Aquarius Tarot Card: The Humanitarian Thinker of Our Age

What Is Aquarius Tarot Card?

Aquarius tarot card is known as the most logical of air signs and it rules the 11th house in astrology. This is the house of organizations, masses, and unexpected financial gains. 

In modern astrology, Aquarius is symbolized as a bucket, but its mythology dates back to Ancient Egypt. 

Ancient mystics associated Aquarius with the fierce waters of the Nile River and designated Aquarius as the powerhouse that either brought abundance or great famine to the people of Egypt.

Hellenistic astrologers believed that Aquarius was under the rulership of Saturn, which is the planet of restrictions, blockages, and life lessons. 

In the 20th century, modern developments led New-Age astrologers to declare that the Age of Aquarius had arrived thanks to the breakthroughs initiated by Uranus.

Now, many consider Aquarius to be ruled by 2 planets: Saturn and Uranus. According to their point of view, Aquarius is responsible for electricity, modern technology, and making high-tech available to millions of people.

Aquarius represents organizations because, at its core, it merges people. It points out the importance of being a humanitarian and showing tolerance. Modern astrologers presume that Aquarius also rules social media, NFTs, and all cryptocurrencies.

What Tarot Card Is Aquarius?

Now let’s check out what tarot cards represent Aquarius: The Star tarot card is perhaps the most famous Aquarius tarot card. The Star card suggests peace after the storm since it brings new hopes to the table. 

This card wants you to know that your life will beautifully fall into place because you had faith in the good. All the dangers are passed and now you can enjoy the serene atmosphere.

aquarius card in tarot

According to The Star card, you are at a point where the universe fully supports your spiritual ventures. Your creativity has just opened up a new career path for you and you are no longer struggling. If you are pondering whether to switch jobs, go for it! This will be a very rewarding and fulfilling job.

The Star card represents a time of freedom not only in career but also in the love scenes. Your relationship is improving because you left all the toxic people behind. 

You are connected to your partner in balance now, and you enjoy reciprocal love. If you are single, you may meet an Aquarius soon and you will enjoy the serenity and beauty of life.

The Fool tarot card is another Aquarius card in the tarot in the Major Arcana. The Fool is the embodiment of new beginnings, and it is an incredibly positive card! 

Although some people criticize The Fool for its reckless nature, one of the greatest strengths of this card is its spontaneity.

what tarot card is aquarius

Your soul pushed you forward and now it’s time to leap! This is a powerful time for taking great risks and if others decide to judge you, just ignore them! Remember, the only way to win is to take a huge risk.

In your career sector, you may have to go on uncharted paths. But cheer up because this is the ultimate card for an entrepreneur! You can’t get what you want with your steady routine. 

This new career direction will require your utmost determination, discipline, and faith, and if you do your part, then blessings will pour in! The Fool card signifies beginnings so it can actually bring you a new relationship. 

Be flexible & open-minded, and try new places! You will meet your future partner in an unexpected time at an unexpected place.

There are numerous tarot cards for Aquarius in the Minor Arcana. For instance, Page of Swords is a tarot card for Aquarius, and it represents the logical aspect of your inner child.

You are a prudent person who is capable of solving problems quickly. However, your “to-the-point” nature can sometimes put you in difficult situations. From time to time, you may rush out on big projects where you need the calmness most.

On another level, you might be dating a journalist or public servant who loves to play with words. Either case, remain cautious and don’t get sucked into arguments. Your partner might be just trying to astound you.

Ace of Swords is also a tarot card that represents Aquarius. It suggests new beginnings and new inspiration in your life. Make sure to write down the new ideas that are coming in!

Ace of Swords advises you to pause and think before you speak. In this new phase of your life, it is important to channel your creativity in a job that you initiated!

tarot cards for aquarius

Ace of Swords is either bringing a change or a brand-new career path for you. Note that tapping into your mental strength will boost your career. If you are contemplating whether to invest in a company, this is a good time to take that chance and diversify your finances.

With the presence of Ace of Swords, the fog and mental chaos in your love life will also lift. As things get clear about what you want in your relationship, you will have new ideas on how to improve it.

You might be planning to take your partner on a vacation or go to an event together. You share similar intellectual goals/mindsets so this could be an ideal time to discuss your future investments as well.

Last but not least, Knight of Cups is a tarot card of Aquarius. You might be working on a project that tickles your heart and inspires others’ souls. Try to utilize this creative & juicy energy in your business that uplifts others.

On another level, it represents a dreamy, sensitive, and brave gentleman who is bringing you an offer. Romance might be entering your realm and a proposal might be on its way.

Knight of Cups leaves the logical portion of Aquarius behind and moves forward with his emotions. Due to the emotional intensity, beware that you might be over-idealizing your partner.

Finally, you might meet someone in a holiday resort or take your partner to a weekend getaway. Knights in tarot are known for their commitment issues, but Knight of Cups can actually constitute an exception.