Use Affirmation Cards: Why Affirmations Are Important?

You may have heard of affirmation decks or have adopted them as a daily ritual. Affirmation cards, as the name implies, have something to do with “affirmation”. During the global distress with COVID, affirmation card has become increasingly popular. 

What exactly is it and why is it so popular? There is a real theory and a lot of neuroscientific evidence behind it.

What Are Affirmation Cards?

An affirmation card deck is a group of cards with a single confirmation, similar to tarot cards or oracle cards. It has a powerful phrase combined with a sentence on each card, usually stated in the first person and well thought out. 

Some of the more elaborate affirmation cards are also accompanied by warm, healing motifs for a stronger visual feel.

affirmation card

Why Affirmations Are Important?

At one time or another, we have all had negative and unhealthy thoughts about ourselves or our lives, and it is human nature to do so. Regular affirmations to ourselves can help shift our emotions and get rid of negative thought patterns. 

But more importantly, affirmations can bring positivity back into our lives and help restore or increase our self-confidence, which can ultimately change the way we behave and even our destiny. However, why do affirmations work?

1. Self-affirmation theory

Self-affirmation theory, proposed by the famous psychologist Steele C M, is one of the key psychological theories behind affirmation. He believes that the individual’s ego is a balanced and complete system. 

And, when the individual suffers from information that threatens the ego, the balance of the ego system will be disrupted. At this point, the individual can often take several steps:

1) Accept the reality and change the ego. But accepting threatening information means admitting that you are a failure and inadequate, which may cause self-identity confusion.

2) Mitigating the threat of information to the ego through psychological defense reactions such as denial and misinterpretation. In this way, the individual can generate self-satisfaction for a short period of time and maintain the ego as a whole. 

However, it is not conducive to their recognition of reality and the opportunity to learn from it and improve themselves is lost.

3) Affirming the important value of the self by thinking about one’s strengths or engaging in activities that are not related to the threat domain, thus preserving the self as a whole.

It teaches us that self-affirmation is not about being exceptional, perfect, or good. Rather, it is simply about being competent and sufficient in the different areas we personally value to be called an ethical, flexible, and good person.


2. Self-identity theory

Psychologist Erikson has a very important concept in personality research called self-identity. He thinks it is a very important life task. The degree of self-identity is different for each person. 

Some people have a clear position of themselves and a clear goal, so they live their lives with firmness and direction. But some people do not know themselves or what they want, so they live a muddled life.

Our self-identity can be flexible, rather than seeing ourselves in a “fixed” way, such as “student” or “son”. We can see ourselves adopting a range of different identities and roles. This means that we can also define success in different ways. 

Thus, we can see different aspects of ourselves as positive and can adapt better to different situations.


3. Empirical evidence

A large body of empirical research supports the positive effects of self-affirmation. The study found that the self-affirmation group was superior in these areas relative to the control group:

  • Reducing stress and contemplation, such as less stress about deteriorating health.
  • Perceiving other “threat” messages with less resistance, including interventions.
  • Valuing harmful health information and responding with the intent to improve.

Although they are all mindful conversations, the physical affirmation card has the added benefit of allowing you to choose a random affirmation. 

This can go a long way in stopping us from using the same affirmation day after day to the point of losing its impact. In addition, you can:

  • Motivates you to act on your goals, and increases your self-confidence and self-assurance.
  • Increases your focus and concentration on accomplishing your goals.
  • Reduces negative thoughts while increasing positive ones.
  • Influence your subconscious mind to access new belief patterns.

In short, when people are in an unconditional, positively focused relationship (either with themselves or with others), the potential for self-actualization kicks in and urges you to make beneficial changes. 

Positive affirmation cards can therefore be a very useful tool for people who are stuck in a rut, depressed, or feel like they are not living their best life.

How To Use Affirmation Cards?

Affirmations are easy to say, but difficult to implement. In order for affirmations to really work, you need to repeat the affirmation decks and truly believe in what they say from the inside. 

You can certainly make your own affirmation cards (positive cards), but using ready-made printable affirmation cards makes it easier to come up with aspects and phrases you may not have thought of.

1. Display of the affirmation deck

Place your affirmation card in a place that you pass by every day and is obvious, so that you can associate this area with performing affirmations. 

For example: bathroom mirror, dresser mirror, kitchen refrigerator, working desk, water dispenser, bedside table, etc.

affirmation deck

2.Operation of the affirmation card

First, select a deck of affirmation cards printable, look through all the cards, and take out any affirmation cards you think are not relevant to you or your situation in advance.

Then, perform 2 to 3 even shuffles and select a card at random. Read the confirmation message printed on the card several times over, and you can also write the sentences in a notebook or journal.

Finally, place the card in a conspicuous place so you can see the card throughout the day. You can even carry it around with you and take it out whenever you remember to look at it. 

When the day is over, put the cards back in the deck and shuffle them to prevent the same card from being drawn next time.

3. Time of affirmation card deck

When using affirmation cards, there are no hard and fast rules about time or frequency. However, it is recommended that you can take a card and repeat it 3 ~ 5 times after you draw it to reinforce positive beliefs.

  • After getting up

The morning is the best time to determine how you want the rest of your day to go. Positive mornings have a very powerful impact on the day, so this is the perfect opportunity to practice affirmation cards. 

You can place a deck of affirmation oracle cards next to the mirror, take one of them and mentally recite it a few times and start the day off right.

  • Before sleep

Bedtime is the time to wrap up and end the day. Using tarot affirmations and self-encouragement at this time will relax your mind and help get rid of the worries and tensions of the day. 

Also, a relaxed mind will keep you calm and active the next morning, leaving you energized for the day ahead.

Positive Affirmation Cards For Adults Recommendations

  • I Am Everything Affirmation Cards By Tarisha Clark
I Am Everything Affirmation Cards

“I am” is the most powerful phrase you can say, because what comes after “I am” defines who you are in the moment. This deck of affirmations tarot deck helps you strive to reaffirm your greatness every day, reminding you of all your amazing qualities.

  • Birth Affirmation Cards By Ritzy Rose
Birth Affirmation Cards

Birth Affirmation Cards are positive statements for expectant mothers to bring strength and positivity. They are available in a variety of beautiful words and colors that allow mothers to focus on the words and colors during each contraction.

  • Daily Affirmation Cards By Ash
Daily Affirmation Cards

This is a set of PDF digital files that you can download directly for your handy use. It comes with beautiful bohemian illustrations and powerful phrases that can be a source of daily inspiration and motivation.

  • Bloom And Bliss Affirmation Cards
Bloom And Bliss Affirmation Cards

This “Goal-Getter” set from the Bloom And Bliss store is designed for anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. Whether you want to reach a goal, develop better habits, or just need some daily self-motivation, you can see great benefits from using them every day.

Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

This set of tarot affirmations can inspire, comfort and empower moms during the pregnancy journey. Each card features gorgeous scenes and affirmations that show mothers that pregnancy and childbirth can be peaceful and enjoyable!

  • Zig Ziglar Affirmation Card
Zig Ziglar Affirmation Card

This deck of affirmation flash cards from Tom and Zig Ziglar , shares many everyday principles. By using it, you can learn how to prepare for success, unleash your potential and transform your life.

Whether you’ve used affirmation cards before or not, it’s easy to start a new affirmation deck. There are many simple exercises you can do every day to strengthen your mind set.

If you don’t mind a little organized chaos, you can even mix the decks together and incorporate them all into your daily life. While affirmation cards are a powerful and life-changing tool, they are not a panacea, so use them wisely.