6 Free Printable Christmas Games For Kids And Card Backs

Prepare for the most enchanting time of the year! From late November to the start of the new year, the festive spirit of Christmas permeates the air. It’s that special time when families and friends unite without any disruptions.

To add a dash of festive fun to your gatherings, we would like to share 6 free printable Christmas games for family. These card games are ideal for holiday parties and are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Additionally, we’ve thoughtfully provided free printable poker-sized card backs (63 x 88mm, 2.48 x 3.46″) for you to effortlessly craft your own card game and infuse a personalized touch to your celebrations.

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A printable set of 25 Forbidden cards + 2 blank cards.


Print and cut the Forbidden cards, then place them in a jar or basket. Divide the players into two teams. A team member picks a card and conveys the main word written at the card’s top to their teammate. However, they must avoid using the forbidden words stated under the main word.

The rest of the team has just one minute to guess the word on the card’s top. If they guess incorrectly, they lose a point, and the opposing team takes a turn to draw a card. On the other hand, if they guess correctly, they earn a point, and another team member must draw the next card. The game continues in this manner.

Christmas Forbidden To Say

A set of 16 printable Christmas flash cards.


Thoroughly shuffle the deck and restack all the cards. Upon flipping the first card, participants respond to the questions, articulate the words, and elucidate characteristics based on the images. The player providing the correct answers claims the card, and the individual amassing the most cards emerges as the winner. To enhance longevity, it’s recommended to laminate the cards.

Christmas Mini Flashcards

A set of 36 matching cards.


Trim the cards and arrange them face down. Engage in a matching game by uncovering pairs of cards. Participants take turns revealing two cards, closing them if no match is found, and passing the turn to the next player.

When a match is made, the player claims both cards. The individual with the highest card count at the end emerges as the winner. This game serves as an effective tool for memory training.

Christmas Make A Pair

A set of 44 Rather cards + 4 blank cards


Select a card, read the “Would You Rather…” question, and respond based on your personal thoughts. Perfect for families, school groups, or other child-focused community gatherings, this activity effectively hones children’s speaking and debating skills.

Christmas Would You Rather

A set of 66 phrase cards + 6 blank cards


Nominate a player to initiate the game. Participants randomly select a card (without peeking) and, without uttering a word, act out the word or phrase on their chosen card to the other players. The signaling of the number of words is done by raising fingers (e.g., one finger for the first word, two for the second, and so forth).

Articles like “a,” “the,” “of,” and “and” can be conveyed by holding up the thumb and index finger together. Observing carefully, the other players make their guesses. The first person to correctly guess the word or phrase advances to the next round.

Christmas Guess the word

A set of 32 character cards + 8 blank cards


Prepare to don the elastic band loop around your head. After shuffling the cards, place them face down in a stack at the center of the table. Each player picks a card from the deck and secures it in the elastic headband, facing outward, without peeking.

Commencing with the youngest player and proceeding clockwise around the table, participants take turns posing questions about the character card positioned above them while simultaneously deducing the identity of the character on their own card.

For instance, a player might inquire, “Am I male or female?” or “Am I a character from a movie?” or “Am I human?” Responses from other players are limited to a simple yes or no.

When players feel confident in identifying their character, they can make a guess during their turn. The first person to correctly recognize their character becomes the winner of that round. Subsequently, other players can continue taking turns, asking questions about their respective cards until all characters have been successfully identified.

Christmas Who Am i

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If none of the aforementioned games quite tickle your fancy, here’s an exciting proposition: craft your very own bespoke Christmas game card! We offer four distinct styles of card backs below, each measuring 63 x 88mm (2.48 x 3.46″). Let your creativity run wild as you custom design the content on the front, injecting a personal touch that reflects your unique holiday spirit.

Whether you want to infuse it with inside jokes, family traditions, or elements that resonate specifically with your group, the blank canvas of these cards allows you to curate an experience tailor-made for your festive celebration.

printable christmas cards poker back

In conclusion, if you’re interested in creating your personalized game card project, we’re eager to learn about your unique concepts and ideas!

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