11 Card Game Design Blogs And Websites You Should Bookmark

Navigating the realm of card game design can prove challenging for newcomers to the field. Even self-proclaimed game-creation experts can find value in continuously expanding their understanding of game design.

The subsequent blogs and websites present an exclusive avenue to delve into the nuances of card game design, catering to all experience levels.

Through personal anecdotes, triumphs, and setbacks, these platforms offer an engaging and genuine means to enhance one’s comprehension of the card game design process.

You can embrace these resources, which promise an enjoyable and authentic approach to cultivating expertise in the realm of card game design.

11 Card Game Design Blogs And Websites

The League of Gamemakers

The League of Gamemakers

The League of Gamemakers stands as a collaborative haven for ingenious minds in the realm of game creation. Comprising visionary game designers, adept publishers, and skilled artists, this collective has united with a common goal: to forge an unparalleled game blog that emanates creativity.

With remarkable dedication, they unveil fresh and insightful posts thrice weekly, solidifying their status as a prolific source of gaming wisdom.

Within the virtual confines of their digital domain, an array of subjects come to life through their words.

From the intricacies of design philosophy to the labyrinthine pathways of publishing intricacies, and from the fine-tuning of mechanics to the contemplative musings that shape the very essence of the gaming world, their posts encompass a captivating spectrum.

The League’s synergy fosters an environment where discourse and exchange flourish, nurturing both novices and veterans in their pursuit of excellence.

In the ceaseless march of time, The League of Gamemakers remains a beacon of inspiration and a cornerstone of the gaming community. Its rhythmic cadence of knowledge dissemination enriches minds, empowers creativity, and perpetuates the legacy of game design innovation.

Cardboard Edison

Cardboard Edison

Cardboard Edison stands as a vanguard, tirelessly assembling a treasure trove of resources tailored to the needs of aspiring and seasoned board game designers alike.

With an unwavering commitment, they curate an invaluable collection that encompasses an array of indispensable tools and insights. This platform serves as a guiding light, illuminating the intricate path of board game creation.

At its heart, Cardboard Edison is a wellspring of knowledge, offering an assortment of board game design tips that range from the fundamental to the esoteric, providing designers with the compass to navigate the uncharted waters of creativity.

Their meticulously crafted infographics and reports serve as visual waypoints, distilling complex concepts into easily digestible forms that ignite innovative sparks.

Perhaps most notably, Cardboard Edison’s board game publisher directory is a testament to their dedication. This curated repository of industry contacts empowers designers to bridge the gap between creation and publication, offering a bridge to turn dreams into tangible game boxes.

Cardboard Edison

Games Precipice

Games Precipice stands as a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration, an intimate two-person endeavor that delves unfailingly into the intricate labyrinth of tabletop game design.

Conceived by the dynamic duo of Alex Harkey and Matt Pavlovich, this venture embarked on its journey in 2013, sparking a beacon of enlightenment for game design enthusiasts across the world.

The origins of Games Precipice trace back to a shared passion for game design that Alex and Matt cultivated while navigating the halls of academia. Gradually, their individual pursuits coalesced into a shared vision, leading to the inception of a platform dedicated to dissecting the very essence of game creation.

What distinguishes Games Precipice is its unwavering commitment to depth. With every topic they explore, they excavate the layers that constitute the bedrock of tabletop games. Their posts act as immersive workshops, where readers are invited to introspect the nuances of mechanics, narratives, and player dynamics.

Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games’s mission encompasses crafting games and fostering communities that embrace seasoned players, newcomers, those who enjoy solitary play, couples, larger gatherings, and people from all walks of life – regardless of ethnicity, gender, beliefs, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, abilities, or age.

Beyond traditional board games, it enhances the creative landscape by sharing its entrepreneurial victories, blunders, insights, and its passion for a wide array of games.

Mechanics & Meeples

Mechanics & Meeples

Mechanics & Meeples stands as a vibrant hub celebrating the multifaceted world of board games, with a special penchant for Eurogames.

This platform, a haven for enthusiasts, delves into the intricate realm of game mechanics, fostering an understanding of the inner workings that drive the joy of play.

