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  • Manufacturer with 18 years of experience
  • EXW orders receive a 3% discount support

Card and Box Production

WJPC has become an affordable playing card and tarot card printing company and manufacturer, as well as card box printing. Globally recognized for quality and collaboration with creative projects.

Professional Consultant

WJPC is the expertise of a printing professional. From the feasibility study to the delivery of the finished product, we are always one-to-one there to provide solutions to your needs.

Catering to Diverse Needs

Publishers, designers, collectors—WJPC serves diverse customers. Customized playing cards, personalized tarot cards and oracle decks, and flashcards for education. Their satisfaction fuels our success.

For 18 years, we have only been deeply involved in the custom card printing industry, which means we only focus on custom card manufacturing and production. Each step of the process allows us to accumulate invaluable experience and every process is tailor-made for you.

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