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About WJPC

custom playing cards manufacturer

Our Passion

WJPC is our brand acronym, combining our custom playing cards manufacturer identity with our vision to be the best card printing company in the world. We believe everybody deserves to feel better in playing cards games and unite around joy. We have combined people’s wisdom life and over fifteen years of pioneering within the cards printing industry to make customized playing cards, personalized tarot cards, and educational flashcards more accessible for everyone.

custom playing cards manufacturer

Our Story

Our printing press has run since 2006. We introduce advanced printing equipment and use innovative printing technology. Today, we have become the top 3 playing card suppliers and tarot cards manufacturers in China. People worldwide are playing our card game, or successful Kickstarter projects’ creatives have cooperated with us or will prepare to experience our custom printing service. We are always preparing to print the creative works you feel proud of them.

custom playing cards manufacturer

Our Client

Our customers come from publishing companies, agents, entertainment operators, designers, collectors, etc. Some focus on customized poker-size playing cards used in card games, card prosperity, card magic, or collection. Some prefer fully personalized tarot cards games. Publishing companies want to print customized flashcards educational to help teach a new language or train employees. Getting their recognition and praise is a great driving force for us.

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Direct manufacturing

As a plant, WJPC has been focusing on card custom offset printing for 16 years. You can get affordable pricing with high-quality printing.

6% off EXW order

By partnering with us and advertising our banner on your crowdfunding page, you can get a 6% off on your EXW order.

Support your project on social media

If you promote your Kickstarter with us, we can support your project on our social media.

Fulfillment One-stop Service

We can provide a one-stop fulfillment service. We have built a good partnership with logistics companies to ship worldwide.

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