Angel Oracle Cards: Godsend Messages from Above

From very early on, spiritualists believed that God taught the mysteries of life to the angels first. They educated Adam, and then he passed the secrets to humankind. Nowadays, many people are unaware of these sacred teachings and even forget how to connect with the divine world. Here Angel oracle cards come into play.

Angel oracle cards are a specific type of divination card designed to enhance the spiritual awareness of users. They can be used on their own or added to a tarot spread to acquire supplementary insight.

Some of the most common angels illustrated in these decks are Biblical Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and they are renowned for answering your questions, bestowing blessings, and helping you manifest your heart’s desires.

Not only Angel cards would not interfere with your religiosity, but as a matter of fact, they can even enhance your understanding of God.

As you dive deep into your spiritual journey, Angel cards can offer you wonderful company and bring good energy. Their presence in your life would raise your vibration, enable you to discover other dimensions, and channel the messages from otherworldly entities.

For some people, the messages channeled by tarot cards such as the Rider-Waite deck can be a bit harsh, but Angel oracle card readings will always be easy on you.

When in need of help, cleanse your deck, shuffle it, and pick a card. The higher the concentration, the better your reading will be. The most common angel card readings are as short as a one-card pull or a 3-time spread (past, present, future).

angel oracle cards


Best Angel oracle cards are the ones that you feel spiritually aligned with. Once you feel empowered in the presence of your Angel card deck, then no one can take away that awakened intuition. If you find yourself in a confused state of mind, be in the gratitude mindset and turn to your Angel Answers oracle cards.

Ask them openly and your angels will show you the right path in the most tender way. Although an angel oracle deck can be used for any question in life, note that if you are on the quest seeking answers to bigger questions in life, then The Archangel oracle cards might be a better fit for you.

Archangels are incredibly enlightened spiritual beings, and they are always ready to offer their wisdom.

Archangel oracle cards

Archangels are great because none of them will ever judge you or make you feel bad yourself. But among all, Archangel Michael stands out. He is the greatest because he never turns his back on anyone.

Michael will always be there for you when you ask for his protection. He can aid you with finding your life mission as well. If you want to deepen your connection with him, sleeping or meditating with Archangel Michael’s oracle cards Doreen Virtue can be very helpful.

Another wonderful Archangel is Gabriel, he is known as the great messenger and can be a fantastic company especially if you are an artist or writer. Start your day with Archangel Gabriel’s oracle cards and enjoy the encouraging messages that he brings to you.

Gabriel will find a way to uplift your spirit and relieve your stress. If you are an entrepreneur looking for new ideas all day every day, then Archangel Gabriel can boost your energy and creative expression, making things much easier for you.

When people are first introduced to the presence of angels, it is completely normal to have conflicting emotions. Luckily, there are so many options out there that anyone and everyone can find a suitable deck for them.

For example, if you are suffering from a lack of emotional support, an incredibly effective method is healing with the angel’s oracle cards. Archangel animal oracle cards can help ease your pain and gain your strength back.

Archangel animal oracle cards

Moreover, if you are a crystal collector who believes in the magic of rocks, Crystal Angels oracle cards can benefit you greatly. Crystals are specific rock formations that possess the power to collect and emit light, therefore, they can augment the beneficial energies of angels exponentially and aid you with your spiritual journey.

Thanks to the rise of New Age practices, Karma became a hot topic that everyone knows a little bit about. One of the growing subjects related to Karma is Ancestorial worshipping, and many people want to build altars in their homes in order to connect with their deceased relatives.

However, this type of communication requires utmost patience and may not be suitable for everybody. If you have limited opportunities but desire to connect with your loved ones, try Angels and Ancestors oracle cards.

You will be able to build a genuine connection with your loved ones, and they will guide you by sending you messages via this deck when you ask for their help.

Angels and Ancestors oracle cards

There’s so much to enjoy in life, and love is perhaps the most etheric energy in the universe that brings us the jolliest moments. The Romance Angels oracle cards are perfect if you are in the romantic mood and determined to learn more about your partner, or about your relationship in general!

This deck can help you detect any third-party situation and solve it immediately. It would also be helpful if you are trying to enhance intimacy and deepen your sacred connection with your partner.

In addition to their emotional support, Angels can assist with your business and investments as well. You may be at a crossroads pondering for hours and still unable to find a satisfying answer. This happens to the best of us, luckily, we have angels on our side whom we can consult.

Angels of Abundance oracle cards are specifically designed to bring clarity to financial matters and assist you with making choices when consulted.

This deck is specifically great because meditating or sleeping with it will shift you from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, and you won’t need anything ever again, because the universe will supply before you even demand.

Angels of Abundance oracle cards