Unleashing Your Tarot Vision: A Guide to Oracle & Tarot Card Publishers

For aspiring tarot deck creators, securing a partnership with a reputable publishing house can alleviate the complexities of printing, distribution, and marketing. These established entities offer a platform to amplify your reach and propel your success within the tarot community.

This comprehensive guide unveils 11 esteemed tarot card publishers specializing in oracle and tarot decks, equipping you with the knowledge to embark on your querying journey with confidence.

While traditional publishing remains a viable option, it’s essential to acknowledge the growing popularity of self-publishing, which grants authors greater autonomy over their creative endeavors. Embarking on this path enables you to maintain complete control throughout the entire process.

6 Traditional Tarot Card Publishers

1. US Games

Rooted in a legacy spanning over five decades, US Games has solidified its position as a leader in the tarot card publishing domain. With a commitment to transparency, their submission guidelines provide a clear roadmap for aspiring deck creators.

Product Submission: https://www.usgamesinc.com/new-product-guidelines.html

Best Selling:

US Games

2. La Scarabeo

Translating to “The Scarab,” this publisher stands firm in its mission to explore the realms of tarot, spirituality, and art through a lens of quality, tradition, and innovation. Their diverse offerings extend beyond tarot and oracle decks, encompassing rune stones, pendulums, and Lenormand decks.

Product Submission: https://www.loscarabeo.com/en/pages/contatti

Best Selling:

La Scarabeo

3. Llewellyn

A household name within the tarot community, Llewellyn’s guidelines emphasize practical, functional decks that adhere to the traditional 78-card tarot structure while embracing innovative variations seamlessly integrated into the deck’s internal system.

Product Submission: https://www.llewellyn.com/about/author_submissions.php

Best Selling:


4. Blue Angel Publishing

Born from a metaphysical bookstore and art gallery, Blue Angel Publishing has evolved into a dynamic entity, crafting exquisite products that convey profound messages and offer healing to the world. Currently, they are not accepting submissions but encourage keeping an eye out for future opportunities.

Product Submission: https://blueangelonline.com/contact-us/

Best Selling:

Blue Angel Publishing

5. Rockpool Publishing

Based in Australia, Rockpool Publishing specializes in spiritual, wellness, and self-help publications, including oracle cards. Their mission is to bring to market products that resonate deeply with society.

Product Submission: https://www.rockpoolpublishing.com/manuscript-submissions

Best Selling:

Rockpool Publishing

6. REDFeather Mind, Body, Spirit

An imprint under the Schiffer Publishing umbrella, REDFeather Mind, Body, Spirit upholds a tradition of producing exceptional, one-of-a-kind books and decks related to personal growth, insight, and empowerment.

Product Submission: https://redfeathermbs.com/pages/submit-a-proposal

Best Selling:

REDFeather Mind, Body, Spirit

5 Self-Publishing Avenues for Tarot Visionaries

While the allure of traditional publishing holds promise, the path to self-publishing your oracle or tarot deck unveils a world of possibilities. This journey empowers you to maintain creative control while laying a strong foundation for success. However, vigilance is paramount to navigate the landscape and steer clear of unscrupulous entities.

1. WJPC: A Trusted Printing Tarot Card Publisher

With 17 years of expertise, WJPC stands as a professional custom tarot card printing company and manufacturer. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their membership with the American Tarot Association (ATA), enhancing their ability to serve deck creators. Offering a vast array of customization options, from diverse card stock choices to packaging solutions and accompanying materials, WJPC provides a comprehensive printing experience.

2. Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Your Vision

Kickstarter emerges as a viable option when financial constraints hinder your project’s kickstart. By enabling the public to financially back their interests, this platform validates your endeavor through a crowdfunding model, effectively supporting your creation’s publication. However, achieving success on Kickstarter demands ongoing dedication and strategic promotion.

3. Etsy: A Vibrant Creative Marketplace

Etsy presents a ready-made audience for your unique products, akin to a perpetual arts and crafts fair. While this approach alleviates the burden of driving traffic to your own website, it’s crucial to weigh the potential drawbacks, such as increasing fees and commissions, which could impact your profitability. Etsy can serve as a launching pad, but may not be a permanent solution.

4. Amazon: Tapping into a Vast Audience

Amazon’s vast platform offers the opportunity to have your products distributed to a global audience. However, navigating the intricacies of membership tiers, commissions, and personal preferences regarding the platform itself demands thorough research and introspection.

5. Personal Website and Wholesale Channels

Establishing your own online presence through a dedicated website, potentially utilizing platforms like Shopify, grants you complete autonomy. However, attracting the right audience requires strategic marketing efforts and ongoing maintenance. Alternatively, exploring wholesale opportunities with bookstores, metaphysical shops, and retailers can provide another avenue for distribution and visibility.

Regardless of the path you choose, the tarot community eagerly awaits your unique vision and contribution, fostering an environment where self-expression and creativity can flourish.