About WJPC Founder - Jack Yang

As an entrepreneur, I have been engaged in researching and manufacturing game cards since 2006.

While saving paper material, I am constantly looking for degradable environmental protection materials to reduce carbon footprint and support green printing for our society.

I created WJPC to help people get a better playing feeling and educational joy in playing card games. Our mission is to be the best cards manufacturer and game card printing company you can be proud of and to provide you with high-quality printing services.

About the WJPC Founder

Company Timeline

With 18+ years of manufacturing experience, 12 years of foreign trade export practice, and 2 manufacturing factories/plants, WJPC has established itself as a Chinese playing cards manufacturer and a reliable tarot card printer worldwide.

Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Co., Ltd.

Start up

Jack Yang was always concerned about the quality of regular playing cards when playing poker with friends due to their low repeat usage. By chance, Jack met a group of poker professionals and learned about their high demand for playing cards (poker). So Jack came up with the idea of building his own company and brand. In 2006, he founded Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Co., Ltd. – a custom playing card factory.

Dongguan Wangjing Poker Co., Ltd

Fast developing

In 2009, Wangjing company opened its International foreign trade order business, expanding from the mainstream custom playing cards and game cards to custom tarot cards, personalized oracle cards and educational flashcards, and playing card accessories, such as card box packaging and instruction booklets printing. In 2019, Jack established Dongguan Wangjing Poker Co., Ltd. – a new playing card manufacturing plant.

WJPC Branding Logo


In 2021, to better serve overseas customers and respond faster to logistics needs., he established a separate office in Hong Kong, named Hong Kong Wangjing Card Co., Ltd (Hong Kong Win King Paper Co., Ltd.). In 2022, to better adapt to the development of trading cards (TCG games), electronic games, and virtual card games, Dongguan’s company changed its name to Guangdong Wangjing Card Game Tech Co., Ltd.

As an environmentally and responsible-conscious
playing card manufacturer, we keep low prices but never sacrifice quality.

Our Strengths

Absolute Focus

♦ Absolute Focus

Since established, WJPC has only focused on custom card manufacturing and never strayed into other areas. This has given us enough depth of experience and technology in card printing, and even become top3 custom card printers in China.

We started with playing cards, and slowly expanded to tarot cards, oracle cards, game cards, flash cards, etc. Also, we gradually perfected the manufacturing of card matching items, like card boxes, instruction booklets, game accessories, etc.
So we can help you build a complete professional deck of cards.

♣ Powerful Capacity

We have a total factory area of over 20,000 square meters, including office, workshop, warehouse, logistics, living and other areas. Whether it’s the product process from order, produce and transport, or the employees life from learn, work and relax, we are equipped with high level facilities. So, our customers can get high quality products and services from WJPC; our employees can realize their personal value and go beyond themselves from WJPC.

We have several superior Heidelberg printing, automatic slitting, forming, wrapping, die cutting, laminating and other machines, so all products can be completely produced, processed and controlled quality in our own factory, thus saving our customers’ time and money costs.

Powerful Factory Capacity
Color Control

♥ Color Control

The precise control of color is WJPC’s core strength. We have introduced the Prinect Color Control System of Heidelberg, which is the leading equipment manufacturer and color authority in the printing industry all over the world. 

So we can automatically read and record the color in the first printing. Once the color is found to be incorrect after printing, it can be recreated very soon. And, if the customer wants to repeat the order, the later color error can be no more than 2%. This will save the processing and rework costs for our customers to a great extent.

♠ Huge Storage

The long history and economic strength of WJPC allow us to stock over 600 tons of paper and other materials in our warehouse. They include imported black core papers, art papers, blue core papers, PVC papers, white cardboards, laminating materials, finishing materials, different inks and so on.

 Because the prices of these materials are very easy to fluctuate in the market, our huge warehousing can ensure that: for the entire contract period of the order, or even longer, the prices and delivery time for our customers will not be easily affected in any way.

Huge Storage
Professional Team from WJPC

♦ Professional Team

At present, WJPC has over 400 employees in total (Dongguan and Shenzhen), of which more than 67% of our managers, office staffs and technicians have vocational skills certificates or bachelor’s degrees. 

We have several core departments: Board of Directors, Business, Marketing, E-Commerce, After-sales, R&D, Engineering, Production, Quality, Logistics, Warehousing and other departments, covering the whole product process. Our clear and comprehensive company structure and professional teams enable us to provide better services to our customers.

♣ Kickstarter Project

At present, we have helped many independent card creators and designers with the printing and delivery of their Kickstarter projects in custom playing cards, custom tarot cards, custom oracle cards, etc., and have seen them succeed. 

Work with us for your KS projects, you can not only get hundreds of art templates and more accurate budget plans, but also have 6% discount from us on your EXW orders and promotion on our online platforms.

About Kickstarter Project

Our Production Equipment

Paper cutting machine
Paper cutting machine
Heidelberg printing press
Heidelberg printing press
Hole puncher machine
Hole puncher machine
Automatic varnishing machine
Automatic varnishing machine
One-piece card cutting machine
One-piece card cutting machine
Automatic card detection machine
Automatic card detection machine
Automatic card sorting machine
Automatic card sorting machine
Automatic corner cutting machine
Automatic corner cutting machine
Automatic boost pack package machine
Automatic boost pack package machine

Our Team


Alex Dong

Chief Technical Consultant 

Member of the Printing Technology Association of China, responsible for leading all technical staff training, promotion, and assessment in WJPC. Alex has entered the printing industry since 1980. He has long been engaged in printing standardization and whole-process quality management research.


Quincy Zeng

Foreign Trade Sales Manager

9 years of experience in overseas marketing in playing card marketing, with a double bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics, she is good at researching the growth points and innovation of the custom card printing industry and is proficient in market operation.


Wensong Li

Prepress Design Director

9 years of experience in printing and packaging design, responsible for guest manuscript inspection and revision, imposition and paper output in prepress work of WJPC. He can quickly understand customers’ design ideas and needs and strictly control the bleeding distance, colour ratio, and more.


Junyi Yang

Senior Press Printing Manager

Senior printing engineer, has 15 years of experience in printing workshop management, responsible for on-site production operation, cost control, continuous improvement, safety management, staffing and other work in the printing department of WJPC.


Tao Yu

Quality Control Manager

10 years of experience in quality management, responsible for implementing various printing standards. She is involved in inspecting the entire process from raw materials to finished products to delivery, and strictly monitors the quality of every detail.


Jingdong Xiao

Warehouse Logistics Manager

20 years of logistics warehousing experience, responsible for the consolidation of the supply chain, warehousing, logistics, and the entire transportation arrangement in WJPC. He can make products arrive at the port on time according to customer needs.

Our Social Responsibilities

As a professional and responsible card printing factory, WJPC has been doing a good job in the quality of its own products while constantly trying to contribute to a better future together.

For production, our strong production strength, standardized operation system and humanistic management regime have been certified by SGS, ISO9001, amfori-BSCI, Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier and many other certifications. Our customized products, including raw materials for paper and cardboard, inks, varnishes and laminates for surface treatment, have been tested and certified by third parties such as EN71, REACH, CE, CPC, ASTM, CPSIA, CCPSA, etc.

For society, we have joined the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), amd have been striving to use sustainable and recyclable materials to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources. We solemnly promise that all materials used do not contain any animal fur or bones.

In more detail, we use soybean ink for printing and support paper options such as kraft paper and herb paper. What’s more, we offer paper sleeves (plastic or paper) and kraft paper bags instead of shrink wrap or plastic boxes to significantly reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging. You can click on “Green Printing” to learn more.


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