of astrology, Aries remained intact and has always been symbolized with a ram. Ram’s horns illustrate not only his brutal power but also his determined nature.

In medical astrology, Aries rules the head and specifically, the brain. Many leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians are either Aries or have a crucial placement in Mars.

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What Tarot Card Represents Aries?

Now that we covered what Aries is, let’s check out what tarot card represents Aries. The most powerful Aries zodiac tarot card is undoubtedly The Emperor tarot card.

In general, The Emperor represents a masculine authoritarian figure around you that can take a lot of your power. This card warns you that it is time to take back your power! On another level, you might have to be more Emperor-like to achieve what you need to achieve.

Aries supports you to feel more confident and to focus on discipline, only then achievements will fall into your lap. In love, The Emperor can signify an inflexible partner (or ex) that is currently rendering you powerless. This could be domination through lust. Know that despite feeling helpless, you can reclaim your power.

Aries tarot cards are mostly in the wand suit. Their element is fire, and wands mainly represent travel, career, and anything involving physical movement.

For example, Three of Wands is an important card that indicates travel, making new partnerships and alliances, and being more supported by others. There will be new synchronicities coming in that you haven’t noticed before.

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You need to be patient as your career starts to thrive and congratulate yourself for making these courageous decisions! Even if you’re not seeing them, you need to remind yourself to have a bit of patience because your seeds are growing.

On the subject of love, Three of Wands is a very positive card and can indicate moving forward in a relationship. It can be something that starts as a holiday romance but then turns into something stronger. For singles, it can mean meeting with a foreigner or starting a long-distance relationship.

The Four of Wands is another Aries tarot card. This auspicious card suggests stability, joyous celebrations, and reaping the fruits of your efforts. It can indicate a deeper commitment in an existing relationship, marriage, or any positive improvement around the house (You might be buying property or moving in with your partner).

As regards to business, The Four of Wands symbolizes a welcoming work environment with others who dance to the same drumbeat as you are. This is a job that brings joy, stability, and satisfaction into your life. If you asked your tarot cards whether to accept a specific job offer, The Four of Wands tells you to grab it immediately!

In an Aries tarot card reading, we have to mention the King of Wands. This king is a warrior who loves any type of challenge. He sits confidently on his throne because he knows he reached the top of his game. King of Wands advises you to use the given opportunities to the fullest and be more self-confident.

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Although sometimes King of Wands may prioritize his selfish interests and pleasures, he is still based on honesty and decency. However, he needs to release his energy with physical activities or travel otherwise he can lose his temper & be very hurtful.

In any reading, King of Wands illustrates a “My way or highway” type of energy. You may be at a crossroads where you need to take action and move forward. If wands appear in your reading, then it is not a time to rest or pause. Get up!

In love, King of Wands symbolizes an intolerant partner, whose heart is full of passion and dynamism. A relationship with him will last longer only if there is reciprocity of love and compassion (a tiny warning for your heart).

Lastly, here we have another tarot card reading for Aries: Queen of Wands. This Queen is a great tarot card for Aries owing to her twisted sense of humor, who is also very intuitive, strong, and brave. If you are an Aries Sun or Aries Moon, then you might have some qualities of the Queen of Wands! Just like her, you may be a fantastic performer who prefers to act rather than dream all day in bed.

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In business, Queen of Wands can indicate that you are very ambitious and determined, and always up for a challenge. Such qualities make you a huge achiever as long as your energy is channeled in the right direction, so keep on going!

On her darker side, The Queen of Wands can be a bit bossy and impatient. She may lack empathy and compassion, and it can get really difficult to keep up with her. If you are a person who creates high drama and then solves it, try to focus more on Queen’s adventurous and growing energy, and not her drawbacks.

As you can see, you will never be bored when you’re hanging out with Aries. They always find a way to squeeze the fun into any adventure!