With a spotlight on Eurogames, it unravels the artistry behind strategic gameplay, immersing readers in the nuances of these engaging creations.

Whether exploring the mechanics of worker placement or the elegance of resource management, Mechanics & Meeples offers an intellectual journey through the heart of board gaming.

Board Game Designers Forum

Board Game Designers Forum

The Board Game Designers Forum stands as a beacon of knowledge and camaraderie for creators and aficionados of tabletop board and card games.

This invaluable resource encompasses a wide spectrum of design intricacies, ranging from the conception and refinement of game mechanics to the nitty-gritty of prototyping, playtesting, and the labyrinthine journey to publishing success.

One of its core strengths lies in its expansive coverage of topics. Aspiring designers and seasoned creators alike can feast upon a banquet of insights encompassing every facet of the creative process.

Whether unraveling the tapestry of engaging game design principles, fine-tuning the delicate art of prototyping, or deciphering the invaluable feedback obtained through rigorous playtesting, the forum offers a treasure trove of wisdom.

Beyond its educational prowess, the forum fosters a sense of community that unites like-minded individuals sharing a passion for game design.

It serves as a nexus where beginners find guidance from experienced mentors, where ideas germinate and grow through collaborative discourse, and where the journey from concept to a fully-fledged, polished game becomes not just achievable, but also rewarding.

Make Them Play

Make Them Play

Make Them Play unfolds as a strategic guide for crafting board games tailored for both commercial success and personal enjoyment. The platform propounds a concise sequence of steps that resonate with wisdom:

Immerse oneself in gameplay experiences, fostering an innate understanding of mechanics and dynamics, and engage in brainstorming sessions to spark ingenious ideas.

By advocating active participation in gaming culture and nurturing the imaginative process, Make Them Play empowers aspiring designers to transform abstract concepts into tangible, engaging board game experiences, effectively bridging the gap between vision and reality.


WJPC stands as a seasoned card game manufacturer, offering a wealth of expertise in not only crafting exceptional card games but also in generously sharing their professional insights.

Our commitment extends beyond production to encompass an altruistic sharing of knowledge concerning card design, printing intricacies, effective sales strategies, and more.

This dedication to education fosters a supportive community, where aspiring designers and industry enthusiasts alike can tap into the reservoir of wisdom cultivated by WJPC.

Our willingness to impart their experience solidifies them not just as a manufacturer but as a guiding light for those navigating the multifaceted landscape of card game creation and distribution.

Some Lists Of Articles From Personal Designers To Watch

Greg’s Design Blog

Greg’s Design Blog stands as a rich repository, a testament to the profound insights and expertise of game designer Gregory Carslaw.

This compilation encapsulates a treasure trove of his illuminating game design articles, spanning a vast spectrum of topics. With a diverse array of entries numbering in the hundreds, the blog becomes a comprehensive index that navigates through the intricacies of game creation.

Whether delving into mechanics, narratives, or the nuances of player engagement, Greg’s Design Blog is an invaluable compass for both fledgling designers and seasoned creators seeking to enrich their understanding of the art and science of game design.

Jeff’s World of Game Design Blog

Jeff’s World of Game Design blog is the eloquent musings of the mind behind BGG’s 7600th top game flow like precious nickels from a wellspring of creativity. Delve into a realm where insights about game design and its nuances are intricately woven with words.

Jeff’s perspective shines a light on the art of crafting experiences that resonate. Each post is a gem, offering readers a treasure trove of thoughts from a unique vantage point.

Join it on this intellectual journey as it explores the realms of design, unleashing innovation in every syllable, and savoring the riches of game creation.

Adam in Wales Blog

Immerse yourself in a captivating video series from Adam in Wales Blog, that not only explores the exhilarating world of playing boardgames, card games, and dice games but also delves into the captivating realm of creating them.

With the picturesque backdrop of Wales, Adam guides you through the intricate dynamics of gameplay while offering a behind-the-scenes peek into the art of game crafting.

From riveting strategies to the nitty-gritty of design, this blog is your passport to a dual adventure of enjoyment and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of tabletop gaming.